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Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by Scipio, May 5, 2004.

  1. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Had my first ourdoor night training last Thursday. Wow, what a difference from the Dojo. My question you guys know of a way to improve night vision? Some sort of exercises or something. I find that my vision at night is incredibly degraded, especially with contacts. During the day I'm 20/20 with contacts though. Am I cursed forever?

  2. Anth

    Anth Daft. Supporter

    eat loads of carrots :p:p :D
  3. La Mancha

    La Mancha Valued Member

    Get some night vision glasses.
  4. Kagebushi

    Kagebushi New Member

    what works for me is to stay outside until it gets dark.. may just be me but usually i cant see any better than anyone else at night , but when i do this, i can see as well as if it was twilight, even when there is no moon also try not to look at lights :cool: and if you do, try to look at dim or yellowed ones, not the newer white ones.
  5. Zuhno Baxt

    Zuhno Baxt New Member

    well from what i know it takes about 20-30 minutes for ur eyesight to adjust so u can have optimum sight in the night, but it takes under a minute to reajust to the light, so try not to look at any light. and i a little trick that works for me try not to look directly at something look a little of to the side

    hope it helps
  6. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Vitamin E helps your eyesight, or is it A...

    Get a balanced diet either way
  7. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    Vitamin A helps with eyesight and night vision. But, like any thing else, too much can be very harmful. Can't think of it off the top of my head, but there are some amino acids that are supposed to help improve night vision. Have to research this one.
  8. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    ankoku toshi jutsu

    Here are a couple tricks:

    Stay low and direct your gaze upward and outward a little, and like Zuhno said, don't try to stare directly at anything. The rods and cones in the retina work differently for light/color than for low-light.
    While allowing the eyes to adjust, also concentrate breathing in the nose to pick up smells and otherwise highten general awareness.
    Being a little excited helps too - having a little fight or flight energy can sharpen vision as survival instincts kick in - but remember to keep a diffuse focus to avoid tunnel-vision.

    Here's a couple more ideas that may help somewhat. I've had ok results with them -

    When moving between areas of different illumination, keep one eye closed to preserve its adjustment and allow the open eye to readjust to the new area, then switch eyes for a couple seconds before going back to bioptic vision. This way, if there is more or less light in the new area, it will mostly affect just one eye and both will readjust more quickly.

    Lastly, when scanning or trying to pick up detail, try crossing slightly spread fingers together to create an open grid in front of your face and look through a central hole. This will help block some distracting lights or extraneous background, and I'm sure it's some kind of optical illusion, but when I do this, whatever I'm looking at appears to be closer.
  9. Ace_of_Anarchy

    Ace_of_Anarchy New Member

    very helpful tips sshh, but if i may point out something. having good night vision is a very nice skill to have, but every ninja should learn not only to use vision, but all of they're senses on the field. this includes smell, touch, vision, hearing, taste ect.. because what's the point of having them if you dont use them. so if you have sucky night vision, if i may suggest training yourself in hearing, smelling, and feeling things in the dark. hope this is useful
  10. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    other senses

    Good point, Ace.

    That's what I was touching on when I said, "While allowing the eyes to adjust, also concentrate breathing in the nose to pick up smells and otherwise highten general awareness."

    If about to go train outside at night, a good practice to do is, while meditating (or just sitting around before training begins) close your eyes or just look towards some dark, nonspecific area, and while waiting for the eyes to adjust, concentrate on breathing and notice what the other senses are doing. Try to identify and locate any smells (e.g. can you tell if the grass was cut recently? can you smell a pile of dog droppings nearby? etc.); try to identify and locate sounds - how many different things can you hear? what direction are each of the sounds coming from? how far away would you guess they are?

    Those are the three primary long-range senses, but the others are useful as well.

    Doing this for a few minutes really helps integrate the body and get one in a relaxed and ready mindset for training or other activities in the dark.
  11. Taiso

    Taiso New Member

    well this would be useful but it isn't as i can't remember where i read it it won't be but anyway, through some sort of chinese (thing can't remember what) activity you can increase your eyesight by 200% in a few weeks
  12. Len

    Len Valued Member

    Broccoli is great for your eyes. Cantaloupe helps prevent cataracts. Carrots are a great idea because they are known to stop macular degeneration and night vision loss. But the reason all three of these foods help your eyes is cause they have beta carotene.....basically HUGE amounts of vitamin A. Carrots have like three hundred something percent vitamin A in them. But if you want the king of beta carotene you have to eat a ton of sweet potatoes or yams as they are called in the supermarkets which are technically incorrect cause yams are actually a much bigger vegetable that have nothing to do with sweet potatoes that they usually don't sell at grocery stores to begin with. But sweet potatoes have like five hundred something percent vitamin A in them. You eat a few of these everyday and you will get X ray vision like Superman lol. Also another thing that gets massive amounts of healthy vitamin A in your system is if you have a juicer machine. The thing with this is that carrots or any produce have only so much vitamins in them and you can only eat so many. But you can pretty much grind up like 5 to ten carrots in one glass of carrot juice. That is 5 to ten times the vitamin A in one glass! Not to mention that one glass of carrot juice has twice the amount of calcium as a glass of milk and one glass of spinach juice has 10 times the amount of calcium as a glass of milk. Ok, now I am rambling on. LOL Hope all this helps your eyes. Oh yeah, one other thing.....NEVER COOK VEGES OR FRUITS! This kills the vitamins. Eat em raw or lightly steam them, nothing more. The only two exceptions to this rule are carrots and celery. For some reason, cooking them actually helps them to release their maximum potential in vitamin potency.
  13. Ace_of_Anarchy

    Ace_of_Anarchy New Member

    All that vitamin A sounds great, but i learnt in school that your body can only hold a certain amount of each vitamins each day or something, and after that it all goes to waste. So i guess theres no point drinking a glass of super-concentrated carrot juice per day if meaby you can only hold the vitamins of 2 carrots.. I dunno, someone help me?!? lol
  14. Kinjiro Tsukasa

    Kinjiro Tsukasa I'm hungry; got troll? Supporter

    I believe tomatoes are another exception -- they're better for you cooked than raw. One tomato has 20% of your daily requirement of Vitamin A.
  15. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Banned Banned

    A couple of carrots have ~200%, if I'm not mistaken, so it really doesn't matter.

    Yeah, vitamins like C and some others I forgot are water soluble, meaning if you take in too much, they just leave your body with your waste, whereas fat-soluble vitamins like E (I think), can give you problems if you take too much.

  16. sshh

    sshh Not Talking Anymore

    ninja nutrition

    maybe there should be a split of this topic for ninja nutrition
    i.e. foods and their benefits?

    raw produce definitely is the way to do it, or steamed like broccoli (yum).
    I think the reason carrots and cellery release more vitamins after cooking, is their fibers soften and separate in the heat - otherwise the nutrients stay trapped in the fibers which get carried away in the waste.
    I still like munching on raw carrots though :)

    more discussions on health and nutrition can be found elsewhere here on MAP

    Here's a cool site that has some info on ninja diet, etc.

  17. Len

    Len Valued Member

    Sorry, I meant to say your body can only intake so much of any one kind of vitamin at one given day at the beginning of the last post.
  18. chaosemthod

    chaosemthod New Member

    the way to see your enemy at night, or have a general advantage is to have a lower center of gravity. When lower than your opponent, they try to find you in the dark, but you look to the sky to find the sillouette of thier head amongst the stars.
  19. cloudgodd

    cloudgodd New Member

    when I was in the military

    The way they taught us to get our eyes to adjust quickly is when you first get out there take a couple of seconds like 10 to 20 and cover your eyes completely but leave you eyes open use you hands to cover them this will fool your eye into thinking it is darker than it real is around you and your pupils will dilate...when you remove your hand you will be surprised at how well you can see...Cloud
  20. shadowninja

    shadowninja New Member

    Eat alot of carrots, not to many though. You can turn a light shade of orange if you do. I did it once when i was a baby, i wouldn't eat nothin but carrots. :yeleyes: :yeleyes:

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