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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by ned, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Boxing club session (3min rds,30 secs break) ;
    3x skipping
    3x shadowbox

    1min break,gloves on

    5x on bags,in rotation
    1x on bag,with partner in turn holding bag for 20 secs all out blasts
    2x pad sparring
    2x holding pads
    1x conditioning,with partner in turn , 20 secs bursts , gloves to body

    abs work on floor ; variations on crunches,leg raises,planks and press ups.
    core rotations and floor stretches
  2. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Friday ; hour and a half skating at the local bowl with my kids -
    first warm sunny evening for ages .
    Later 3.5m run at the old airfield back at our village.Was back checking out progress on work at our house ,getting near the finish now ; painters are well under way and I'll be fitting the new kitchen this week .All the familly are looking forward to moving back in .

    Saturday; afternoon training outside at our school while my daughter had her lesson, mainly taiji stuff ; warm up,core rotations/stretches, kicks/stance work, chen short forms, silk reeling,
    straight sword , pau chui .
    Evening run; quick pace 1m with some sprints, then

    bar+kg ;
    squats 1x5 x10
    1x5 x25
    3x5 x39

    clean&press 1x5 x10
    3x5 x25

    bent over row 1x5 x10
    1x5 x25
    1x5 x39
    3x5 x47

    db's ;
    standing flies,chest flies,hammer curls x3 each ,5 reps(paused between)
    single db ,10kg ;
    oh ext 3x10
    SAR 1x50

    today ; am at boxing club(3min rds)
    4x skipping
    3x shadowbox
    1min break,gloves on
    5x on bags
    2x holding pad
    2x padwork, in ring

    warm down with mix of lunge and squat variations,stretches to finish

    evening,2.5m run - trying to incorporate a fahtlek element with
    a mix of sprints and high intensity bursts with recovery periods.
  3. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Two weeks since I last logged anything on here - I've been flat out, fitting our new kitchen and getting our house ready to move back in,hopefully by the end of the month.

    Last week was pretty much like this week ;
    Mon - work late(10pm)
    Tues - 2m run, later taiji class(making progress with pau chui and new yang sword form we've been learning)
    Weds- work late
    Thurs - 2m run. later kf class(tong bei applications, free chi sao,sparring)
    Fri -work late

    Sat - Took daughter to her afternoon class .Joined in for warm up,stretches,
    stances/kicks.After some ph stuff,I went off on my own to go though the new sections of pau chui and sword form from tuesday's class,then rejoined the others for taiji short forms.
    Later, short but quicker 1m run,
    bar complex ( bar+25kg) x3 reps
    back squat x5
    clean and press x5
    bent over row x5
    front squat x5

    db (10kg)
    oh ext (two handed) 3x10
    single arm row(each)1x50

    pair db's (6kg each) complex x3 reps
    chest flies x5
    standing flies x5
    hammer curls x5

    today;am at boxing club (3min rds,30 secs break)
    3x skipping
    3x shadow box
    quick break,gloves on
    4x on bags,in rotation (focus on movement/technique)
    2x padwork
    2x holding mitts
    2x on bags (focus on power)

    circuit x2
    sit ups x20
    burpees x20
    leg raises x20
    squat thrusts x20

    later 3m run,mixed in some hill sprints and hiit stuff.

    Since coming back from an enforced lay off after my back injury in late january I've dropped just over 4kgs and 3% body fat and am at the same weight I competed at last year.
    I realised when I checked the rules that in fact the divisions are 66kg and then 73kg so I'm near the light end of my group unless I drop another 1.8 kg
    before sunday - a slim possibility but worth a shot .
  4. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Congrads on getting that monster done, Ned. I know how much work is involved. I'm truly amased that you've found the time to get on here at all during this period. On top of your own house you've had to put in overtime on other commercial jobs.

    Don' know how you managed it.
    Personally, I hope you didn't attempt it. Not unless you're experienced in weight-cuts and know how your body will react. You are wanting to drop near 50% of the weight it took some 90 days to loose in one day.

    Unless you've been tanking stouts, I doubt if you've much water making up that 1.8 kilos.

    EDIT: You are meaning this Sunday, right?
  5. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Love it! Ha. Now that be a solid piece of work, brother! Did you have to tap for the threaded bar?
  6. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Next sunday mate-hell,I know the difference between possible and miracle ! :p
    If I could achieve it ,it might make a big difference in my opposition.
  7. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Another brief fortnightly's been hectic -time seems in short supply even though days are getting longer ; dealing with builders , fitting our new kitchen,doing my own work in between and trying to fit in what training I can.
    Have made progress with pao chui (chen cannon fist form) in my taiji class and have been told by my sifu he wants me to grade at the end of the month in kung fu(first time in a year and a half or so) which means sharpening my tools so to speak.
    Yesterday I met up with one of my oldest si hing's for some free chi sao , went briefly through Chum kil (second WC form) and also some taiji stuff. Later went through chen sword form on my own.

    Today, am session at boxing club ; 3min rds,30 secs break

    3x skipping
    3x shadowbox
    1min break
    4x bagwork
    3x padwork
    3x holding pads

    finish with group workout ;variations of burpees,crunches,leg raises,squat thrusts,tuck jumps,pikes and press ups .
    Core/joint rotations then floor stretches.

    Later long walk with dog, then taiji forms ,finish with ba duan jin
  8. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Great work, Ned. My hats off to you again. BTW, how did your comp go?
  9. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Cheers Bubs , you can read a brief write up I did on the competition in the TC forum.

    How's your boxing going or have your recent injuries ruled that out for now ?
    Looking forward to reading more posts from you on your log (and in the "what have you been listening to recently" thread ) soon - place has been a bit flat without your ideosyncratic contributions :)
  10. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Congrads on your bronze in the moving push hands. Love to see the video but having issues playing vids on the new laptop presently. High fives to your daughter on her three big wins!

    The only injury that's hampering me is inflammation of the lateral epicondyle (tennis elbow) of my right arm.

    As for the nose break, after the doctor said he wanted to operate for septal hematomas, I never went back. Mind you, it war the bridge of the nose that was cracked, not the septum!

    I think the doctor quite confused. I'd a 'camel' nose (see the rugby player's picture to see what that looks like, lol) from years ago before the recent break and I'm quite certain the doctor couldna tell one part of my nose from the other.

    "Where do you think I was hit?", I asked him; and there I was with dried blood matted around the crack at the bridge. Buggard kept trying to tell me my septum was severely damaged and collapsing - mind you, its been like that for years and years - and that he needed to operate to remove clots.

    I almost let him. But I thought to meself - he can't tell which part of my nose had the more recent injury, didn't want to reset the bridge because of these supposed clots that don't even form in that part of the nose and wanted instead to operate on the one part that hadn't been injured. I was afraid he'd end up doing surgery on my **** before it was all over, for god's sakes, man.

    Nahh...I never went back.

    I'd horrid experience with rhinoplasty years ago and I'm not going through that again.


    rugby player with "camel nose"
    I'm itching to get going again. The elbow is absolute murder and I've had to limit things to running, squats, crunches and so forth.

    I'm not able to post vids, which rules out anything on the music thread - which is just as well.

    Take care, Ned.
  11. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Not been doing much training of any kind the last three weeks or so - been a bit burned out physically and mentally by the combined demands of overseeing the final completion of our home renovations , my own latest work project (just finished) and the effects of some nasty cold (got told off for calling it flu ! :rolleyes:) which left me with a rattling chest and zero energy.

    Good news is the process of moving back in has now begun and we can all see light at the end of the tunnel.
    Now looking to get my training back on track,although having checked after this latest period of inactivity I found that my body fat (12%) and weight
    (10st 7lbs) are what I'd consider to be near my optimum based on previous times of peak fitness :confused:

    Been missing running so enjoyed first in about 3 weeks ; 3m cross country -mix of intensity with some hill climbs mixed in

    bar complex 25 kg (+bar) rpt x 3
    squat x 5
    clean/press x5
    bent over row x 5

    d'bells 6kg complex x 5
    standing flies x 3
    chest flies x 3
    hammer curls x 3

    skipping 10 mins

    exercise complex x 3
    squats x 10
    leg raises x 10
    tuck jumps x 10
    press ups(variations) x 10
    crunches x 10

    side planks 1 min each ,front plank 1min 30

    core/joint rotations
    ba duan jin

    Looking forward to getting back to regular classes starting with boxing tomorrow and training back in my shed with hanging bag and other creature comforts of home !
  12. ned

    ned Valued Member

    sunday ; am session at boxing club , 3min rds,30 secs break
    3x skipping
    3x shadowbox
    4x on bags,rotating
    1min break
    2x pad sparring
    2x holding pads
    2x on bags

    exercise circuit ; variations of leg raises,press ups,crunches,squats,planks)
    floor stretches to finish

    today ; run with little dog 2m,short sprint to finish

    squat 1x5 x15/25
    2x5 x35
    clean and press 1x5 x15
    2x5 x25
    bent over row 1x5 x15/25/35
    deadlift 3x5 x45

    db's 6kg each
    chest flies 3x5
    standing flies 3x5
    hammer curls 3x5

    later taiji class ; beautiful evening,trained outside -warm up,stretches,kicks
    qi gongs,silk reeling,short forms, lao joia,
    moving push hands drills,
    straight sword forms
  13. ned

    ned Valued Member

    last week - thurs ; 3m cross country , mix of hill climbs,sprints,varied pace

    circuit x3 ; squat ,leg raise,tuck jump,press up,star jump x10 each

    complex x3 (bar +25kg)
    back squat,clean/press,bent over row,ft.squat,d'lift x5 each

    single db (10kg) oh ext 3x10
    single arm row 1x50 (each arm)
    oh press 3x10 ( " " )

    rotations/stretches , ba duan jin

    sat ; 3m run as thurs , taiji stuff (pau chui , sword forms)

    today ; am session at boxing club
    3x skipping
    3x shadowbox
    6x on bags ,in rotation
    3x pad sparring
    3x holding pads

    circuit x2 ; burpee
    tuck jump
    press up
    dorsal raise
    sit up
    star jump
    leg raise
    squat thrust x 10 each

    evening; run , straight 2.5m , short sprint to finish
  14. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Did you finish moving back to your house?

    Notice you've started boxing again -
  15. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Had'nt really stopped boxing , just had a month of near zero training at all while trying to finish the house off(also had a nasty bug for a week or at same time as trying to finish another work project).
    We've already started moving stuff in but there's still a few snags for the builders to finish before we can finally get back in for good . My dad came over and had a look at his new annexe for the first time yesterday - seemed to like it all
    but it will undoubtedly be a bit of an upheaval for him leaving his home of near 40 yrs.Kids are desperate to get back home as is my wife,none of us realised the strain it would put on us all when we moved out a year ago -luckily we're a tight family , now it's onwards and upwards. Like you mate , I'm still living in the aftermath (2 yrs ago almost to the day) of my mum"s death and feel the effects every day.At least now I dwell on positive memories of her and make the most of having my pa around. It's also made me less concerned with things which I may have worried about before , get on with what really matters and squeeze the most out of life as my kids grow up and I inch closer to a half century :eek::)
  16. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    It's gonna be a rough transition for him, even in the best of circumstances. My mother's family, her da and all, moved so much when she were a child it made the Travelling pavees seem perpetually fixed by comparison - her the same way but she became uncharacteristically attached to her little residence after she grew old - it was very difficult for her to make the adjustment when she couldn't fend for herself any longer.

    40yrs in a house is - Its a lifetime for him. All his memories ... well, you already know :) Having a tight-family bond as you have had undoubtedly left you all the more patient.

    Ja, the 50 mark. Err...not impressed with it so far.

    Ya know, I've always wanted to meet Bernard Hopkins. Now there seems to be a fellow who does 50 proper, like. ;)
  17. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Intermittent training over the last week or so due to long hours at work and preparing house for our return .
    Fingers crossed an issue with the boiler has now been resolved and we can finally move back in.

    Last Tuesday , run with dog 2m , later taiji class( pau chui applications , moving ph drills )

    Friday ; run 3m , rotations/stretches , ba duan jin

    Sunday ; boxing club am session (3 min rds)
    3x skip
    3x shadowbox
    1min break,gloves on
    5x bagwork , various
    2x pad sparring
    2x holding pads
    3x skip

    Floor exercises to finish ; abs stuff , mainly crunch/leg raise variations. Floor stretches , concentrating on back.

    Late evening run with dog ,3m .

    Yesterday ; run 2m ,

    Bar + 25kg, complex x3
    Squat 2x5 (pause between)
    Clean/press 1x5(pause for 5secs at top)
    Bent over row 2x5 (pause between)

    D'lift 3x5 x45

    6kg dB's complex x3
    Standing flies x5
    Chest flies x5
    Hammer curls x5

    10kg single dB
    Oh ext.(double handed) 3x10
    Oh press(each arm) 2x10
    Single arm row. 1x50

    Core rotations , ba duan jin ,taiji short form

    Today;had to miss taiji class whilst getting boiler sorted out :bang: but should be back training in my shed with bag,pull up bars etc. by the weekend. :)
  18. ned

    ned Valued Member

    No laptop at the moment so quick update on phone. Finally moved back home - still lots to sort out but great to be back where we belong.

    Last week went to kf class on Thursday(mainly striking/padwork, light sparring) but not much else due to
    moving .
    Saturday ;my older dog insisted on coming on my run as well(nowadays she's normally content with pottering in the garden) so I kept it shorter ,1.5m with intervals so she could catch up ; press ups/leg raises/tuck jumps/crunches/squats x10 each , 7 reps.

    Sunday ; no boxing - club relocating to new bigger premises over weekend.
    Run with little dog , 3.5m straight

    Bar complex 20 kg x3 reps
    Back squat 2x5
    Clean/press x5
    Curl x5
    Ft squat 2x5
    Bent over row x5
    Pull/chin ups 4/4 , 2/2

    Yesterday ; walk dogs ,later taiji class( short forms ,
    lao joia , sword forms ).
  19. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Glad you're back home mate - I hope everything is going smoothly! Still able to get your workouts in though, where there's a will there's a way...
  20. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Not bad! Havin' your old dog doing press ups and squats. [​IMG]



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