QIGONG. Qi means energy and it isn't a metaphor.

Discussion in 'Other Styles' started by David Silver, Mar 1, 2021.

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    What research have you done?
    Have you just watched videos, or have you investigated for yourself?

    I've already specified that I don't subscribe to the "no touch knockout", or other magical powers often attributed to chi.

    My experience regarding the so-called "internal" aspects is based on 16 years of practicing tai chi, qigong and neigong, reading material put out by various names-in-the-field and comparing their thoughts to my own experience and learning.
    Prior to starting tai chi etc, I had a background of some 11 years in karate, with 3 years of cross training in taekwondo and Japanese jujutsu.
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    I would suggest you drop your own damn ego.
    It might also help if you gave a little information on your own training and experience.
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    Years of playing dungeon and dragons on line from his mum's basement :)
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    Your pointing to YouTube personalities not experts, who make money from posting clickbait videos.

    If you want to discuss an exact point, link the exact video your talking about, otherwise this is just an exercise in low level linguistics.
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    I don't think this guy has the interpersonal skills for DnD, or the income for Warhammer, I would suggest Scrabble maybe, but we've all read his posts.
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  8. bassai

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    so , you can’t give an intelligent response , noted.
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    Actually, this IS how it works. This is a discussion forum. And I might add, according to TOS, a friendly one. Even if you posted the link here, you need to state what it is about the video that you are using to spur discussion.

    I am not going to bother to watch a video just because some stranger who just joined, and may be trolling, tells me to. You haven't stated your experience or frame of reference to make me think your opinion is one that holds any weight. Your posts on here have not, frankly, shown any detailed information that may makes me want to bother to research what you recommend. You make a claim, it is on you to discuss and make your point. Otherwise, I am going to consider it trolling.
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    You whined about me needing to drop my ego when you can't do a quick Google search.
    That was all the response your complaint deserved.

    So basically youre so butthurt about what I've been saying that you don't want to do research.. is what I'm hearing.

    Get a grip.
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    *MOD NOTE*

    At this point you appear to be trolling ,which is against the tos we all signed and agreed to join the site , you have 1 more post to convince me otherwise.
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    Right.. accuse the guy who intellectually (non family friendly profanity deleted) simultaneously of trolling.

    Typical sheeple nonsense.
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    Well, this has been fun :rolleyes:
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    Oh no, the guy who figured out what is wrong with all modern sport arts, and all internal Chinese arts from watching a YouTube video from a karate guy on it has gone, however will we manage!

    Oh well, Nevermind!

    So back to chi Kung, why does it attract so many fantasist, is it just easier to pretend your good, then it is in sport arts? Then again people in sport arts can sometimes have an inflated sense of self due to their ability, (specifically Gordon ryan, but more generally the amount of pandemic denying idiots who think having a BJJ blackbelt gives you the enochian keys to understanding all science), or BJJ guys in MMA (it's a different sport with different rules).

    I guess deep down, at the heart of the matter, we're all idiots, it's just choosing what type of idiot do you want to be.
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  15. Grond

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    Wow. That escalated quickly.

    So far my knowledge is chi is limited to a perception of tension in my belly as opposed to my upper torso and a mind-body connection between that and the soles of my feet.

    Of course I'm only a Year One Tai Chi student, I know nothing, but at least I can be civil online.
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  16. Dan Bian

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    I think so. When you're dealing in magic, what evidence do you need that its working, other than your own belief, and ego in thinking you have something special that others are lacking? Obviously this charade doesn't hold up when the fantasist engages with the practicalist.
    I've met quite a few "true believers" and I get the feeling a lot of them are similar to each other in terms of personality, confidence, experience etc. The sort of group validation they get from sharing the fantasy with other believers seems to be some sort of security net of social acceptance, where they can be someone of importance/relevance.
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  17. axelb

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    Ha, this is good, I like the ego shredding of this quote
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  18. David Silver

    David Silver Member

    Its true, we're all idiots in one way or another. I hereby declare myself to be especially ignorant on most topics. We all self-select a reality tunnel (as Robert Anton Wilson put it) or some social media echo chamber, to reenforce our belief system at some point when we decide we're DONE learning, and we KNOW the answer....I only have some hyper focus topics I know much about. One thing I know from a couple decades of experience is people love to argue about this topic!

    I think its often the case that people tend to be louder and more offensive/aggressive when they lack a wide enough range of information to make a calm statement about a topic.

    Its true, the purple-spandex wearing wingnuts of the world definitely have been attracted to "energy work", and all energy topics in general. Just to be funny, not to be mean: of course those who are "in tune" with vibrations will be the first to popularize, make claims and talk the most about the topic. And in martial arts, many fakers and charlatans and exaggerations have dominated the conversation about qigong. Maybe you have to be a weirdo in 2021 to care about energy in general, with so much else going on...
    Im not NOT crazy.

    But MOST of that fluffy/fantastical side of qigong especially earlier in the 80s and 90s, is just nonsense and blithering, unrelated to the actual tradition of "energy work", which goes right back in an unbroken tradition to the times of Buddha and before. Tibetan Buddhism has maintained a clear historical record of every generation of practitioners continuously for thousands of years, and tracked these arts' spread around the area; this includes the monk Da Mo arriving at the first Shaolin temple in Henan province China, and heavily influencing Chinese Martial Arts, both external and internal since 550AD.

    We can discuss your energy in simple mundane terms to a point, but you have to have subjective experience with your body's energy to take the next step. Some people like to talk about their energy and the spiritual side of life now...and some wait until the moment of their death to start learning...

    I think focusing on using qi / energy in fighting is a lost art, mostly irrelevant, and not worth talking about in the context of handguns and prize fighting. But for your general health, alertness, awareness, stamina, longevity, and maybe some speed and power, its interesting to investigate.

    Qi means energy. E=mc²
    We know in 2021 from 6th grade class that matter is made of energy. Any object / mass, manifests energy simultaneously as electricity, magnetism, heat, & light. Why would your body be different from all other matter?

    "In China, Qi is defined as any energy which demonstrates power and strength, be it electricity, magnetism, heat or light. Electric power is called electric Qi (Dian Qi), and heat is called heat Qi (Re Qi). The weather is called Heaven Qi (Tian Qi) because it indicates the energy state of the heavens. When a person is alive, his body’s energy is called Human Qi (Ren Qi). Qi also expresses the energy state of something, especially of living things. When something is alive it has Vital Qi (Huo Qi), and when dead it has Dead Qi (Si Qi) or Ghost Qi (Gui Qi). When a person is righteous and has the spiritual strength to do good, he is said to have Normal Qi or Righteous Qi (Zheng Qi). The spiritual state or morale of an army is called its Energy State (Qi Shi)."

    Energy is everything, every where, at all times. In qigong, the goal is simply 1. increase the quantity and 2. improve the quality of the circulation. Its not rocket surgery.
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  19. Tom bayley

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    No it doesn't. All the energy in the equation E=mc² is accounted for and none of it comes in the form of Qi.
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  20. David Silver

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    In honor of our new holiday, Leonard Nimoy Day, I must say this is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL.

    The Chinese word Qi means energy, in all forms. Not some special, specific kind of energy. Just as the English word energy can be used across many contexts.

    So your sentence, when corrected/translated says:
    All the energy in the equation E=mc² is accounted for and none of it comes in the form of energy.

    This common misunderstanding is why I bothered to begin this conversation.

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