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  1. cavallin

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    i will welcome any instructor's advice, but especially TAGB as they will really understand the system.

    basically, i feel like my student's are going backwards rather than forwards with their technical ability. they are learning new things, but some have already picked up bad habits that need correcting.
    i will most probably answer my questions as i go along, but any experience would be appreciated.

    i have about 7 students, highest grade is yellow (8th kup)

    1) there a 2 girls in my dojang who CANNOT work independently. i can leave my 8 yr old junior and he will sensibly practise his patterns. unfortunately one of the girls has very low self esteem and gets discouraged terribly easily, but sometimes i have to tell them off. i am worried that if i am too harsh they will just get discouraged...i've tried giving them a "pep talk" to say the only person you are cheating on is yourself, and you will not be ready to grade with this attitude ect...which works for 5 minutes then the next lesson they are back in their old ways.

    2) for a start all of my students only train once a week but they seem to be missing a lot of lessons, through things that sometimes isn't always their fault. how can i get them to be commited at such an early stage?

    3) they seem to have picked up a lot of bad habits, i'm really not sure why/how...i'm a bit of a perfectionist, so i do notice these things a lot, and i feel that i want to hold them back a grading. this grading is very soon after the last one, so they could make it through, but they would not be doing their best.
    someone's opinion was that at this grade it didn't matter, it's only yellow belt, and these things will get ironed out. somehow i feel that they will get worse...that person said "they only need to be a good yellow belt, not a black belt"

    4) if some are ready but say one or 2 aren't im really worried they'll get discouraged and think they are rubbish (teenage girls :rolleyes: ) if i hold them back!

    please help me figure out all these uncertainties in my head. i feel like im expecting too much, yet not enough...and i can't get the balance right. i feel like im failing as an instructor.

    i'd appreciate any advice, thanks
  2. sliver

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    Hey Cavallin, buck up, you're experiencing problems every new instructor faces, namely, self doubt, and uncertianty. The good news is with experience these problmes will fade. Though they never completely go away for most, a trail you've tread several times looks less trecherous. I've never practiced TAGB TKD, but the problems you're facing are universal, so maybe my input will help a bit. I've practiced martial arts for 13 years now, and taught for six, so I have at least a little insite. To make things easier on myself, my responses are in the body of your post.

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  3. Visage

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    Sliver, FANTASTIC post! :D It's helped me out too!

    James :)
  4. cavallin

    cavallin kickin' kitten

    cheers !! i am not ashamed of putting it down because i really want to be a good instructor. i'm actually a school teacher in "real life" lol, but it's a lot more personal in TKD, i want them to do a lot better ect...

    i always use the positive/goal thing, but i think i dont reinforce it enough.
    i love the worksheets idea, i think that will really help them!

    thanks :)
  5. HMFC

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    I agree with sliver about speaking to the parents and explain the importance of getting the kids to the class. I have a handfull of students who only train once a week although i run classes twice weekly, you can spot the kids who only train once a week a mile away. Personally , i dont get myself worked up about it and when it comes round to a grading , if they are not the same standard as the rest of the class they dont grade. Im sure you are doing a good job teaching and can guarantee you that almost every instructor has had problems similar to yours at one time . The most important thing is to stay possitive , enjoy teaching and enjoy the challenge.
    No one said running a tkd school was easy but im sure with your commitment it will become easier as you iron out your problems one by one.
    Good luck!!!

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