No Gi anyone?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by RandomTriangle, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. RandomTriangle

    RandomTriangle Valued Member

    i train no Gi as often as Gi.

    Who here trains no gi? What do you like or dislike about it?

    i'll post my experiences as well.
  2. MacWombat

    MacWombat Valued Member

    I train no gi about a fourth of the time I train in total. I like it because I don't have to worry about collar chokes and I seem to be better at it even though I train less. I seem to be able to keep top position and transition very smoothly with no gi.

    On the downside submissions are wayyyyyyy harder as everything is increidibly slippery after five minutes of sweat. I also seem to go harder and get tired much faster in no gi. This makes me sad because it reminds me of how ****** my cardio is.
  3. TheMightyMcClaw

    TheMightyMcClaw Dashing Space Pirate

    About half my training is no-gi. I'm kind of liking it a bit better as of late - harder to block chokes, and easier to get in close enough for hip throws (which, ironically, are generally thought of more as a gi technique).
  4. Atharel

    Atharel Errant

    Bit less than half no-gi for me. I like the flow a bit more but it seems easier, oddly enough, for the wrestlers to beat me in no-gi. Bah. On the plus side, it makes difference in skill even more apparent IMO because desperate noobs can't just grab your gi sleeves and hold on for dear life to slow you down.
  5. bonita

    bonita Valued Member

    depends on the gi. i've had ones that are very comfortable and others i spent the whole time thinking i want this off. right now if i'm meeting my sensei for training i have it on, but when i meet others i don't
  6. Stevebjj

    Stevebjj Grappling Dummy

    I'm still pretty new, and all of my training has been with gi. Mostly, it's a matter of scheduling for me now, as the no-gi classes are taught on days where I can't attend. I'm going to compete in my first tournament next month, barring something unforeseen. After that, I'm going to work at least one of the no-gi classes into my training schedule.
  7. Oversoul

    Oversoul Valued Member

    Why would that be odd?
  8. piratebrido

    piratebrido internet tough guy

    Bought half and half so far. I like the gi stuff for its technical requirements.
  9. RandomTriangle

    RandomTriangle Valued Member

    agreed. i would think it would be obvious that wrestlers are used to training without a Gi, AND when they wear a Gi it is a equalizer. It slows them down AND gives you magic powers. :woo: :D
  10. Atharel

    Atharel Errant

    Sarcasm ;) I guess without smilies, my sarcasm is powerless! :( :( :cry: :love:

    that said, I just got out of no-gi rolling for an hour with a former wrestler in which I went triangle-crazy on him (went 5 [4 triangles and an armbar]-1, he got me with a kimura once), so I guess I'm getting better at dealing with wrestling tactics. Triangles are my latest project now that I'm comfortable with omoplatas from every position I could think of... do I sense thread material??
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  11. Ghost Frog

    Ghost Frog New Member

    My club is no-gi, but I train gi about once a week with friends.

    I like no-gi because you can move quicker and the handholds are different. But I like gi work when its cold, and because you can slow people down who are faster and stronger than you.
  12. Fishbone.

    Fishbone. Banned Banned

    Always no gi, Although they want me to buy a gi, Their like $70. From my understanding their Judo ones, LOL.
  13. RunningDog

    RunningDog Valued Member

    In my 6 months of training before I got injured we didn't have a single no-gi class, except one I arranged myself. I thought that was normal, evidently I was wrong.
    I'm with Gracie-Barra UK. Y'all?
  14. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    I do no-gi once a week in open mat, during some daytime classes when it's allowed, and during throwdowns.
  15. RandomTriangle

    RandomTriangle Valued Member

    i had surgery in sept. Being the one high purple belt in my school, when a new guy with experience shows up i have to go with them.

    A 260 lb purple belt came in... so it was my job to wreck him lol

    Fortunately he came during No Gi... he claimed to have No Gi experience, but i honestly think he didn't. He was good. But i caught him a few times. SO he had to "spaz" on me lol

    i'm not even sure how it happened but i pulled my arm somehow....

    i am ****ed...

    i just started rolling in Jan. ALWAYS "safely," until tonight.

    :bang: :bang: :bang:
  16. RunningDog

    RunningDog Valued Member

    damn, a purple should know better than to mat spaz. Guy should learn some humility.
  17. bcullen

    bcullen They are all perfect.

    I've not had a problem with collar chokes unless the person has actually cut the collar out of the shirt (or isn't wearing a shirt, no kidding, right). The thing that does get me a little is the lack of sleeves. Sleeves are a much more dependable grip.
  18. RandomTriangle

    RandomTriangle Valued Member

    i've found that when someone loses to someone that THEY feel they shouldn't... they do what they can to win.

    He was built like a tank as well... i'm 180 lb... he was able to physically dominate every other student, AND the instructor messed up HIS ribs last week so he was trying not to roll.

    So not only did i have to step up, but i had to "represent the school."

    You understand.
  19. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    When I was doing BJJ, we did stricly no-gi stuff. I was training in a MMA gym.
  20. pauli

    pauli mr guillotine

    we are evidently switching to a split schedule... no gi monday, gi wednesday. previously, we've generally trained gi, rolled gi, and then rolled no gi.

    i don't mind rolling no gi anymore, but i do prefer having a gi on for everything else. just more comfortable.

    for a long time i was completely lost without a gi on. i'm still at a relative disadvantage, but it does prompt me to be slightly more aggressive.

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