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    I've been thinking about the Ch'ang Hon (ITF) patterns and wondering if we used them as a foundation or template for taekwondo how would it break down...
    Looking at the first 9 patterns (Chon-ji to Choong Moo) there are 258 moves in total.
    Of that 27 moves are kicks (10.4%), 4 (1.55%) are elbows and 2 (0.78%) are knees.
    That means the TKD patterns are just over 87.2% hand techniques (including punches, strikes, blocks, grip releases, etc).
    Which is not quite the kick heavy art modern practice and sparring trends would have us believe.
  2. Mitch

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    Absolutely! And how many high section kicks? 2!

    Any emphasis on high kicks is "cultural," and not found in the patterns.

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