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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by ned, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Mangosteen

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    Here's a useful link for progressing to squatting:

    Personally I'd start with deadlifts, if you learn to hip hinge, it makes everything easier.
    to learn the hip hinge, you could try dumbbell/kettlebell swings for a while as well as stiff legged deadlifts.

    you could honestly make a lot of progress deadlifting and eventually cleaning without a single day of using a squat rack (john davis did)
  2. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Quiet sunday,a brief respite from the rain,clearer and colder

    3m run with dogs,no intervals,sprint last 50m(this is becoming less of a killer)
    Went through yesterday's chi sao/rolling arms drills with my middle daughter
  3. ned

    ned Valued Member

    10/feb (dry and cloudy,milder,evenings slowly getting lighter :) )

    30xpressups(fingers)30xleg raises(together,up,out apart,in)plank 1min
    30xpress ups(wrists)30xleg raises,plank 1min
    1m,sprint last 50m
    sil lim tao
    lao joia section 1/2
  4. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Listen to the Zaad, for he is wise! Deadlifts are great, as are front squats (of you fancy power cleaning the weight up in the absence of stands/rack). Alternatively you could do unilateral squats (split squats/lunges, skater squats if you're hardcore!) with lighter weight so it's easier to get in to position...

    The first routine I made up myself was based around front squat, deadlift, pull ups and dips, with some extra stuff chucked in to compete the list of 'primal movements'. It seemed pretty good to me and helped strengthen and support the improvement in my posture I was seeking :)

    Another rackless option could be to deadlift the weight then zercher squat [ame=""][/ame]

    This probably isn't helpful at this stage, but if you're crazy you could learn the Steinborn lift! Be careful if you do!
  5. ned

    ned Valued Member

    20min walk in rain for dogs,

    5 min skipping(1min base jumps,
    30 secs run on spot,cross hands every 3x,30 secs telemark,repeat
    1 min khan khan,
    30 secs high knees,30 secs sprint)

    Barbell,pretty weedy weights I know :rolleyes:,getting used to the movements etc
    squats 1x10 25kg
    deadlifts 1x5 25kg
    1x10 20kg
    overhead press 1x10 20kg
    bicep curl 1x5 20kg
    1x10 16kg
    dumbbell,each arm in turn
    standing flies 2x5 6kg
    chest flies 2x10 6kg
    overhead ext(dble hands)1x30 6kg
    standing flies 2x5 6kg
    bench press 3x10 6kg
    single arm rows 1x75 6kg

    5 mins skipping(1 min run on spot,cross hands every 3x,
    30 secs girly jump,alt.high knee,30 secs base jump,repeat
    1 min run on spot,cross hands continuous,
    30 secs telemark,30 sec sprint)

    10xpull ups

    Run with dogs(cold,v.windy,got caught in rainstorm hence;
    3m no intervals,sprint last 50m(definitely getting easier)
  6. ned

    ned Valued Member

    run with dogs(cold,calm,clear,almost full moon)
    30xpress ups(fingers)30xleg raises,plank 1min
    30xpress ups(wrists)30xleg raises,plank 1 min
    1m,sprint last 50m

    10xpull ups
    bar;squat 1x10 25kg
    overhead press 1x3 25kg
    deadlift 1x5 20kg
    overhead press 1x5 20kg
    bicep curl 2x5 16kg
    overhead press 1x10 16kg
    single dumbbell;
    (double handed)overhead ext 1x20 6kg
    (each arm in turn) standing flies 1x10 6kg
    chest flies 1x10 6kg
    standing flies 1x5 6kg
    chest flies 1x10 6kg
    single arm row 1x75 6kg
  7. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Hi mate,

    What kind of effect are you looking to achieve with your weight training, how much weight do you have to go on your barbell, and have you worked out a way to support the bar to do squats?

    If you can position the bar and squat for 10 good reps with 25kg, then I'd be tempted to do that for 3-5 sets before picking up the DBs... Same with OH press (maybe for 3-5 sets of 5 reps with 20kg), provided your shoulders are OK with that!

    From my reading the net (here)/watching yootoobz/asking noob questions, it seems that squat (front, back, overhead etc), deadlift, OH press, bench press (or floor press if you have no bench), barbell row ('Pendlay' rows) and maybe power clean have the greatest "bang for your buck" (increased training effect for decreased time taken), provided you load them sensibly (heavy enough but not injury inducing) and adjust your number of reps per set to your goals:

    Pull ups are great too, and if you can do more than 12, then you can start loading them (hold a DB between your legs, wear a weighted vest/rucksack) and doing sets of fewer reps. Push ups are also good, only harder to load (rucksack maybe, but it could be pretty unstable!) there are a few variations to try out too, if you find normal ones easy, which you probably do if you can bang out 30 at a time :)
  8. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Hey Harry,thanks for your thoughts,as you can tell my weights routine is fairly
    uninformed and haphazard !
    My approach has been to lift what is just beyond comfortable,concentrating on upper body only.Now I've dug out the bar I thought I'd round things out with some squats,deadlifts,overhead presses and bicep curls.
    In the absence of a proper rack I've been using a pair of saw horses for squats and the floor for bench presses.
    The set of weights is 2x7.5kg,4x5kg,4x2gk,2x1kg which I think will be fine for now.I'm not really going for lifting large weights,my aims are more to develop stamina,a slightly 'chunkier' frame and more explosive power for pushing/pulling,if that makes sense.
    I've recently fitted a bar for pull ups which I do palms in and out,although I
    now realise perhaps I'm actually doing chin ups if I'm not fully extending my arms? In which case I probably need to improve my form before thinking about adding weights(but I like the idea)
    I have a few questions I've been pondering;

    should I alternate exercises between sets (i.e 1x5 squat,1x5 OH press,etc) or
    do multiple sets of each exercise separately(i.e 3x5 squat,3x5 OH press)

    Is it better to do bar lifts then dumbells or vice versa,mix them up or doesn't it matter?

    Is it better to lift dumbells as a pair or singly or does it not matter?

    Can you recommend a good guide(preferably a book)to explain some of the lifting terminology as my knowledge is basic at best :rolleyes:

    Anyone else please feel free to pitch in your suggestions to help me improve my routine a bit!
  9. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    "a slightly 'chunkier' frame and more explosive power for pushing/pulling"

    this is best done with heavy weights, actually :p

    for explosiveness, focus on accelerating them as much as you can. i have a half-baked hypothesis that the ideal loads for this are perhaps the ones that make you slow down just a little bit (so they're not light enough that you can move them like they didn't exist, but they won't make you grind out each rep either), but generally you want a strength-focused protocol for it.

    as for a chunkier frame, deadlift double bodyweight for reps and you'll have it :p

    re: bars vs DBs: bars will almost always let you use more weight than with two DBs (unilateral DB work has some exceptions since you can twist and rotate yourself into better positions) and works both sides of the body at the same time, which also makes you more stable. this makes it generally better for heavy low-rep work, while DBs, being harder to stabilize, are generally a bit more suited to higher rep work at moderate weights (but you can also go heavy, particularly on unilateral lifts where the other side can assist). thus i'd generally suggest barbell work first to get the heavy lifting out of the way while you can still do it, and then if you want some lighter DB work to plug in whatever holes you find, so to speak.

    re: bilateral vs unilateral DB work: depends on a lot of things. i'd put it down to preference, but a few points are worth considering on the following:

    rows: rows with one arm let you use the torso a lot, which lets you go REALLY HEAVY while still repping out (for reference, my chest-supported two-arm row probably would top out at 30kg for a single, whereas i've rowed 50kg for reps with one hand, at ~58kg bodyweight), and will also work your obliques a lot while not impacting the lower back much since you can support yourself on the other arm. rowing with both arms will use the back a lot more but incur some lower back stress (same as barbell rows), while lying on a bench or similar, or resting your forehead on something (ie a chest-supported or head-supported row) removes back stress but doesn't let you cheat with back extension, so the movement becomes super strict trap+arm work and the poundage goes down tremendously.

    overhead work: you'll have a much easier time stabilizing one side at a time, since you can twist and rotate, and have the other hand for safety if needed, so unilateral overhead lifts are much easier and safer to do heavy for low reps than bilateral ones (it's also really hard to get two dumbbells up at the same time, so it's generally more practical to press heavy with only one arm at a time), whereas bilateral work is good for reps at moderate weights.

    for leg work (lunges, weighted walking, etc), generally you err on the side of more weight and use two DBs, because your legs are (should be :p) stronger than your arms, unless you have a specific reason to use only one DB (suitcase or waiter walks, for example, or goblet squats).

    re: books to read: starting strength by mark rippetoe is very good, although i don't like his instructions for the power clean. dan john's books are also excellent, mainly because he's probably the only sane person in the world of fitness :p. by him i'd recommend 'never let go'
  10. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    re: alternating exercises: depends: will the lifts interfere with each other? do you have time to do them "normally"? if yes to the former, then probably no. if no to the latter, it may be a good idea for the sake of time saving, but you'll have to order them around so that they don't screw with each other, and you may lose some poundage in the process, although it probably won't be that much as long as the lifts are different enough.
  11. ned

    ned Valued Member

    10xpull ups(palms in)

    5 mins skipping(1min run on spot,cross hands every 3x
    1min khan khan
    1 minbase jump
    1 min alternate high knee
    1 min sprint)

    5 mins bag(kicks,turning/hooks to ribs,head
    tan/front kick,bong/side kick
    front push kicks)

    8xpull ups(palm out)

    5 mins skipping(1 min run on spot,cross hands every 3x
    1 min telemark
    1 min side straddle
    1 min run on spot cross hands continuous
    1 min sprint)

    5 mins bag(step in straight jab,double jab and cross with combinations
    jab,cross,turning backfist/ridge hand
    straight blasts
    1 min body only continuous

    Bar;squat 3x10 29kg
    overhead press 2x5 25 kg
    2x5 20kg
    deadlift&press 3x5 25kg
    bicep curl 1x10 16kg
    3x5 16kg
    standing flies 2x5 6kg
    overhead ext. 3x10 6kg
    chest flies 3x5 6kg
    single arm row 1x50 8kg

    30xpress ups
    30x leg raises
    plank 1 min
  12. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Jeez dude, your training log is getting ridiculously impressive :D
  13. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Thanks mate,finishing my workshop/gym has made all the difference,especially over the winter.I still feel like a rank amateur as far as the weight training goes,but I'm starting to
    feel the results.
    Lifes too short to hang about !!
  14. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Someone tell Ned to lay off the juice - at least till I catch up :mad:
  15. ned

    ned Valued Member

    You'll be pleased to hear I had a full English breakfast this morning to recover after a night out on the town,having a drink and a catch up with some old mates I've not seen for a while.
    Then I went over to see my pa with the familly and had roast beef,followed by chocolate tart and cream !
    That should give you some breathing space :)
  16. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    A week of bangers and mash followed by a fortnight of binging would help me even betta!- though it waad not help you much. ;)
  17. ned

    ned Valued Member

    17/feb ,run with dogs(dry,cloudy and dark,still wet and muddy in places)
    30xpress ups(fingers)30xleg raises,plank 1 min
    30xpressups(wrists)30xleg raises,plank 1 min
    1m,sprint last 50

    10xpull ups(palms in)

    pair dumbells;
    standing flies 3x3 6kg
    chest flies 3x5 6kg
    oh press 3x10 6kg
    single dumbbell;
    oh ext.(both arms together0 3x10 6kg
    bicep curls (each arm in turn) 3x10 8kg
    single arm row( " " " " ) 1x75 8kg

    8xpull ups (palms out)
  18. ned

    ned Valued Member

    3m run with dogs,no intervals,bit quicker pace,sprint last 50.
    (striking evening sky-heavy dark clouds against a clear starry horizon going from dark purple to burnt orange)

    10xpull ups (palms in)

    Bar;squats 3x10 29
    deadlift 2x5 29
    dl&oh press 2x5 25
    oh press 1x5 26
    3x3 26
    bicep curl 5x3 20

    dumbbells pair;
    standing flies 5x3 6
    chest flies 5x5 6
    dble hand oh ext. 3x10 8
    bicep curl 3x10 8

    6xpull ups(palms out)
    30xleg raises
  19. ned

    ned Valued Member

    cross country with the canines(drier,warmer,lighter)
    30xpress ups(fingers),30xleg raises,plank 1min 30
    30xpress ups(wrists),30xleg raises,plank 1min 30
    1m ,sprint last 50.

    extended plank length a little inspired by FOD's epic example !:eek:

    8x pull ups(palms out)

    30x thai kicks
    1min skip,run on spot
    30x hook kicks
    1min skip,side straddle
    30x turning kicks
    1min skip,run on spot crossing hands

    1min bag no gloves,jabs;singles,doubles with crosses
    1min skip,khan khan
    1min bag no gloves,combinations
    1min skip skip,alternate high knee
    1min bag no gloves,body only cont.
    1min skip,telemark

    12xpull ups(palms in)

    Single db;
    oh ext. dble handed 1x25 8
    Pair dbs;
    Standing flies 3x3 6
    chest flies 3x5 6
    Bicep curls 3x10 6
  20. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Yesterday was late home so quick walk for dogs and straight to kf class.

    Today,evening run with dogs(colder,cloudy and dark)
    3m,no intervals,sprint last 50.

    10xPull ups(palms out)
    plank 1.5 min
    30xleg raises
    30xpress ups(fingers)

    Back squats 3x10 35
    Front squats 1x10 29
    3x5 25
    Deadlift 2x5 29
    Dl&press 2x5 25
    Oh press 3x5 20
    Upright rowing 3x5 20
    Bicep curl 1x3 20
    3x10 16

    Pair db's;
    Standing flies 3x3 6
    Oh press 3x10 6
    Chest flies 3x5 6
    Floor press 3x10 6
    Single db;
    Oh ext.(dble handed) 3x10 8
    Bicep curl 3x5 8
    Hammer curls 3x5 8
    Single arm row 1x50 8

    30xleg raises
    30xpress ups(wrists)
    Plank 1.5min
    12xpull ups(palms in)

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