Neck muscles & hook wrist question

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by edudley, Oct 28, 2010.

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    As some of you know i am on my 5th class of Muay Thai and this past Tuesday we had drills that had us going from a left cover to a clinch.

    As the feeder for the instructor she asked me to resist a bit for her, which makes sense, don't want some limp noodle helping you out. So, I wake up this morning thinking I slept on my neck wrong. So, I am stretching it out and put my chin to my chest and OI I realize it is neck muscles i haven't used in prolly 37 years.

    Any ideas on exercises to stretch it out or should I work on clinching again as the feeder :)

    On to my next question.

    When I do my left hook into the focus pad even with hand wraps on now I am still semi tweakin my wrist. With gloves on it is hard for the instructors to pinpoint if I am coming in wrong or not. Obviously, the hook is coming in off the flat line horizontal to the mitt.

    Should I practice on the bag and just work the technique several thousand times?

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    I never liked stretching my neck, but I do like loosening it up with some easy exercises. Nod yes and no as far as you comfortably can for 10-20 reps, then look over each shoulder 10-20 times. That's always helped me. Once it gets stronger, that'll help too. For strengthening I just use a wall and a pillow and do some isometrics for about 5-10 sec for all four directions and at different angles, doesn't take long at all and it helps a lot.
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    There are neck exercises you can do, but just practicing clinching will sort it out after a while.

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