Need Advice on getting ready for my BB test!

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by thguy, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. thguy

    thguy Valued Member

    Hello Map,

    I just started attending a new TKD school after years of on and off practice. I have been going to class steadily for two months. The classes at this school are intense and very big on endurance. I am retesting for my 1st Dan in the beginning of June. The Test will consist of my warm up (100 or so kicks), forms, sparring breaking, and then endurance at the end. The endurance, will be roundhouse, sidekick, back kick, spinning heel. 40-50 on each leg, 50 butterflies, Hold a sidekick on each leg for 2 minutes, and then horse stance held for two minutes. The endurance is all continuous.
    Usually I am fairly exhausted after the warm up alone. I am 30, about 170 pounds, and thought I was in descent shape before I saw what others at my school can do. If I had to do this today, I couldn't imagine getting through all of that with my current level of fitness.

    I have 2 and a half months to get myself up there.

    I have been told running a mile a day.
    I was thinking of trying to mimic the test slowly at first, see how far I can go and then gradually increase the speed and intensity.
    If I do this should I do it every other day?
    Ive been doing insanity(interval training, cardio, plyo) a few times a week; I was thinking about cutting that out and focusing purely on test related material.

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks ahead of time
  2. PlatinumPi4u

    PlatinumPi4u Valued Member

    I think that jogging will help.. mind as well drop and do a good handful of pushups too.
    (Jog out until you get tired.. instead of walking it off, drop and do like 15 or 20 pushups - then continue jogging out... getting tired again? Good! Drop and do another 15 or 20 pushups...)

    Continue like this until you puke, but don't give yourself a heart attack.. By 2 months you will definitely have enough endurance... :)
  3. thguy

    thguy Valued Member

    I would be worried about pushing too hard, I'm guessing a Heart rate monitor would be a good device to invest in
  4. blackbelt92

    blackbelt92 Valued Member

    I would try mimicking the test. Go through the test once to see your trouble spots and what you need to work on. Then, focus on those. I would definitely jog in addition, however you want to make sure you are developing and strengthening the exact muscles that you will be required to use during your test-hence the mimicking the test.

    Good luck and keep us posted. I'm sure you will do very well with your black belt test!
  5. liero

    liero Valued Member

    def. imitate the test.

    E.g. need to hold the kick for 2 minutes?

    Set aside a day a week and start at 15 seconds. Add 10 seconds a week.

    Do the same with the other stuff. If you really struggle with each "endurance" type exercise do them seperately and build up the specific ability to do that exercise before you throw them all together. No need to injure yourself when you have months untill the grading.
  6. thguy

    thguy Valued Member

    Thanks for the advice. It looks as if I know what I need to do. I will update everyone on my progress.
  7. FlaDude

    FlaDude New Member

    Here are some basics for our black belt tests:
    1. Practice every form every day - and perform them as if you are testing.
    2. Start at 20-30 push-ups and sit-ups and then add 1 to them every day until the test.
    3. 30 minutes cardio daily - this is really good cardio resulting in sweat.
    If you need extra cardio help then work up to 1-2 hours of cardio prior to test. And if strength is an issue then do extra pushups/situps.
    With this basic outline and then your fundamentals training that you should also be working on daily you should be prepared for the test. Obviously, the more you put into your training the better your test will be. My test was 5.5 hours and extremely cardio intensive. By far the most physical challenge I have ever endured. (I am 46) But it was also the most rewarding challenge that I have conquered.

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