My Jhong Law Horn, anyone?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by eggman, Feb 16, 2007.

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    Don't worry too much about the belts, they're a relatively new thing in kungfu schools. Hard work and improving what you can are most important :) There's some more athletic things you'll probably never be able to do, but there's other basics that you'll probably develop better due to having a more mature mind and patience than the young kids, and having a lot of potential strength from your size ;) That's the great thing about these kind of systems, there's enough there that you can adapt to your particular body type.
  2. Taijiman

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    Someone who's 5' 8" 155 lbs with the flexibility of youth might end up with a prettier form, but I guarantee with your size and with some hard work you'll have some serious hitting power ;)
  3. eggman

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    Passed white sash test


    Today my wife and I passed our White sash test in MJLH. I even participated in point-sparring (lost 2-1) and broke a board with my hand! There were other classmates testing for higher belts and it was a real eye-opener.
    One student suffered a serious bloody nose trying to stay on his feet against 3 attackers! He had to hold his nose almost constantly afterward to contain the bleeding. On my board breaking (not mandatory, but I volunteered as there was a single board remaining), I failed on the first strike, because I hit it off center. Hurt my hand alot. Second strike broke it cleanly!
    As for that Horse stance, I'm ashamed, because I stayed too high and passed anyway; the Sifus went easy on me. After my 90 seconds were up, I was only moderately fatigued as far as my Quads were concerned. I could've gone lower. :eek:
    My wife and I are excited about continuing our "journey" together. Thanks for all the encouragement.

    PS: My wife drew a single round point-sparring match against a teen-aged girl one third her age! It's a shame my wife couldn't have sparred against MY opponant! :rolleyes:
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  4. TheMightyMcClaw

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    You're story is quite inspiring. It shows that martial arts doesn't have to be something you start when you're young. It also sounds like a great way for you and your wife to spend time together.
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    Kinda off topic, but it may or may not help.. when you start getting that burn in your thighs from the 'happy stance' as my sifu sometimes called it.. try thinking about something pleasant... Not the immense burning thats about to topple you over. Getting past that discomfort was 90% mental and 10% physical for me. Everyones different, but suggestions sometimes work ya know? :)
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    Also sounds funny but if it hurts, sit lower... haha. :D It actually works, till you can't get any lower.
  7. ShaolinJackal

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    My Jong Law Horn (Myzongyi)

    Would anyone happen to know if there are any MJLH schools in the Philadelphia area? Or, the East U.S. Coast at all?
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    Eggman! I studied under Sifu Jimbo 20 years ago on Kings Highway. I just reunited with him and will start driving from monroe to shreveport on saturdays your excitment is how I feel. I will meet you soon I'm sure. I turned 40 recently and have a knee injury, so we will see how it goes. With our history, Im not so sure how easy he will take it on me, but having your ass handed to you by sifu is an honor.
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    Right after my wife obtained her TKD black belt, she went to Johnny Lee's school. It made her TKD friends mad at her big time. She 1st learned from Johnny Lee. When Johnny left and went to Florida, his wife took over. later on Jimbo took over that school. If you asked Jombo, he should still remember my wife Robin.
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    I hear ya, My Wife is a 2nd degree recommended in TKD, only because there is no kung fu school here in monroe. I tried to take TKD, but it's not kung fu. I respect it, it's just not my style. Both my sons 11 and 12 are black belts in TKD. I would like them to see some traditional kung fu.
  11. YouKnowWho

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    I took this clip from Johnny Lee's MJLH brother in Dallas tournament. That was back in 1973, 40 years ago.

  12. Late for dinner

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    Alex Kwok of MJLH used to be a regular fixture in the tournies in the Vancouver area back in the 70's...
    here's an old clip of him :

    [ame=""]Grandmaster Alex Kwok - 3 Section Staff (San Jie Gun 三截æ£) - YouTube[/ame]

    Always had a lot of flash, he was touted to act as Bruce Lee in a couple of films back then.

  13. YouKnowWho

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    I took that cliip from my 8mm camera and put it up on youtube myself too. It was in the same Karate tournament in Dallas for Bruce Lee's death that year. He did spar in that tournament. I like his side kick, side kick, turn back kick combo.
  14. eggman

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    Quick update..The wife and I dropped out of Kung Fu in late '07 for various reasons (business took up too much of our time and we felt that it was just too difficult trying to keep up with youngsters in their teens and 20s).
    7 years and 30 lbs later (!), I'd love to take Kung Fu (Mizong Law Horn) again, but can't afford the tuition anymore. Perhaps in 2014, after I retire some debt. Kung Fu is great for keeping in shape and having fun. I miss it. If you are thinking of dropping out of Kung Fu, think again!
  15. ETyre

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    Well, did you and the Mrs. get back to it?? Lol I was training in New Orleans with Sifu Mike up until 2005 (hurricane katrina ended that). He studied in Shreveport with Master Lee as well. I met up with him last weekend as we are both back in NOLA now. Felt good to train even for less than an hour before we got rained on. 16 years later and I’m 42 and trying to get back into it now but this time I get to bring my 13 yr old daughter. Really excited about it. Anyways, stumbled across your post while looking for videos on some forms to help me remember them before we get classes up and going again. Hopefully you were able to get back in. Hopefully, these old knees will hold up


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