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    and I thought it was a discussion

    Home work has nothing to do with posting a link that you want others to see,,that requires a sign in..
    Unless of course you might be a little technologically challenged,,,,maybe thats it..
    there is training that can help you...:)
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    You're blabbing on about Tai Chi and bubbles, and now giving me extra work to prove your points, which I did, but you couldn't be bothered with the New York Times?

    Fine, but if you're going to start talking about soap bubbles and Tai Chi, prepare better. Surface tension.

    Tai Chi masters like you, always trying to school everyone on physics.
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    I label myself a long time practitioner

    Presenting clips one finds "interesting" is schooling others
    How so ?

    lets try again....maybe its the net...

    The clip posted talks about center of gravity.

    It talks about a shape made by the mind/ body to from a spherical shape...
    Part of the shape is virtual with the center used as a way to destabilize another

    The spherical shape is maintained by what is referred as peng jin or expanding energy...

    Remember a sphere is spherical because

    "Soap bubbles and raindrops are spherical because the sphere is the shape with the smallest surface to volume ratio. "

    Peng jin can be thought of as a feeling of the amount of surface tension within owns is in 14.7 psi of air pressing on the body at see level...

    most of the time not noticed being at equilibrium, unless one is in deep water or at altitude that changes this.

    For the purpose of taiji, because taiji is "round" ie a spherical shape

    It means that any and all points are equal ,,,how this is maintained or done

    The amount of deformation, before one changes is given 4oz of force...this accords with
    "so light a fly can not land, a feather sets it in motion". ect.

    others might use a different way,,,only outlining one I use..

    The why and how, its done, and used outlined in the clip, outlines an ability to make a virtual spherical shape with the whole body, with the center outside the body used to destabilize another persons center..
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    The beach ball isn't doing anything to the individual applying force,it just gets out of the way. Beach ball isn't expressing any force as the human body does when utilizing p'eng,no matter how slight an expression of p'eng that may be.
    In this context-TC specific-in execution refers to a particular body technique utilized mainly for 1) getting "under" another individual's center of gravity and 2) then doing whatever with this expression of force or changing to another.

    It's both a tactical theory/concept and actual body technique.Expression of said technique is not confined to arms or any particular part of one's body,could use shoulder,back,whatever.
    Only as applied to your ball(your body,or theoretical "energetic" body expanding beyond your anatomy).
    See above!
    If one were to intercept incoming force with p'eng that could apply but only if one yielded slightly 1st-which one which may or may not.Yielding 1st isn't mandatory-depending on situation,-tho 'common.
    Agree-except the soap bubbles.
    One point contact can be balance attack,which can then be downing/uproot,etc.One doesn't need multiple contact points to put someone on ground,against wall,or over Niagara Falls.I sure don't believe you have never disrupted or hurled someone from single point contact-grasping isn't required either.
    Usually is in practice,not always in function.(preferable,tho')
    It can be a strike. It can hurt.I know!The methods of P'eng,Chi and An can all be used as strikes.

    Can be used for/in striking,downing,throwing,locking.

    Ever see George foreman's leverage parries?Not sayin' Big G was executing P'eng but that the gross physical motion which would fit in with a textbook application example.
    Leaving all else aside and dealing with it just as a body method- I would think in some context it could.
    o_OHey man,that's too heavy for me!
    To enhance your ability to crush your enemies beneath your heel and hear the lamentation of their women.

    Elementary my dear Watson.;)

    Agree.It's how the force is withstood-whether getting "under" the opponent's center -(most common usage)-or simply
    blasting opponent with it.
    Not to speak for WW's intent,but this can mean 1)minimal force applied on initial contact or 2)whatever issuing one does after. It's a concept/tactic/strategy from CMC.
    Exactly,the formal posture is used to practice and ingrain the method.
    Yeah,everything expanding in all directions,with intent going in direction you want to apply.
    There's the TC P'eng as technique/method/tactic, and there's the general p'eng concept used by many CMAs as an overall body state. TC has the overall state of p'eng,and also a specific utilization called P'eng.
    Or kick the head.I kinda think if I was 35 again and you threw me down I'd have things broken. Everything depends on context of situation.
    Pushing people away ain't a great strategy generally speaking so not a great idea in ring or street.Maybe against drunk brother-in-law or something.Or near Niagara Falls. Again,context of situation is everything
    Purpose of P'eng is not push,but can be used as such.

    I don't think spiked ball applies any better than beach ball.

    In P'eng you also close the lower body.Sounds contradictory,huh?
    I wish to but can't watch vid as my ISP has throttled me.Be another few days.(Need new ISP!).Sounds decent.
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    Hey El Medico, for me, the puffer fish analogy works in the following way. It is in the action of them puffing out, not in the final product. The spikes are irrelevant really. A beach ball inflating is the same. But a beach ball takes time. Puffer fish expand quickly. Yeah, it is more or less the same. But this one just works for me well.

    I also think you are making additional analogies for the ball that are different than I am with my analogy. So I just wanted to clarify.

    So, when I am checking my posture, it helps me visualize just putting more expansive energy in my position. I have had a tendency (mostly in the past) to have my arms a little too close to my body, like in the set up transitions to things like "parting the wild horses Mane" or "grasp sparrow's tail," I am pretty good about the expansion once the moves start. The way a puffer puffs out makes me just puff out my arms a bit. (My leg positioning has not been as subject to this.)
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    I get it.It's just that P'eng is more than just expansion but a specific active energy/function/expression/etc.Tho' a puffer is more active than a beach ball.

  7. Xue Sheng

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    Outward Expansion

    No its not, unless you put it in water and try an push it under, or strike it

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