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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by ned, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. ned

    ned Valued Member

    3mins skipping
    5mins on bag(gloves-jabs/crosses then just hooks/bodyshots)
    3mins skipping
    5mins on bag(no gloves,strikes/conditioning-rolling back fists,,ridge arms ,open/heel palms,turning elbows,sunfists)
    3mins skipping

    30x squats,leg raises;press ups(fists),twisting crunches
    side planks 90secs each side,ft.plank 90 secs(cont..)

    Back squat(kgs,not inc weight of bar)
    2x5 x10
    1x5 x20/24/30
    3x5 x41

    0h press
    2x5 x10
    1x5 x20
    3x5 x24

    2x5 x10
    1x5 x20/24/30
    3x5 x35

    1x5 x10
    1x5 x20/24
    3x5 x30
  2. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Early morning session at boxing club;
    (3min rounds on bell with 30 secs break)

    4x skipping
    1min break
    4x shadowbox
    1min break
    4x on bags,rotating
    1min break

    3x padwork in ring with main coach.Tightened up my jab(fully turned over,snapping it out and back to guard),elbow position to guard body(dropping shoulders and maintaining cover to head)and stance(slightly narrower).
    Mainly combinations of basics; single/double jabs,right cross,lean back on back foot(to avoid counter)right cross again

    2x on bags(30 secs striking then 10x burpees,squats etc. repeating)
    1x on bags(10 secs all out,5 sec breather, repeating)

    killer ab workout- variations on crunches and leg raises(hold out,cross legs,circles,cycling etc.)

    Later 2m run with dog,still relatively clear and bright evening-no cloud and moon just past full,no need for headtorch.
  3. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Another week of long hours at work,but managed to get to my regular kung fu and taiji classes. Otherwise just walking the dogs.
    Yesterday trained with my daughter as all our usual respective weekend training partners were busy or injured;
    warm up/core rotations,wall stretches,ba duan jin,
    kf forms,dragon taiji form,kicks on hanging bag,chen straight sword.

    Today,did another morning session at the boxing gym. Pretty much had the place(and the coach)to myself. Usual format

    3x rounds skipping
    1 min break
    3x rounds shadowboxing(in ring, using all the space)
    1 min break

    4x rounds on bags ,rotating
    2x rounds on floor to ceiling ball(getting better,learning to jab/control with the left and set up the right,using footwork to change angle of attack)
    2x rounds on bags(big push at the end,all out)

    no padwork this week unfortunately as he had a shoulder injury

    circuit x2 (no breaks)

    burpees x10
    crunches x10
    tuck jumps x 10
    sit ups x10
    press ups x10
    star jumps x10
    squats x10
    dorsal raises x10
    leg raises x10
    squat thrusts x10

    ab roller,sets of 10 x2

    later, 3m run with dog,sprint last 50m. Enjoyed it,nice to be able to get out;been working long days this last week and frosts have made running in the dark,even with a headtorch, a bit dicey !

    Pretty pleased with my cardio overall,feeling like I've reversed what was a bit of a slump a couple of months ago.

    back squats(kg, + bar)
    2x5 x10
    1x5 x24
    3x5 x45

    oh press
    2x5 x10
    3x5 x24
    2x5 x10
    1x5 x24
    3x5 x37

    pendelay row
    3x5 x51(limit of my weights set-perhaps 60kg inc. bar :thinking:. Need to get some more plates after xmas.)
  4. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Nice...nice. Good work, man.
  5. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Not much to log,been a busy week again-usual taiji/kf classes and dog walking.
    Managed to get off work early friday;

    run with dogs
    squats 3x10
    leg raises 3x10
    press ups 3x10
    tuck jumps 3x10
    crunches 3x10

    5 mins skipping
    5 mins on bag(no gloves,strikes/conditioning-rolling back hand,ridge hand
    open/heel palm,turning elbows,sunfist)
    5 mins skipping
    5 mins on bag(gloves on,just working jab,cross and combinations)
    5 mins skipping( 15 secs sprint/high knees,15 secs normal/relaxed,rpt)
    kicks on bag,each leg,low to high
    turning 3x10
    hook 3x10
    side 3x10
    ft push 3x10
    thai 3x10

    pull ups x6
    chin ups 2x3(felt tired,bit of a struggle these today)
  6. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Early session at boxing club;3min rounds,30secs break,on bell

    3x skipping
    1min break,gloves on
    8x on various bags,rotating
    1min break
    2x padwork -building up from jabs,singles/doubles,adding right cross,left/right hook, duck counter then rising right cross,
    lower body either side singles/doubles,upper cuts.
    Partner trying to find openings to force me to maintain guard and cover to body.
    They increase the tempo through the rounds so by the end you should be
    gassing .I'd like to have done another round on the pads but in truth I was pretty all out by that stage.

    circuit x5
    20 secs each,on bell
    press ups
    dorsal raises
    sit ups

    press up then pull up on rings x1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1
    (slow progress by the end, carried on despite a few incomplete pull ups :rolleyes:)

    10mins skipping

    Later,evening run with younger dog, 3m cross country.

    Had a moment of excitement as we came over the brow of a hill and disturbed half a dozen deer grazing on the field-little dog took after them but responded pretty quick to my call and I avoided my own "fenton" moment,not that there was a soul around to witness it.
  7. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    That happened to us yesterday, but two not a half dozen deer. There's no way our lad's gonna catch them, but he certainly tries. I think the deer are more bemused than frightened.

    "Fenton" moment?
  8. ned

    ned Valued Member

  9. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Been trying to keep active to counterbalance the inevitable overindulgence.
    Christmas day took middle and youngest daughters to try out their new longboards at the local bowl and had the place to ourselves.
    Boxing day I was fishing all day-pretty chilly but no wind to speak of luckily,must have walked about 4m.My brother caught 3 chub to 3lb,I blanked but just enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.
    Today took the little dog out for a run,still very muddy,soft going underfoot

    circuit,no pauses x3
    squat x10
    press up x10
    leg raises x10
    tuck jump x10
    crunches x10

    oh press 2x5 x10
    3x5 x24

    clean 2x5 x10
    3x5 x32

    ft. squat 2x5 x10
    3x5 x39

    bk.squat 2x5 x10
    3x5 x45

    core/joint rotations, light stretches

    ba duan jin
    taiji stuff (silk reeling, lao joia, pau chui)
  10. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Happy new year to all those who make the effort to take a look at my log, so to speak !!

    Went back to work for the few days between Xmas and new year(got to keep the coffers topped up ready for the taxman's demand at the end of january :mad:)so did'nt do much else,just making the most of the time with the familly.

    This year I'll be carrying on with my regular taiji,kf and more recent boxing training and will be entering both fixed and moving ph competitions in the spring which gives me a goal to work towards.
    Today,start as I mean to carry on,fitting in what I can when I can.

    Run,with dog, 4m ,cross country,no intervals

    ohp 2x5 x10
    2x5 x24
    1x5 x25

    back squat
    2x5 x10
    3x5 x45

    pendelay row
    3x5 x51

    standing flies 5x3 x6
    chest flies 3x5 x6
    hammer curls 3x5 x6
    oh ext(two handed)
    3x10 x10
    single arm row(each arm)
    1x50 x10

    3mins skipping
    2mins shadowbox
    repeat x3

    core/joint rotations

    taiji; lao joia, pau chui
  11. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

  12. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Yesterday;my kids were out with friends so I enjoyed the last of the afternoon sun with a solitary(for a nice 45 mins) skate at the bowl,later ran 2m.
    Today;walk the dogs then

    ohp 2x5 x15
    3x5 x25

    clean 2x5 x15
    3x5 x35

    squat 2x5 x15
    3x5 x45

    oh ext(two handed) 3x10 x12
    single(each) arm row 1x50 x12

    hammer curls,standing/chest flies x5 each,3 reps

    taiji; ba duan jin, lao joia
  13. ned

    ned Valued Member

    pull ups x3,chins ups x2

    5 mins skipping

    5 mins on heavy bag,conditioning/strikes,no gloves;backfist,open palm,ridge arm turning elbows,heel palm,sunfist

    10 mins skipping

    pull ups x3,chin ups x2

    kicks,on heavy bag,each leg,low,mid-section,head;
    turning x30
    hook x30
    thai x30
    side x30
    front x30

    pull ups x3,chin ups x3

    squats,leg raises,press ups,tuck jumps,crunches x10 , 3 reps.
  14. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Not much home training going on this week due to work/familly stuff,just back to regular tc/kf classes and restart at boxing club tomorrow.

    Bit of progress on my dummy-finished the arms,still got leg left to make but that's the trickiest bit done.I'm planning on getting a steel base plate made by a mate(a blacksmith's son)so I can have it fixed to a post in the garden or a moveable stand in my shed.

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  15. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Ha! I scanned past that a bit too fast and initially wondered why someone had stuck a couple of sausages into a yule log :eek:.

    Silliness aside, that looks pretty cool. Have you had a chance to try it out yet?
  16. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Not yet,it's still a work in progress.I have yet to make the leg(which is positioned 14'' below the middle arm so you can't see the mortice hole in this pic), cut the pole to length and mount it,as described.
    I'll be having some one to one sessions with my sifu to start learning the dummy form as soon as I get it finished,which gives me an incentive to get on with it !
  17. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    First glance reminded me of an obstacle hedgehog - or an ancient fertility shrine.

    Nice work, Ned. BTW, didn't you post pictures sometime back of a rack that you were making?
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2015
  18. ned

    ned Valued Member

    Thanks mate, I think I wrote about planning to build a squat rack a while back (same time I posted a pic of the dummy when I first morticed the arm holes in the body).

    That plan has yet to see the light of day(for now,since I only lift relatively light weights,I load my squats off a pair of trestles,far from ideal I know :eek:)but hope to get round to it when we move back to our house(and my shed)
    - work is well underway with alterations so my dad,my familly and me can all move back in together,hopefully in early april.
  19. ned

    ned Valued Member

    am session at boxing club,3 min rounds,30 secs breaks

    4x rounds skipping
    2x rounds shadowboxing

    1min break

    8x rounds on bags,rotating
    4x rounds padwork with partner(2 each holding pads)

    1min break

    circuit x5

    jumping lunges x10
    press ups x10
    sit ups x10
    diamond press ups x10
    dorsal raises x10
  20. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Notice a difference between am boxing session and pm as far as people and your own performance? I tend to do better in the am sessions - maybe it the sunlight.

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