Playing defensive offensively

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    Re turtle/quarters

    It also means your able to stand up at pretty much any time you want, which is a useful skill to have, especially if you can isolate it in rolling, and use it only as a transition in your A game.
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    I think there’s some truth in that
    But when things are outside of our direct experience then the adrenaline will kick in. And most likely a scary/dangerous situation will qualify
    My thinking is that it makes sense to minimise any “self defence” adjustments that may be necessary from my main game. Relying on any material adjustments in the heat of the moment, just seems risky
    And in my experience it does discount a lot of BJJ techniques (more than most admit), BUT everyone has to choose a sub-set to focus on anyway so it’s really not an issue as long as you’re thoughtful about it
    For example when I do Knee on Belly I always control the near arm so there isn't a free hand hanging around near my groin. This limits the options from KoB but you have a very effective arm bar / choke dilemma which is more than enough
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