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    Dear fellow Martial Artists,
    I wanted to let everyone know about an event that is coming up to honor Professor Nick Cerio and his legacy. The date is Saturday, January 29, 2005. It will be held at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The Legacy Memorial will be broken up into two parts. The first will be seminars which will run all day. The four Masters who are teaching are:

    1) Shihan Fumio Demura - ****o Ryu
    2) Tadashi Yamashita Hanshi - Shorin Ryu
    3) Master Bill Chun, Jr. - Chow/Chun System
    4) Professor Larry Garron - Hakkoryu Jujutsu

    These four Masters and their lineage were instrumental in the formation of Nick Cerio's Kenpo and all of them immediately accepted the invitation to participate and honor Professor Cerio.

    The second part will be an evening Celebration Dinner in honor of Professor Cerio. Will be celebrating Professor Cerio's life and legacy as well as giving out recognition awards to distinguished guests.

    For more information about accomodations, schedules, cost, Master's bio's, and contact information, please go to our website at

    We hope to see you their.

    Shihan John James,
    Nick Cerio's Kenpo

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