Posting videos for peer review.

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by Joe V., Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. snow_tiger

    snow_tiger New Member

    Hey josh. I probably should have used quote tags instead of ""s. Those were quotes from another site in regard to our art as reflected by Mr. Geary.

    No. I didn't miss the promotion process, and I guess I understand your point. But please understand that I am fully familliar with belt progression and rankings. I'll try not to sound like I am crucifying Mr. Geary, as I have no dog in the fight. But I will use Mr. Geary's own words to give you an idea of why some in the MA community may take humbrage to Mr. Geary's understanding of progression.

    I don't know. His technique then may have been incredible! But the above is no way to garner respect from an informed MA practitioner. In my opinion, the above statement actually shows a lack of understanding of MA progression. There are very solid reasons why most masters demand time and perserverence for the recognition of a Black Belt. A black belt says far more than technique, and I would hope that someone in the position of creating black belts would also recognize this. And to imply that he progressed to it is a misstatement, since he never gave the ranking master an opportunity to make a truthfully informed decision to do so (not to mention that he skipped several steps to bb via the dishonesty). My feelings are that the work and process make the practitioner, and the dan rankings are a symbol of the result and not the result itself. Too many people forget that.

    I'm not trying to break his balls, and have no stake in the drama. I promise. I wish him the best.

    I realize that this is absolutely none of my business, so have kept most of my most critical impressions to myself. I merely wanted to offer an idea as to why some in the kempo community might form such polar opinions on the matter, and offer such an emotional response to the founder of your system.

    I hope that I have not offended, as that was in no way my intention. I'm not here to stir the hive, and have written more into the discussion than I have a right to. Take care, God bless, and enjoy your "process".
  2. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    How many times....

    I started this thread as an open forum to:
    Discuss the values of videos as an analytical tool in evaluating Martial Artists.
    Compare and evaluate techniques from various Martial Arts.
    You are the one who brought in the mud and showed your ignorance regarding TRUE MARTIAL ARTISTS and their background. This is typical of someone who has received sub-standard training in Honor, Sincerity, Character and Humility. This is not all your fault, you are simply ignorant of how important those words are to people who dedicate themselves to teaching the Martial Arts and preserving the traditions passed down to us through the generations.
    As for flaming Mr Geary... We posted the videos we have available on the web.
    Most posts have agreed that Mr. Geary moves like (IMHO) a "Flounder". LOL!
    I don't care how many certificates he has been GIVEN. He still moves like a (IMHO) a Flounder.
    If you have some other videos to present of how Mr. Geary moves... Show us the links and we can bring it up again for discussion.

    snow tiger, I agree with you 100% If we allow someone to cheapen our accomplishments by claiming high rank and skill by taking the easy path.
    It does go against what Kenpo/Kempo stands for, or any other Martial Art for that matter...

    "COOL BIKE!" A quote from my 16 year old son! :D
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  3. kempojosh

    kempojosh Valued Member

    no offenses taken snow tiger. i'm not just speaking up for professor geary because i attend one of his schools. it does seem like alot of the arguments against geary disregard masters of the arts approving of him. it would be a completely different story if chritopher geary had created his own style and claimed to be 10th dan without any training/promotion from any other masters. lying to professor ceiro, that shouldn't have been done. but i think geary has learned his lesson on that one.

    yeah, it traditonally does take someone longer to gain a black belt or bb promotions. but alot of people only practice so much. if geary did practice alot and got good at his techniques in a short amount of time, that might be why people have been impressed with his abilities.

    thanks for your comment and time.
  4. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    Josh is k-nerd, give it up!

    snow_tiger, you said it all in one post and sir, don't let Josh fool you, he is k-nerd on Bullshido. C'ome on, Josh, you gave it away on Bullshido, see what I mean about crediability. You just lost it! You're denying this now. You just posted to snow_tiger:
    snow tiger, thanks for the input. but who is this k-nerd you speak of?

    Sorry Josh but now the BULLSHIDO RED FLAG goes up on you here at MAP. You just lied and you know it. Something you learned from CNG? Now, you can 'spin it' or 'admit it' BUT we all know and by the way, I just registered at BULLSHIDO. I thought you were above that!!!! Please don't b.s. me either, cops hate it when someone b.s.'s them. just ask Geary & Steiner, they have experience with the system from what I read, lol.
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  5. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    Guys, I just copied and pasted this excerpt from Bullshido by k-nerd:
    "And if you are wondering, YES, I am a student within the Geary organization, but he is not my instructor."

    If you look back to the other thread that was closed: Kenpo seminar a success, you will see he says essentially the same thing to me. There's more too but that should be enough. If in doubt just go to Joe
  6. Colin Linz

    Colin Linz Valued Member

    Anyway, getting back to the peer review of techniques; what do you guys think of this guy ?
  7. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Guys, less of the mudslinging, more discussion of videos please. There's nothing wrong with opening up another thread to carry on the more political arguments, but please don't spoil other topics by forcing mods to close threads that have a genuinely good purpose.
  8. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Well done for ruining a potientially good thread.

    We've had three complaints about the mudslinging and policitical axe grinding thats going on in here.

    This is exactly what got the Choi Kwang Do forum shut down. If this is all you have to post on, you're more than welcome to go elsewhere, but I'm fed up of it here.
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