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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Rmjim, Sep 5, 2021.

  1. Rmjim

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    So with my dojo shut down and the Covid running wild, I was wondering if there’s any reputable online training out there? I cant find anything local. I’ve been noticing a lot of ads for something called mychowgar. I was also wondering about Gracie University. Is it worth it? Any others I haven’t heard about?
  2. icefield

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    If you have to pick an on line course pick something you are either familiar with or something you can a class of the same style close to you so when you can get back training you can have what you have learned checked by a good coach.

    Both bjj and the Hakka arts (such as chow gar) really do rely on hands on coaching so you can feel the body movement and power but if you have experience in one of them pick that one at least you will start of with some good experience and awareness of what you should be doing.
    If you are interested in the Chinese arts this guy's pedigree is impeccable and he has a number of free primers to start you off and if you like his courses are a lot less than the chow gar one
  3. Mitch

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    What art have you been training in? Do you have someone at home you can train with?
  4. Smitfire

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    Not sure if it's "worth it" per se but the stuff put out by Ryron and Rener Gracie is always top notch, very well put together and well presented.
    Just did a free 10 day GJJ self defence course and while I have issues with the way they put forward BJJ for self defence the actual content and material is excellent.
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  5. Simon

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    I'd take the advice given in regard to the free training that's available.

    If you feel it works for you and you make progress, then maybe look to invest in the paid options.
  6. Smitfire

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    Yeah the Gracie SD isn't free anymore. It was basically a taster offer to try and get people to sign up to further online learning. It was good while it lasted though.
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  7. Grond

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    This is a top notch boxing school in NYC that has about an hour of quality free boxing lessons for beginners through advanced (30+ quick lesson videos), on top of virtual online classes using streaming video. I've not done any virtual boxing lessons myself but the quality of the free videos is good enough, you could learn quite a bit before you even get to partner stuff, and if you find a partner great. Boxing is great like that, you don't need much more than two people, four gloves. And wraps...always wrap up. :)

    I am not affiliated with this school in any way before you ask. They just have a good rep and the free videos are quality.

    Learn Boxing Online Free! | Boxing and Strength Training in New York
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  8. Kemposhot

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    Haven’t taken much from virtual training other than maintaining what I have learned. I’d avoid spending money on solely online training. Use what’s free until you can get back in person to the dojo.
  9. Marku85

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    i suggest looking up Nam Yang Tiger Crane , i used to train the system in person for a couple years, it's been very useful to polish my forms since i can't leave the house and there isn't a local teacher of the style. Senior instructors can also be arranged to look at your progress.

    There's also SKMA Hapkido online course you can do (to unlock content you must pass each belt), don't know if he still does online classes. You probably need a partner to demonstrate the techniques though.

    Then finally theres Paul Andrew's Xing yi online platform with videos to watch and also weekly or monthly classes are taught.

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