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  1. neil999

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    Morning all, well its morning in England,

    I have recently started training bujinkan, its all very strange to me at the moment, after training kempo jujitsu for the last six years, although some of the locks and throws are the same its difficult getting used to the correct stance, as its very different from what im used to.

    I am thoroughly enjoying learning to use the bo which is something i have wanted to do for many years.

    Just wondered if anyone had any pointers for me as a new recruit, if not to martial arts to bujinkan.
  2. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    enjoy yourself!!! :D

    and smile for gods sake!!
  3. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member


    Before you 'burn the keyboard up' with questions etc, check out the stickies in the 'Ninjutsu' section of the forum. It will take some time to read but there is alot of good info there.

    It will answer many question it will, my young padiwan.

    Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.

  4. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    As a start, read through all the posts on this forum, past and present.
    That's what I did, and I learn't a hell of alot. It will get you familiar with certain terms in Japanese. You can always pick up some books too.

    Start with all of Soke's books...You can't go wrong.
    Above all else, relax and have fun.

    Gambatte !
  5. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    But you still manage to ask crap questions!!! :eek: :D
  6. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    I could still take you in a fight :D ;) :woo:
  7. Keikai

    Keikai Banned Banned

    I never knew you cared!!! :eek:
  8. Kikaku

    Kikaku Gakorai Tosha Akuma Fudo

    You have way too much free time on your hands ! :D
  9. Dr.Syn

    Dr.Syn Valued Member

    So much love going on here :love: :eek:
  10. comw

    comw Valued cynic

    you dont say
  11. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    Do you want a piece of the action? i understand Greg can be quite accommodating!

  12. sith-smith

    sith-smith Valued Member

    You're going to make that poor guy worried about Ninjutsu initiation rites!!!

    Welcome to Ninjutsu.

    Whereabouts are you training?
  13. Nick Mandilas

    Nick Mandilas Resistance is an option..

    Smashed out of his head, Rubber Tanto leans closer to neil999 with a bottle of rice wine and whispers... "no it's a sake test!"
  14. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    'Smashed out of his head, Rubber Tanto leans closer to neil999 with a bottle of rice wine and whispers... "no it's a sake test!"'

    Now that was real funny !!

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  15. sith-smith

    sith-smith Valued Member

    Funny, or worrying? :eek:
  16. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

    well as i'm not in the same room as Rubber Tanto & neil999, i say we leave em to it and slowly close the door, at the same time as mouthing 'OMG' to your mates!

  17. Peaceful Tiger

    Peaceful Tiger Happy Member

    Is that proper doors, or those slidey Japanese wooden-panelled paper ones that you can hear through? :D
  18. fire&steel

    fire&steel Valued Member

    Best tips I can give you are relax have an open mind and an empty cup and fill it with the lessons of the day as shown by a good Instructor. Enjoy yourself have fun be playful, learn to be a good Uke. Forget all your what if questions as they will all answer themselves in time if your eyes learn to see. Use no strength or power as it will become a burden you don't need. Just as all the stances will just become spaces you move through in time. Gambatte
  19. comw

    comw Valued cynic

    and if you can learn to relax - a lesson i've never learned - end result i've been unable to type for 2 days

    LEARN TO RELAX - asap
  20. Yama Tombo

    Yama Tombo Valued Member

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