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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Pretty In Pink, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Mangosteen

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    gi chokes are transferable to no-gi. you just have to improvise grips and use your or his arms as the gi.
    in that sense - gi makes you more creative.

    But gi is also terrible with some stuff like watts said - because dominant positions in gi are easier to hold and adjust because there more grips than no-gi, so when you take the gi off it gets harder to take grips.
    on the flipside, gi makes you escapes sharper as theres more friction and more reliance on technique rather that sweating and slipping out as well as you opponent being able to hold on to you easier, so you have to execute damn good technique to escape.

    I like Sketco's Idea.
    Training both gi and no-gi is essential but in specific skill sharpening, the defensive player (or the one escaping/passing) of the drill should wear gi while the offensive player wears no-gi so that the defensive player is at a disadvantage and must execute good technique.
  2. Sketco

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    It's actually Kieth Owen's idea

    [ame=""]Keith Owen: Bridging the GAP between gi and nogi - YouTube[/ame]
  3. icefield

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    And if you dont compete with a gi you dont need to know those grips really:)

    id say its easier to go use the no gi game with a gi than it is totry to use a gi game no gi: under hooks, over hooks head hooks etc all work clothered or not, the other way around doesnt work too well

    and i know a fair few guys that have done ok for just being what you call half a grappler :)

    Of course doing both is a good idea if you are going to compete in both thats just being sensible
  4. Pretty In Pink

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    I think it's the other way around! It's just opinion though, as there is no middle ground.
  5. Sketco

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    It's not just about competitions. It's about self defense and what an attacker could be wearing (or not wearing) and having to deal with that.

    Besides you can train no-gi grips like overhooks etc while wearing a gi. I used to use them all the time in JJ whether I was wearing a gi or not. The only difference is I had the option to use the gi as well if I wanted/needed to.
  6. Pretty In Pink

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    My Dad wears a leather jacket, I reckon I could choke him out with it.
  7. Mangosteen

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    Just standing gi choked a friend wearing a hoody cos he's one of my grappling buddies and its something we always try.
    I could have easily thrown him from that position.
  8. Rand86

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    I shudder to think what you do to your enemies. :p
  9. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Dont know! :eek:

    I'm generally likeable and haven't really gotten into a fight since i started training.

    I'm good at diffusing situations.

    But as soon as the guy starts hitting me i'm quite sure my grappling will fail, i haven't taken hits in a long time and my striking sucks, tried to MT roundhouse yesterday, slowest kick ever.

    LOL - im quite uncoordinated if i dont practice lots, couldnt even jump onto a 20 cm box

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