My side kick needs improvement

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Labatt, May 7, 2003.

  1. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    It sux!

    Ok Ok, it's not bad at all, infact it's better than alot of people, but especially my left leg(im right handed) I find it hard to get it up there and extend with out my muscles tightening up and a weird sensation of pain.

    Now what I just described in the above would be lack of flexibility. I need to improve my side kick, make it better than perfect!

    Let's brain storm.
  2. Trent Tiemeyer

    Trent Tiemeyer Valued Member

    Okay. How is your chamber? Hold on to something for balance and throw some SLOW side kicks. Really exaggerate the chamber, try to lock out the kick for a split second at full extension, and retract the kick slowly, keeping your chamber tight. Really try to strengthen the hip flexors and buttocks. Make sure you roll that hip over. After your technique is down, increase the speed.
  3. totalkayos

    totalkayos Valued Member

    so i chambering just cocking the leg back? or with a side kick bending the knee and bring it up to you?
  4. LilBunnyRabbit

    LilBunnyRabbit Old One

    Bringing the knee up to you is generally a better chamber, also try not to lock out the knee as you kick, locking out limbs as you do techniques is generally a bad idea, as it slows down your recovery back to an offensive position, as well as causing damage to you when done with force.

    Also, how high are you trying to kick?
  5. Helm

    Helm New Member

    The thing i did that really helped was just extending my leg in a side kick and holding it for as long as i could, starting by holding it for about 10 secs and everyday i could hold it a little bit longer.
    You dont really need to hold it there for any longer than 20 secs or so, but just do it everyday and you'll see your sidekicks improve real fast. I did it everyday for about a month and i definately saw very good improvement.
  6. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    .... that "weird sensation of pain" may be hip flexor pain.... kinda "burns".
    You need to build up the strength in this area. Practising your side kicks in the drills that have been suggested may be just enough to help out in this area.

    As far as pivoting and "chambering" ... you can try this drill.

    Stand in place and bring one leg off the ground until the upper leg is parallel with the floor. Do a 1/2 speed front snap
    kick and keep the leg cocked. Turn your hips and knee so that you are in position for a side kick at the same level. Side kick,
    rechamber, and pivot back to the front kick position. Repeat. Do not allow your upper leg to dip or raise, keep it parallel with the
    floor. Keep your hands up guarding your face. This drill will improve both balance and leg endurance.
  7. Labatt

    Labatt New Member

    Actually, most of the stuff you suggested, i've done. I'll be doing what you said. See what happens in a few weeks.
  8. Helm

    Helm New Member

    After you held up your legs in a sidekick you might wanna just stretch your legs in a box-split fashion (toes pointing forwards), helps stop the burning in the hip flexors feels kinda nice too :D
  9. jakmak52

    jakmak52 New Member

    I find that positioning your striking leg horizontily to the floor, cocking the the leg in a fold. then snapping the foot/heel outward with your toes slightly pointing towards the floor, and your support foot facing behind you in a pivot, then refolding.
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  10. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    Hey jakmak52 ... how's it going. Long time no hear from!

    Welcome to MAP ... stop by
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  11. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    Doh! Not another damned KF reject :D
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    jakmak52 New Member

    Kickchick!! How are you my's NAPMA treating you..of course you know Kathy Marlor and John Graden, they trained me down here in St. Petersburg!! Later Gater.

  13. jakmak52

    jakmak52 New Member

    Ah, Jedi should know so well LOL

    Your Jedi tricks don't work on me !!!!

    Good to hear from you YODA..

  14. YODA

    YODA The Woofing Admin Supporter

    LOL! Good to see you here mate - welcome to MAP :D
  15. jakmak52

    jakmak52 New Member

    Thanks for the warm return welcome, Mr. YODA ...
  16. PsiCop

    PsiCop Antonio gets the women...

    Okay, back on topic. I think the burning sensation may be because of imbalance. Some people I see will try and keep their body straight up while doing a side kick. I imagine that would create a lot of pain. Make sure that you're bending your body over when you extend your kick. How far you bend it depends on how high the kick is.
  17. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    (I am doing much better here on MAP! :D)

    anyway, Labatt... how goes that side kick??? Any better??

    You did say you are right-handed... so the left I am assuming is your "weaker" less dominant side. I remember reading something in one of Kurz's books... (He has all the answers IMO!!;) ).... so I checked did find a link.
    .... go all the way down and check out the horsetance exercises. He does refer to "high" sidekicks but I found this particular exercise really strengthened my hip flexors and enabled me to really extend and hold that leg out for my sidekicks for a good amount of time.

    "If the outside of your hips hurts when you do high side kicks you need to learn how to tilt your pelvis while you kick. The same forward tilt of the pelvis that helps to do a side split will let you raise your leg higher to the side because the reason for the pain and limitation in the sideways movement in both side kicks and in the side split is the same."
  18. kchenault

    kchenault Valued Member

    Kurz rocks! His stuff will help immensely if you have the time and will power to do it his way. I can't do a split, but I can kick cold above my head.
  19. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    Or jsut stop doing the SK, simple solution! :D
  20. jakmak52

    jakmak52 New Member

    Good support there....

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