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Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Stalkachu, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. JayKayD

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    How strange, i've never come across that. When i hear the term 'reverse triangle' i assume it means a triangle from behind, if you get what i mean. I'm pretty sure it means that too.
  2. Atharel

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    Yeah, the BJJ (lack of) naming convention strikes again.
  3. Stalkachu

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    Various points to address here, so in turn:

    Yes, he locked the triangle the other way, because that's a legit way to counter the triangle defense of not letting them pass your arm. It gives you an extra squeeze, and gives you another way of finishing. However, at risk of sounding arrogant, I have a really strong neck, and if a choke isn't on properly, I can usually resist it. And I'm pretty sure he didn't want the omoplata because in a competition, it's much more reliable to keep the triangle locked and just pull on the head. If nothing else, the neck crank might tap the guy. In this case, doing that probably gassed the guy enough to make me win. But hey, I'll take it. ^_^

    Reverse triangles can also include locking the triangle from under side control (when they put the arm between your legs) which I've done on a couple of my videos, as well as the inverse of that which is locking the triangle around the head and arm when on top of side control to lock them down whilst you go for the kimura/americana on the opposite arm. Also, from the back with the arm and the head is also a reverse triangle, whereas just on the neck is a mata leao with the legs. I think.

    In terms of how I feel I've improved since the first ones, you guys can probably see that there hasn't been any real change in style. I still pull half guard, I still use the same techniques I did back then, lockdown etcetera. Kimura from half-guard is still very much a go to move. But it's the additional options that make the change. Adding full guard/rubber guard and the omoplata game helps me to be much more dangerous from the half-guard, and expands my options. My triangles are a little better, but my game is still very tight and limited to a few things. I'm far far far from an all-rounder, and my top game is atrocious, but I get by by being very hard to submit. That's what experience gets you, most of all. The one other change is the brabo choke, which you don't see in many of the fights, but makes me more confident on top of side control. Since them coming to their knees instantly puts you in an attacking position.

    In short (ahem) though, adding one new thing a month and drilling the hell out of the old stuff with the new option is working very well for me at the moment. Gradual evoution. ^_^

    Take care,


    P.S. Howsabout your opinions?
  4. JayKayD

    JayKayD Meet my friend PAIN!

    Yeah, those you listed were generally what i considered to be 'reverse triangles', but i never actually realised it could mean a 'normal' triangle with the feet/legs in a reverse position. I might try and bodge one next class just to test it out.

    I think one weakness in your game is your standup. I certainly know the attraction of just jumping into half-guard, as when starting from knees against some of the massively bigger and/or better guys in my class i do exactly the same, but as a part time Judoka jumping into half-guard from standing just seems... wrong. I mean, you can't beat beginning 2-0 on top, especially if you've just thrown them hard so you've got a few moments of grace while they are still winded and trying to figure out what just happened.

    I feel like i should video my competitions so you can have a turn at criticising me, lol.

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