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    Wednesday 30.6.

    Online Taiji
    After merging two groups, there were only 6 students there today. The in person classes are running simultaneously, so not that many people are coming anymore. Some of who do are those who are from afar and can't be present (like a friend and fellow student) who is from the distant part of Slovakia - meaning some 8 hours by car... I would say for people like him the online classes are awesome.

    I arrived late because the electronics and computers just don't like me. I probably missed going through the whole form and some talk. Then we spent the class practicing the last three moves we learned and added one more. They are not too easy, I'd say and I can't do them well, yet. But some of the parts I had trouble with were explained again today, which helped, but mostly I just need more practice to keep myself balanced and find the flow in those moves, which I find quite hard, too.
    Not very demanding, not so many kcal burnt (around 300, I think?)
    I will have to practice. Next week we have national holiday on Monday and Tuesday and there is a four-day Taiji seminar I am going and looking forward to. It is mostly for practicing the first 14 forms, but that doesn't mean I won't be able to practice these new forms at all. If there is no more advanced group, I will try to find some time to practice them by myself, to familiarize myself with them.
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    Friday 2.7.

    Taiji seminar

    The time has finally come for a four day Taiji seminar organized at the teacher's home/school. I was really looking forward to it. It was supposed to be a seminar for those who know and practice wither the first 5 or 14 forms especially. I just learned the 36th, but couldn't make it to the next term and I thought practicing the basics never hurts. In the end there were 4/5 of us who know up to what I know so we formed a separate group and got to practice the latest forms I knew a lot. The teacher said it is maybe the hardest sequence of Lao Jia Yi Lu and I can totally see how that can be true.
    On Friday we all arrived for dinner. There were people coming and going throughout the few days, but there were usually between 11-14 of us.
    After dinner we started with a first short traininig. It laster an hour and was about silk reeling, 5 firms to 4 directions and also 14 forms, plus some corrections. I burned around 470 kcal.
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    Saturday 3.7.

    Taiji seminar
    I went through my form once and did a bit of stretching in the morning.
    I was asked to do the warm up today - standing meditation, silk reeling and 5 forms to 4 directions - 30 mins before breakfast.

    After breakfast we were split into 3 groups. Our group spent the day going through forms 15-25 basically one by one with the teacher correcting us and us practicing to get rid of the mistakes.
    Time: 2:59
    Max HR: 151
    Average HR: 107
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 985
    Cardio load: 118 (very high)

    After lunch we had free time till 3 pm and then continued with the same. After I made sure to stretch properly.
    Time: 1:58
    Max HR: 123
    Average HR: 98
    Training benefit: Recovery training
    Kcal: 514
    Cardio load: 57 (medium)

    After breakfast we made a bonfire and the teacher read us a few Shaolin stories/fairy tales from a, well, probably a kids book, which is a good pastime here.
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    Sunday 4.7.

    Taiji seminar
    I again got up only slightly earlier to go through my forms slowly and stretch. Legs were slightly sore, so I thought stretching would help.
    The teacher led the warm-up - silk reeling.

    After breakfast we split ino the same groups as yesterday, today we worked on the forms starting with the 26th. Mostly kicks therefore. I learned many details. Some were a bit hard to do. Generally this passage is just harder to do.
    Time: 2:42
    Max HR: 160
    Average HR: 126
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 1142
    Cardio load: 183 (very high)

    I relaxed a bit after lunch. Then we first practiced the kicks again and the teacher had a general talk, then we tried the basic exercise of push hands (Tui shou). There is usally a specific class dedicated to it, but it clashed with my karate trainings and is generally meant for the more advanced students, so the only time I tried this was a year ago at the same seminar, very briefly and once more during instructor class, though it was more about application of one pull, not really with explaining how to di this type of exercise. We made pairs and tried pushing in a circle toward our partner's head and parner pushed toward our side, a bit lower. It is rather similar to a type of push hands (kakie) I know from karate. Although now there was more emmphasis on some type of movements, like opening and closing hands, correct posture, etc. while not exerting much force. My partner struggled with this and I tried to guide her a bit, though as I wasn't sure how much it is or isn't like kakie, I didn't want to correct her too much. The teacher went around and tried the exercise with every single person. So when he moved, I changed partners until I paired up with the teacher for a bit. He reminded me to push in the right direction and to not pull away myself, which I tended to do, instead wait for his pull until I can feel it in my heel, then guide his hand back. Obviously trying with the teacher brought me more insight. I then paired with the instructor, who was also present, who also corrected me and urged me not to push too much. I got to practice nicely with this instructor as well and think I got the basic understanding.
    Later when the teacher left, he encouraged the people to ask the instrucotr or practice with her if they have questions, so a few people swarmed her and I went away to give the opportunity to others. At the same time, one guy approached me to ask if I could help him figure it out. So I practiced with him for quite some time, ended up explaining the exercise I just... well, barely learned, but he looked pleased, he couldn't get it right with his partner and did the exact opposite of some movements.

    Didn't wear my watch for the push hands.
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    Monday 5.7.

    Taiji seminar
    Again 1x form and stretching. Legs hurt a littel yesterday, today they are much better. There are people around barely able to climb the stairs now. I am happy I didn't underestimate the stretching! Anyway, they said the third day would be the worst, so after the silk reeling and 5 forms (again, I got the warm-up today) we did some work on the forms and then the teacher talked for a bit about his experience visiting martial schools in China some 20 years ago. Very interesting, and funny talk.
    In the beginning the teacher was teaching about the spring force and how to find it. I have never gotten such a detailed explanation on it before and never tried like this, motion by motions, finding the right position. We did this for the 5 forms/motions, I think I more or less found the right feeling in the main postures, which was nice. But achieving this for the whole form would be difficult, especially the kicking part.
    In the afternoon we continued practising the last part fo the form - the kicking sequence. The teacher showed us how to do the, well, squat before some of the kicks in a way to let the momentum flow nad not stop and return in the same trajectory. We had to spend quite some time figuring out the hip movement, including the senior instructor, whom the teacher worked the most with on this.
    I think I managed to figure out the correct trajectory, more or less, and it feels like this may really be nice when trying to keep the flow going. But it will still take quite some training to get it looking natural.
    In the evening, the teacher was showing us videos from his and others' training in China from 20 years ago he was talking about. He's been visiting china regularly since then, but today we stopped at the older videos with his teacher correctiong their forms. A nice evening, the videos were quite inspiring.
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    Tuesday 6.7.

    Taiji seminar
    My morning solo form and stretching, then I again led the warm-up. After breakfast for the main morning session we split into our groups. It was hot outside so we tried to find a shade to practice in. We worked on the same forms as the last two days, with the teacher always coming by and always pointing out different things. We got some corrections for the non-kicking forms - High Patting on Horse and Protect-the-heart Fist. For the latter we were shown another verion of the forms with different breathing that makes the stepping nicer, but in general was harder and also took some time to figure out. Not sure if I'll be using this version as it doesn't feel as natural for the later part of the movement and I think this isn't how most people go about this form in the school, so it would be harder to do that when practicing with a group. I will try to learn this harder version forst, though, then see.
    Then we were still working some more on the kicks while drinking tea.

    After lunch we started earlier today - 2 pm as the seminar was to officially end at 4 pm.
    It wasn't much of a training anymore, but each group came up and performed the part of the form they've been working on with the teacher giving individual corrections or more like pointing the direction each person should work on to improve. As expected I was told to keep my back straight, but also firm. I tend to lose some of the, well, let's say energy coming from the legs up to the hands somewhere along the way. Also my hip movements are too big, which I have already heard a few times, but haven't really had the right opportunity to properly work on that. But shortening and sharpening the movemnts along with keeping my back straight and firm would probably help me improve quite a bit. It is, however, something that definitely can't be done overnight.
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    Wednesday 8.7.

    Online Taiji
    We skipped meditation and silk reeling today, went straight to going through the whole form up to where we know it to. The teacher handed the screen over to me so thatif someone doesn't remember, they can copy. And if I didn't want to do that on the mirror side (which I definitely didn't), I did it facing the other way - away from the camera as if I was standing in front of people. Some movements in the form repeat and as I was suddenly doing them to different directions, one time I nearly skipped a few movements as I thought I was already further. Luckily I realised that just as I started shifting weight in the wrong direction and hopefully it wasn't noticed.
    The original plan for this class was to review the last form and a turn that we only did briefly, but seeing as there were probably only two of us who haven't learned any more than this and I just spent four days practicing up to here, we move straight onto the next form. It was a rather long one and we learned all of it, step by step throughout the class. First legs, then arms added, then a few details corrected and practiced for a while so that we remember and can practice on our own. Next class, next form.
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    Thursday 8.7.

    Normally I didn't have time to attend Thusday classes as they collide with karate (which doesn't happen in July and August) and for the past month and a half I was driving Sett to the hospital for regular checkups (which doesn't happen anymore, either, as his surgeon os on vacation). And so today, I was free and decided to go for a training. There are two groups practicing from 7 pm today - one group practicing up to the 25th form, and the more advanced one is at 39th or possibly further. Seeing how I just learned 38th yesterday, I chose to join the less advanced group. We all started together, though, with meditation and silk reeling. The Thursday classes are taught by the second teacher, who doesn't use me for warm-ups (not sure if he knows I was being trained as an instructor, likely not) and asked another, senior student/instructor? Therefore I found myself a comfortable place in the back corner and tried to focus on keeping my back straight, firm and not moving my hips too much. I went at it slowly and enjoyed myself, not having to worry about anyone else etc.
    After that we went through the form up to the 25th movement. Then we practiced mostly from the 15th to 25th, sometimes stopping at some particular motions and practicing them. I also practiced lower stances, while keeping my back straigh and was given a couple corrections - though simple ones - just adjusting a foot or a hand direction by a small bit.

    This marks the 7th day of Taiji trainings in a row! There will be no tommorrow, though, except perhaps for a short solo training at home to revies the 38th movement.
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    Sunday 11.7.

    Didn't do anything in the past two days.
    Today in the afternoon I was finally able to get the first Covid vaccine shot. It was in the national vaccinating centre newly organized in the largest arena we have. Neatly organized with 6 minutes per person, soldiers helping navigate people. There were several tables giving the shots. I came, answered a few questions, got the shot and was sent outside to sit down and wait for 15 mins along with probably a couple hundred people, soldiers and medics going around and checking if everyone was feeling alright, quite diligently. I felt the spot where I got the shot and had a feeling of getting the tiniest bit dizzy, but that was probably just from the feeling of the needle. When 15 mins was up, I got up and left. When I could remove the mask outside and drink a bit of water, any sign of dizziness went away and I felt pretty good since. Arm didn't hurt, not feeling sick, just great.

    There is a recomendation of not doing much activity for the next couple of days, but online Taiji where we ofte also talk really isn't that much activity, so no problem going there, right?

    Online Taiji - instructors
    Today there were only two of us - me and a senior instructor who has just been on the seminar as well. Therefore we practiced the kicking sequence again, agian getting several new corrections. Then we also went a few times threw the newest for I learned last Wedensday (and didn't practice at all, luckily I didn't forget). I got corrections for this one as well. The teacher then also talked about some theory and such, he planned to talk about some organization stuff as well, but since there were only the two of us, it will be left for next time.

    Slightly over 200 kcal burnt,average HR 101, max 138, so really a relaxed training.
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    Monday 12.7.

    The spot where I got the shot hurt a little, otherwise I was feeling perfectly ok, so I decided to go to Taiji in the evening.

    Together with a friend we led the warm up. The friend also just got her vaccine a day before me, but wasn't feeling too well, despite sleeping for half a day, so I took the iniciative a bit more.
    Then we went through the first 5 forms, then all 14 this group learns. As for the rest of the class, we were working on the sequence of Walking Obliquely, Brushing knees, and stepping forward three steps. My friend - also an instructor in training was closer to the front of the class, so she was put there and I was able to practice in peace in the back. At one time I needed to step byck in order not to bump into the person in front of me whom I kept approaching and as I got up from the stance and moved, I realised the teacher, whom I thought went away, was standing just behind me and I jumped in fright. Literally. He was just about to give me a correction...

    After this class, there was a meditation class in a different room, so I was planning to use the empty gym to get some solo practice, but ended up chatting with the friend. Before I realised, it was 45 mins, so I told her we can talk along the way for I wasn't going to practice anymore. Then we got stuck chatting with the receptionist and again with the friend along the way to my bike and I ended up returning home at 9:30 pm...
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    Tuesday 13.7.

    Morning class. I didn't get much sleep today and it took me a while to get up and arrived just on time when the class was starting. I saw everyone was already in wuji stance, meditating, so I thought about quietly going to the back and joining in. Tuesday morning classes are always helped with one of the senior instructors, so I am always looking forward to just picking a corner somewhere in the back, also considering most of the people (well, all of them) were much more advanced then me. As I was approaching the terrace where everyone was, I met the teacher along the way who asked me to do the warm-up. I thought the usual instructor was going to be there, but he wasn't. T-T ...traitor.

    So while coming late, I had to walk in front of everyone and started instructing on the silk reeling (I just feel so awkward doing this). I had better at least not come late next time...
    After the warm up we moved inside into the larger gym with the teacher taking over. He motioned for me to stand to the side, so I stepped forward. Not sure if the intention was for me to again be in the front once we turn left in the form and stay facing that way for quite a while, or assume my practie spot near the second smaller mirror, but I ended up being in front of everyone doing my best to practice at the same speed at the teacher, who was behind me. THe goal was to go through the whole form and I, as the only one present who didn't know it, would stop in the middle and do my stuff. I took my spot and practiced. The teacher worked with the group and only came to me later, gave a correction, and when he came next time, still 15 mins before the end of the class, he quickly showed me the next form we're going to learn tommorrow in the onling class and let me practice, occassionally stopping by to correct my movements. There is a tricky spot I couldn't figure out how to turn there, but the teacher explained later.
    A nice class, before learning the new form, I was practicing my kicks and actually had an average HR for today's class at 140 bpm, despite going slowly.
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    Tuesday 13.7.

    As a Christmas gift I gave my mom a voucher for borrowing an e-bike for three days. I really want her to do something at least apporximating sports, so I tried this tactics this time. She finally went for it. I took a couple of days off work so I can go for a ride with my parents.
    After the Covid shot I was told to rest for two days, but I really don't even feel my shoulder anymore and despite sleeping for only 5 hours today, I really feel good.
    Bike ride
    We tried one of our usual routes today. It was quite hot, with a wind just strong enough to provide some coolness, but not strong enough to hinder us, and no rain luckily. My parents thought it unnecessary to bring a backpack and asked me why I would bring one, thinking stuff like a face mask and extra water etc. useless. Sure enough, 10 km in and my dad started complaining about a headache and started looking to buy something more to drink. Around noon in a work day, all the tiny shops around the way were closed, so the only placce was a large supermarket along the way. My dad hopped off the bike to go in, when he realized he did not bring a respirater - therefore can't go in. So I was sent in to get drinks for everyone. They were nice and refreshing, so we drink some. When we were about to put away, oh no, my parents realized they do not have backpacks and therefore nowhere to put the bottles in. So where could they possibly go? Of course, my backpack. Seriously....
    The ride was great, though, it was my first ater a few months. My mom hasn't ridden a bike for years, with the exception of trying out mine last September. Although she had an e-bike, she was incredibly slow. For the first part, I rode about 13 km/h, but still had to stop and wait for her at every other turn. Not sure how she did that.... She then sped up a little bit, luckily, so we rode for a relaxed 42 km. My lgs felt ok, but my butt and wrists hurt. Next trip tommorrow. My mom started changing her mind about how she should use thses three days and ride as much as possible, but upon returning completely changed her mind and was saying something about a shorter distance tommorrow. We didn't tell her we are planning a 70 km ride... We'll see if we go through with it....

    Slatina, Lítožnice
    Time: 2:53 (breaks not included)
    Distance: 42.67 km
    Average speed: 14,7 km/h
    Ascent: 170 m
    Descent: 145 m
    Max speed: 39,9 km/h
    Max HR: 165
    Average HR: 133
    Training benefit: Steady State training+
    Kcal: 1380
    Fat burn: 43%
    Cardio load: 235 (Very high)
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    Wednesday 14.7.

    Bike ride II
    In the end, my mom was protesting too much when we told her we planned a 55km trip (it was actually 70 km, but my dad wasn't enough to tell her) :D, so we shortened it to 50 km and only told her it's shortened by 15-20 km. The trip was nice, we still kept a very relaxed pace. I didn't feel to rush today. We stopped for a lunch and an ice cream, the paths were nice so my parents were generally praising the route I found. I got a little lost at the end, but that was already back in the city and we knew our way. Due to this, probably, we rode for 55km in the end.
    My legs never hurt throughout the two days, but sitting on the saddle today was... awful. It hurt sooo much!
    My parents would ride the next day as well, I was back to work. In the end, for the three days, they covered 160 km, so I think my mom got to test the bike well.

    Time: 3:59 (breaks not included)
    Distance: 55,63 km
    Average speed: 13,9 km/h
    Ascent: 280 m
    Descent: 290 m
    Max speed: 42,4 km/h
    Max HR: 162
    Average HR: 128
    Training benefit: Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 1680
    Fat burn: 48%
    Cardio load: 282 (Very high)

    4030 kcal burnt today (4365 yesteday). Recovery status: Very strained.
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    Wednesday 14.7.

    When we got bakc from the ride, I didn't have time to rest. Went to buy milk to prepare pancakes for us and Sett's colleague who visited in order to finish some work with Sett. When I finished cooking and quickly ate some, it was time for:
    Online Taiji
    I arrived late by 5 mins. Except for me, there was only one other guy with a camera and two ladies without, therefore they are generally not interacted with (mike also switched off). The guy probably just finished showing what he can do and was getting correction. We did no silk reeling today, either and we straight to practicing the newwer forms and got some corrections, too. Then we practiced the one we learned last time and the teacher showed us a new one (well he showed me yesterday already, but I didn't have time to practice till now). After practicing these two movements for some time, keeping my weight largely on one leg, it hurt quite a bit. So I had to shaake it out and stretch it in between reps. 385 kcal burnt.
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    Thursday 15.7.

    Went to a class with the second teacher. After silk reeling with the senior student we went through the first 25 forms(movements once) and then split into two groups. The 25 moves one and the more advanced. The more advanced is closer to where I am, but I wasn't sure how much more they did or didn't knew, so I stayed with the 25 moves group. When I sneaked a glance at the others, it did seem they are 1-3 moves ahead of me, probably, so it was a good decision. We worked on the moves 15-25. My legs felt strong today and when the teacher mentione we should focus on doing good stances, keeping our posture right and trying to do the stances low, I did. I tried to do them all properly, thoguh, lest the teacher come and tells me to keep them higher, which makes me feel like I am just trying to show off with stances low if I can't keep the posture properly. But I really felt good exercising the legs today. I need to get them as relaxed as possible in low stances and stretch my hips, etc. The teacher went around checking the postures a couple of times, but luckily I only got reminded to keep pushing my knee out. I usually try not to forget, but I lost focus on that for a bit and didn't push it hard enough, so I adjusted.
    It must be the bike rides, I felt stronger today and really felt like doing some exercise after the class that just warmed me up!

    Unfortunately, the largest IOGKF online seminar coming this weekend won't be happenning for me. I postponed the registration until a few days prior just to make sure there won't be any problems (like after the vaccination and such), and only then did I find out it has to be done through out chief instructor. I asked sensei, but he only checked into it the next day as he was on a holiday, and by that time, I discovered the registration was over :( I was pretty sad about this, also considering I refused to go to the taiji seminar this weekend because of this and I was looking forward to some karate finally. Sensei isn't in perfect health yet and other senseis aren't good enough in English and a few people I'd guess would want to participate probably aren't, wither, since no one has asked sensei about this before me. Ah, such a pity!
    I was feeling a bit down about not looking to register sooner. I thought about going to the Taiji seminar instead, in the end, there is one more spot. But I would have to leave work too early without much prior notice, would have to postpone some chores till next week and I wasn't sure it I wanted to go. I decided to go for only Saturday, if the weather forecast looks ok, but for now it shows it should be raining all day. So I guess I won't be going there, either.
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    Sunday 18.7.

    In the past two days I only briefly went through the taiji form once or twice in the morning. Missed the karate seminar, didn't go to the taiji one because of the supposed rain that didn't really come. Had a relaxed weekend in the end. I was planning to do some strenght, probably a kettlebell workout at least. In the end, Sett is starting to move around a little 9 weeks after the surgery and he decided to try a not that hard workout he had prepared some time ago to do with a friend, so I ended up joining him.
    Home workout
    3 rounds of 3 sets of 4 exercises, each exercise for 30 secs, then 30 secs break, 90 sec break in between rounds.
    After that we did each exercise once for 20 secs with a 10 sec break. I didn't go full power at it. My abdomen and hands have gotten weaker over the past maybe two and half months of not really exercising them. Lags, on the other hand, have gotten stronger, more muscly due to Taiji. Although still I am not used to some exercises, so my legs did get tired too. I stretched afterwards, achieving what could barely be counted as a full split! (finally!) Although, well, it is just barely. But Taiji is definitely getting me more flexible for some reason. I've been stuck a few cm from the full split for several years now.

    45 mins of exercising (stratching not included), 323 kcal. A nice, not particularly hard workout. Sett got much more tired. But that was to be expected. It is actually great he was able to get through the whole thing. Hopefully he'll be able to move around more soon :)
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    Monday 19.7.

    A friend beginning intructor and I led the warm-up. The teacher came and made fun of the friend, that as she just spent the weekend at the seminar, she had too much motivation and at the previous class her warm-up took 30 mins out of the 1 hour class. He made fun of how everyone was eyeing the clock and masaging hteir legs, while she was peacefully silk reeling without stop :D So I was given the task of leading it and how many times to turn etc. :D
    Turned out we finished the warm-up at 7:23, but we started late...
    Then we went through the five forms to 4 directions and 14 forms. THe rest of the class was spent practicing Stepping Forward Three Steps. A fairly tricky move I struggle with and I was happy we got to spend some itme with it.

    When there was the next meditation class outside, I stayed int he gym, looking to practice a bit more. But I first cahtted with the friend and there was also the teacher's young son demanding attention, so it took a while before I started practicing. And it didn't take long, the meditation class later moved back in, so I left.
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    Tuesday 20.7.

    Morning Taji
    The senior instructor did arrive today (hoooray!), so I did my silk reeling in the back, nicely relaxed. There weren't too many people there today. Usually it is a group of advanced students and me... Today there were only two advanced, me, and two who knew less then me (each at a different stage, though). After practicing the 5 foms, the teacher kept the two "beginners" outside and asked the instructor to take the two advanced and me inside and teach us. We started with the whole form with me and the instructor stopping in the middle till where I knew it. The intructor asked me what I wanted to practice and if I had any questions etc. I asked if he could help me with the last two forms we learned and asked about a few things I wasn't too sure about. The instructor was very nice, explained, gave me some tips and then left to work with the advanced students, while I practiced what I was taguht. The instructor stopped by once more and then I also went through the kicks sequence a couple of times.

    Today I thought I was able to do lower stances with a bit more ease. I can also feel my muscles get more relaxed - well, not that they don't hurt - but relaxed as opposed to tense while practicing.

    Also last time at the Taiji seminar at the beginning of July, a friend talked about how she does the intermittent fasting and how great it is, the theory behind it and how she lost 9 kg in three months. I thought it might be cool to try, I do want to lose some weight, but I thought I couldn't bear going hungry. However, at the seminar I ate so much that I felt I won't need to eat for maybe a week then, which kind of made me start fasting the next day. I looked up what types of fasting there were and went for the 16 hour fast, 8 hour eat. Meaning I basically started skipping breakfasts (an occassionally dinners if I returned home later), eating usually between 1 and 9 pm. Suprisingly I got used to it rather fast. ANd it took only a few days for my partner to start the same regime, too. Tommorrow it will be two weeks. While I didn't lose much weight, maybe 1 kg, I do feel slimmer at some places. Also I love how this is a kind of diet where I don't really hold back on what I eat. Like I don't keep away from sweets or crisps, and eat normally, just in a certain timeframe. I will see how it goes when I keep at it for longer.
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    Wednesday 21.7.

    Online Taiji
    The group where I learn new forms currently. Today we again skipped the silk reeling. I had some trouble with the video, audio, then my tablet switched off for some reason, but when I restarted it, everything started working well. We went through the whole form, but before I started all the technique, by the corner of the eye, I saw a movement outside in our flower bed. It was something not too big and brown-grey and furry, so I thought a rat made its way here. But a second later, I noticed a pair of long ears. It turned out to be a super cute baby hare. There are hares around here, often seen running around the fence, but still, we are in the middle of the city, though just by a forrest and I never expected to find a baby hare in our yard! I've never seen one from such a close distance. I urged Sett to graba camera and I returned to training, not to disturb the tiny little thing unnecessarily.
    We went through the whole form, then the later part of it and spent the whole class practicing the two newest forms again. I got a few tips and a few corrections.
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    Thursday 22.7.

    The Taiji teacher who teaches Thursdays is away this week. I heard some time ago that a friend - the senior instructor will be teaching the evening classes in his stead. Since I don't have karate throughout summer and can attend these classes, I was planning to make it there today no matter what to try out a class with this instructor. It might be fun. It seemed there would be nothing to prevent me from doing so. Until yesterday. At the end of the online class the teacher asked me if I was planning to go or could go to today's morning class. It is the same class I attend on Tuesday, except today normally it is with the second teacher and the first teacher probably supposed I was going there, too. As the regular teacher is away, though, I was told the class was going to be taught by the receptionist, who is also an instructor, but I think probably isnt very active when it comes to practicing or at least teaching lately. And that she could probably use some help. Well, sure. I promised to come, but dared not think about how much help would be needed.

    Morning Taiji
    So the receptionist greeted me with: "Hi, so I'm told your coming to help me, right?". Sure. She decided she'd like to od the warm-up -the silk reeling herself, but there is probably one woman who is less advanced than the rest, so she would probably form another group.
    We did the silk reeling which took maybe 25 mins. Then we were going to go through the form everyone together. With the exception of the lady, who knew 14 forms, and me, who knows maybe half, everyone else was fairly advanced, so we agreed that the two of us would stop at 14 forms and go to the side and work on that.
    It was my first time teaching today. Not the whole class, but the first time actually having to lead a group through the main part of the class. Even though that "group" only consisted of one person, hahaha :D I tried to look confident enough and I think I managed, but the lady was still kind of kind to me. We went through all the forms first, then focused on the second portion - 6th to 14th. I was going to give her a couple of tips and hoped she'd give me a hint of what she struggles with or what movements she'd like to focus on. I gae her my tips and she asked about one movement there, which I did my best to explain and we practiced that for some time again and again. Then we went through all the 14 form again adn when I was going to give her a couple more tips that might be helpful, I didn't realize the class was just ending at theis point and the lady said her goodbyes. I stayed behind to go through the form once myself quickly and went home.

    I will see if I can actually do my work fast today and perhaps make it to the planned evening class still :)
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