Need help: Finding CMA in MMA Records (read before posting)

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Matt_Bernius, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Rule 1. Read everything that follows and stay within bounds (I will be heavily mod'ing this thread).

    Ok, we've all been on the CMA/TMA in MMA merry-go-round (if you didn't understand that previous sentence, go read some more of the forum and come back). THIS IS NOT A THREAD TO DISCUSS WHETHER OR NOT CMA/TMA WORKS IN MMA. Capiche? Any discussing pros and cons will be split into a different discussion thread.

    Instead we're talking "Google-fu."

    What I am looking for all examples, amatuer and pro examples of CMA (other TMA folks are you can also contribute with your own examples) of CMA schools and fighters who compete in "MMA" comps. By MMA I mean that the competition can be:

    - Knock-down
    - Knock-down and grappling
    - No holds barred
    - Open to all martial arts
    (In this case San Shou comps do not count.)

    To make it in this thread you need to provide a link to a web page. That can be a fighter record, a school that posts it's record, a fighter's home page, or a competition home page with records.

    What will not count: anecdotal stories. friends of friends records. etc.

    The poster with the most cites will be my hero. And I'll make up a little signature gif that proudly expresses that.

    Questions are welcome with this thread. Citations and URLs are very welcome. Discussion as to whether or not X is real CMA or Y is real MMA is not. We'll leave that for later.

    Good luck!

    - Matt
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    Rock on guys! This is what we're looking for. We'll consider deciding what is/isn't later.

    - Matt
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    Good going, let's keep it up. Now what about amateur comps? I know on another forum I've seen a site for a canadian CMA school that competes full contact on the amateur circuit.

    Now we need to find another example or two!

    - Matt
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    Guys, as a point of order, if you're going to post links to sherdog (or any other site) where the link leads to a specific bio, could you please tell us WHO we're being linked to so we don't have 15 peoiple posting links to Joel Sutton or Jason DeLucia?

    Thanks :)
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