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Discussion in 'Women's Self Defence' started by Judderman, Feb 4, 2004.

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    Listen to the idiot. Offer to try it on him.

    Certainly. In any kind of muay thai match, in a clinch it is almost always the fighter with a superior clinching position who lands more and better shots. This is because a superior clinch ties up the opponents arms and puts him off balance so he can't knee.

    A kneck clinch, for instance, pulls the opponents head down, allowing you to knee his face and drop down elbows. The opponent is however unable to fire any strikes back, considering he is way too bent over to knee anything and can neither reach nor see your face.

    If someone could post some pictures i'd much appreciate it.

    Thus attempting to knee or elbow your way out of an INFERIOR clinching position (which a back bearhug is) is a foolish idea.
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    Oh, forgot.

    In the first picture:
    The "grappler" (more like a student pretending to be a grappler) is shuffling towards the defender sideways, like a crab. The attack doesn't even REMOTELY resemble a single or double leg takedown. Second, the defender is standing straight up, which means an easy takedown. He should be sprawling.

    In the second:
    It could take days to dissect the sheer astonishing level of pendejidad in that "anti grappling stance" but the ones that come immediately to mind are:
    You are wide open to being kicked, punched, kneed, etc.
    One of your legs is far forward, making for a very easy single leg takedown.
    You are crouching on the ground in an elaborate pose.
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    I have seen Muay Thai in Thailand, so I understand a little about what you are saying. Whereas I would agree slightly with your premise, I would have to say that elbows can be employed in a rear bearhug, although not as a singular attack, especially if the overarm version is employed.

    I think you have to be careful when transferring sportive/full contact premises into the realm of the street. I would agree that they are sometime a close approximation, but do not replicate the real thing. If you disagree, then please enlighten me. As for the reasoning behind the grappling techniques, I'm afraid that I do not have enough understanding of grappling or enough background information too comment properly. Thank you for pointing it out though.

    I must also point out that at no time did ICT claim how to employ elbows and knees in any given situation. All that he did claim is that he would use elbows and knees to particular areas.

    I wish you two would quit acting like a couple of school kids and actually talk about your differences instead of issuing macho challenges. Thank you.

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    Oh yea, I studied Muay Thai before I studied Silat so now I have a little more respect for you! If you study Muay Thai then why all the BS about grappling and my anti-grappling? It is just (1) aspect of what I teach out of many, including grappling.

    No but you sure implied it! Why bring up my anti-grappling or all the other grappling you have on this message.

    I am now done with this tangent and will move onto other post.

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
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    Perhaps some experimental evidence is needed? I offer up Dan Severn VS Anthony Maccias. Macias attempts several elbows from a back clinch and is brutally suplexed on his head,TWICE, for his efforts.


    But seriously, if you can do it on a resisting opponent you can do it on a resisting opponent (that is, in a streetfight).

    A vale tudo fight, while not exactly the same thing is pretty damn close.

    But the challenge match is an ancient martial tradition!
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    Because your anti grappling will not stop a competent grappler.

    Oh no you're not! [Scorpion]Get over here![/Scorpion]

    If you know a lot about grappling, then how many submission grappling tournaments have you won? And who are these grapplers who supposedly study under you?
  7. ICT

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    No there is no difference in in the technique I teach women or men but there might be some differences as how I teach women to apply them.

    I also only brought up the women thing since this is a womens self-defense topic category.

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
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    Been resting the lasty couple of days and now I see this post is off in different directions. you asked about women's natural weapons, Every senario is different, but let me ask you this, have you ever been heeled by a pair of stileto heels? Have you ever been hit with a 2 inch stubby heel? Feels like a hammer. One thing for a woman is not to go down, That's why you use eyes and temples as targets, they work standing or lying most of them time. You never want to take on an attacker unless you have to. Every situation is different. If they got a knife, chances are you will get cut. But try to keep as much distance between you and the weapon. Never reach for the blade. Don't rip off your shirt like in the movies. Try to manuver to make an escape. If you have to block, use the outer not the inner part of your arm. Less veins. Once you made your escape head for the nearest safe place. Make lots of noise to attract attention if you have to bang on doors. Now a days they'll call the police before they look out. Stay out of dark lonely places. You should try to avoid being attacked. But if it's to be.....sometimes no matter how aware or in what is percieved to be a safe area it happens.
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    Gentlemen, I'm not a moderator on this thread, but if you don't chill just a bit, I'll close it down. Making your point is one thing, but don't go too far Okay?
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    Psst, Hey ICT, you still haven't answered my questions:

    1) If you're so good at grappling, why haven't you won any grappling tournaments

    2) Who are these grapplers that supposedly train under you?

    Not to take anything away from your "antigrappling". That guy had a truly rocking mullet.
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    This isn't a ****ing contest between forums - if it becomes one you can kiss your MAP membership goodbye - again.
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    Okok, Merely 0WNED.
  14. Reiki

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    some great points there!

    I definitely agree about not wanting to go to ground with a male attacker.

    I do a fair bit of BJJ style grappling and although I am pretty good as a female goes for grappling and am strong and good at getting chokes and other lovelies on, I know having worked with many larger men that I do not have the physical strenght in my body to be able to be able to fight off someone much larger and very determined for a very long time. If I can get in quickly and dominate the fight at the very beginning then i have a small chance, if not then I have to be able to finish it some other way or I am truly in the cr@p.

    what about teeth & head butts as other useful weapons in close fighting?

    Personally I want that mother as far away from me as I can keep him. If I have to use my feet or a pool cue or a broom up his butt or whatever, I am going to do it before I let him anywhere within grasping range.

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