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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by dianhsuhe, Feb 4, 2007.

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    You have always been very nice and a good moderator, you have the patience of Job, Thank you.

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    Hah. You're gonna have fun here Sifu. There for inexplicable reasons seems to be recurring Kajukenbo vs Kem/npo politic debates on here every other day, with Gary/BGile right in the middle of them. I believe Gary took your Kosho comment to be a slight/insult towards the system/practitioners of the system.
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    Job at least got to be tormented by God....PS unfortunately has to deal with a message board full of lineage wars and E-mudslinging :rolleyes:
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    I am a carpenter.

    Kosho, can mean many things, and yes, I took it to mean a derogatory remark addressing the person I was explaining who is a very good Martial artist and historian of the arts.

    Dan was bad mouthing him and was not addressing the issue at hand about Vernon Kam, wanted to impune my son based on some hearsay by others. If that is what he wants to do (continually I might add) it needs to stop.

    Like's to refer to me as a white belt because I was one in the middle 60's with John Leoning. I am so disgusted with the rank and structure of most of these organizations I have chosen not to play the game.

    But I do study and train all the time. More than most i'd say because I am now retired. Read my Profile if you want more info.

    It is time to take it to a different thread as the moderator mentions I think.
    Sorry James for the stolen posts.

    Regards, Gary
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    Gary, YOU'RE the one that said your son was impressed by Vernon Kam, not me. It turns out that he is only a white-yellow belt and Sifu Sin Bin has said that he was obviously a beginner. So what does that say? Don't blame me for being the one to connect the dots.

    This son that you're threatening me with can come and meet me any time.
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    Ok, time to simply KNOCK IT OFF!!! :bang:
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    Yeah well, maybe you want us to just stop talking, because you're afraid they'll all find out "I" possess the REAL Ke?po! And I trained with the REAL originator of Kenpo.....Richard Simmons

    Here is Master Simmons showing how to properly do a wristlock: [​IMG]

    All this talk of Chow, Mitose and such is all meaningless because their arts were grossly underdeveloped until Mr. Simmons showed us the way. Now they are resorting to revisionism to take the credit away from this great man.
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    My favorite is "Can't we all just get along"! Or something like that, it has slipped my mind since it was long ago. :)

    Back to the threads original post

    James have you been getting a good response? It is just to far for me and the time frame is bad. So I'll end this post and this thread with, I hope it goes well for you folks.

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    Thanks for asking Gary! We have gotten a great response and we are really looking forward to it!

    Have a great night everyone-

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    Well, at least one guy named Simmons knows how to lose weight.
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    Couldn't resist eh? :rolleyes:
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    Leaders and followers. LoL

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    He ius getting letters soon by our corporation attorneys as he cannot use the name Kara-Ho. The info that Sensei Jamey posted is in fact correct as I do know Vernon Kam and do know that he was a student under Professor Chow for 6 months and Professor said he was more off then on so even given the best scenerio that would be 3 months and I don't think he was there that long as remember he was also in ouyr organization and I saw him and if he was my own personal student, he would not have even gotten his yellow belt but the instructors make those decision and I and the board handles when they are advanced brwon belts and above.
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    How about if I answer them Sensei G?
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    Ask your son to ask Hanshi Bruce about me and I bet most of his questions will be answered.
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    You have he floor, so to speak, Grandmaster!
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    20th event

    Just so no one thinks I am being prejudiced by any/all other Kenpo Systems, the 20th event we are having in Hawaii (Professor Chow's homeland and important to him) and around his death date (which is appropriate for the 20th year). We are not charging any money for the training as this is what Professor would have wanted but are having some old time training from the old days. We have decided to keep it strictly for only Kara-Ho Kempo students and instructors as I believe that is also very appropriate. We will have security with HPD to make sure there are no crashers, not like we need it. We are spending over $18,000 to re-dedicate the grave site and do a custom head stone, which hopefully sends the message that we are again giving of ourselves and not taking. We have a huge luau and entertainment in the evening with Dr. Perry as the guest speaker and also Hawaiian entertainment.

    The next night is the Hawaiian Martial Art's Hall of Fame of which Sensei Ka'imi, Dr. Perry, Master Kuheana and myself were inducted by the HMAI board. The possibility of Professor Chow's name arising on all the government offices as inductee into the Hall of Fame will hopefully happen as the Governor's office and Mayor's office are being contacted and invited. They did have a good response by them already. Probably around 150 people will be in attendance for the 20th event which I will have collective t-shirts made for this event and will personal pay for them out of my own pocket and each student and instructor will recieve one as my gift. We are also having some collective coins and watches that will be for sale. Instructors can purchase them at my complete costs but can only get 10 pieces of each. I wish I could have done it the other way..but that would mean I was pocketing some money and Professor would be very angry at me for doing so, and even if he is gone...I still have the highest respect for him and I do not want him to be angry at me. This is an event that all Kara-Ho Kempo Karate Students will not want to miss as this will be a lifelong memory.

    Grandmaster Kuoha
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    GM Kuoha

    Thank you for all the information. It sounds like a very nice occasion. It will be very special for all those that are able to attend.

    You are doing a very good thing for the Memory of Professor Chow.
    Your daily commitment is something that everyone know's about since the discussion of several situations that came up from the Chow Memorial in San Francisco.
    The fact that you have addressed them, they are now layed to rest. In a proper fashion I might add.

    Thank you.

    Gary A. Brewer
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    GM Kuoha,
    Why are you restricting the invitations to only your group? The Memorial that just happened in San Fran was open to anyone who wanted to attend, from all generations of GM Chow's life. You state that you do not want us to feel prejudice in your opening line, then you say no one else can come.. Why tell us what you are doing then? Why not just keep it in your closed circle instead of dangling candy in front of the people who are not allowed to have it? I recall the HMAIS Hall of fames from the past I hope things work out better this time. seems all to closed up to me. I am an East Coaster and the true effects of this will only affect me through phone calls from the west and Hawaii, but closed events were common out here with a very large organization that dominated the area and it was not looked upon as a good thing.
    Peers recognize peers.
    In Peace,
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    Jesse- I do not believe he is dangling the memorial like candy but he has been accused of trying to make profit from the memory of Professor Chow, this clearly shows that he will not. He asked me to post the event simply so Kara-Ho students past and present might see it in case they wanted to attend.

    This is a Kara-Ho event, why does it not make sense that it is for Kara-Ho students and instructors?

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