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  1. Ex Pathwalker

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    marbo pathwalker guild

    well for your info, that list contains a good number of ex-marbo members, including number 7 on my list (the guy who got kicked out for entering MMA, and he was a well respected higher ranker).

    ask your memsec person and the guy who used to teach at Oswestry.

    Why did they feel the need to set up their own martial arts club if marbo was so unique and great?
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  2. David Harrison

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    When I know about ex-members I've never met it is seen as odd. When I don't know about ex-members I've never met, I get accused of having Stockholm Syndrome.

    In what way am I defending people? I was not party to any of the decisions, by members or the organisation, made that ex-pathwalker is talking about. Some of those ex-members have talked to me about it, but it would be wrong of me to share what they told me, or what I have heard about them from others. The only decision I made was my own: to carry on training until some of the facts came out. In the end, I believe 2 members were suspended for 12 months, and they never came back. A number of others left, whether that was for loyalty or protest or whatever.

    And you truly believe that the right thing for me to do is blurt-out any half-cocked gossip, rumour and heresay I heard at the time like a petty schoolgirl? Or break confidences because "MAP needs to know!"? How noble.

    As for the MMA club, if you want to know why they set it up, why don't you ask them? I have no idea, because I have never communicated with any of them. We don't do competition or tournament, if people want to compete, they leave, it is a choice and a simple one at that. If Marbo is so useless, why did they steal the logo that was used at the time of their training in it, and cite it as a style they use?

    Your promises of shocking revelations, terrible truths and cultish creepiness are really falling short of the mark. And this is with an all-too-willing to believe audience! Why hasn't anyone else come into the fray? Maybe someone with first-hand knowledge of any of this stuff you're talking about?

    And some of you guys should have a look at your own words, they make for amusing reading:

    Marbo is no more than LARPing - but scarily good at brainwashing!
    Hypnosis does nothing - but Scientologists use this nothing to hypnotise people!
    Marbo members don't have any MA skills - but people feel threatened by them!

    I have been called a dishonest, explotative liar and whatever, so I guess that means that I'm allowed to say that some of the people posting here come across as pathetic children, who have absolutley no interest in "truth" or any such thing, but simply find it entertaining to gossip about other people's lives, play the part of a bunch of pathetic playground bullies, and even fail to do that with any effect. If only you could see how many times you have u-turned, ignored and evaded when it suited you, safe in the knowledge that your schoolgirl buddies wouldn't point it out.

    Oh, and I won't act as go-between for anyone here and the banned members. I won't be acting as anyone's mouthpiece, and I only speak for myself.
  3. Simon

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    This thread is stupid and is now closed pending MOD discussion.
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