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Discussion in 'Silat' started by Charbodan, Nov 12, 2004.

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    I have been wanting to start training in Silat for a long time now, so I went along last week to what will be my first and last class in this particular branch of Silat.

    First I would like to point out that I was very keen because the image I had was from various clips I have seen with various combative locks, throws, guntings and destructions which appealed to me as I believe it will be usefull addition to training in Arnis.

    Let's just say it didn't get off to a good start.
    The instructor asked what my back ground was in martial arts and when I said arnis he laughed and said," I used to train in that. A sport for guys wanting to hit each other with sticks" :bang:

    I thought this was pretty ignorant as he had no idea what style I train in, how we train etc. Anyway, he moved on and began demonstrating the basis of his art, which is complete avoidence of your opponents attacks whilst moving into the best position to attack them.

    This didn't bother me as I could see the benefits of learning to move into an optimal position to counter the opponent.

    Then however he started to continually use phrases like, "this will kill in one blow if done correctly" with a majority of the punches, elbow strikes and kicks. Looking at me as though it was a selling point.

    The different animal forms were demonstrated one of particular note was dragon style but he didn't want to demonstrate it becuase it made him look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

    It just left me annoyed.

    The final nail in the coffin was when he accidently bumped the red sash in the shoulder with a light punch, guys approximately 30yrs old medium build and he got upset "Your not supposed to hit me" was embarrassing to witness, he was hardly touched.

    Anyway, the reason for this drawn out post is I am wondering if anyone knows of any Silat teachers in Brisbane, Australia who would be willing to teach.

    The few Silat mpegs I have seen on MAP were what inspired me, I'd just be grateful if somebody knows of any quality Silat in this region.

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    I train in kali and silat and they work very well together so I hope you find a good silat instructor hopefully one who have experienice if not also trains in fma's. good luck

    thanx moe389

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