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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by texas doc, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. phillyc

    phillyc New Member

    Hi guys! I just posted in "intro and bios" thought i'd say "Hi" here since i'll be starting my Muay Thai training next week. I don't know for sure what exact style i'll be studying but I'll find out.

    I'm taking muay thai to help with my physical conditioning and mental focus. Also, it'll be nice to learn something totally different. As well as relieve stress from my hectic job schedule. I haven't decided whether I want to pursue any competive fighting yet.

    Can't wait to read everyone's experience with the kind of martials in this forum. :)

  2. Khun Kao

    Khun Kao Valued Member

    I have no problem posting my info for all to see, I've already done so on a million other boards....

    My name is Brooks Miller. My MuayThai ring name is "KhunKaoCharuad" which was given to me by my first Thai coach, Ajarn Kumron Vaitayanonta. It means "King of Rocket Knees". I've been training in MuayThai for 14 years now, and Boxing for 13 years. I have won 3 different MuayThai Championship Titles in 3 different weight classes. I am currently coaching a MuayThai team in Northern VA with another of my Thai coaches, Ajarn Bumrung Prawatsrichai, who won the Lumphinee Stadium title in 1968.
  3. <Muay-Thai-Boy>

    <Muay-Thai-Boy> New Member

    Hey, Ive been doing Muay Thai for 8 months now (3-4 times a week) and absolutely love it. I did boxing for three and a half years before that but started MT through my cousin who kicks my a** every time we spar :rolleyes:
  4. Ska-theory

    Ska-theory New Member

    I've been studying MT for a couple of months. My Kru has spent the last 7 years in Thailand where she was beaten round the abdomen with pads while she did sit-ups and as such is one jack-hard lady.
    I fell in love with Muay Thai after seeing Ong-Bak.
  5. MartialJac

    MartialJac Banned Banned

    I have been doing Muay Thai under Russ Williams for nearly 5 years now had quite a few fights, the last was against a Thai! Cross train in TKD and Jujitsu.
  6. davethekodiak

    davethekodiak Valued Member

    Sawadee krap,

    I started M.T. back in 98 at a place called Northwest Muay Thai in Tacoma Washington. I Trained under Kru Alberto Ramirez. From there I got stationed in Las Vegas where I promptly started training at Master Toddys camp. Then did two years in Georgia with no training ( not true, I did kick down a few dozen doors in Iraq :D ). Now I live in California where I have the good fortune of training at Mel Menors gym. I guess you can say im a product of M.Toddy.
  7. dragonslayer

    dragonslayer New Member

    Hi,names eric....i dont exactly train in muay thai cause i teach it to myself from books.i cross train with tkd an karate hopefully i can make my own style...
  8. MartialJac

    MartialJac Banned Banned

    High class goods then! My instructor (Russ Williams) was also a student of master Toddy.
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  9. pviddy

    pviddy New Member

    hi guys thought its time i wrote a post insted of just reading them.i train muay thai in derby and been doing so for about 4/5 years.i also train in jujitsu/mma but supose i can say thai is where my heart is.
  10. SUPERMAN .45

    SUPERMAN .45 New Member

    I started training in Muay Thai way back 1997, my instructor is a Filipino his name is Myles Vives he trained in fairtex Muay Thai in Thailand. I trained for almost 2 years and then I stop training for almost 4 years, now I'm back again training Muay Thai I cross train in grappling and FMA called YAW-YAN. I love Muay Thai it's easy to learn and effective in street fight. :)
  11. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan

    Philippine Team

    Greetings...Im also into Yaw-Yan and MuayThai.

    I train MuayThai once/twice a week at the Philippine MuayThai Central Gym in Ultra,Pasig City Philippines...under Kru Robert Valdez and Kru Billy Alumno


    One World-One MuayThai

    Picture below shows me (Rt) with Kru Billy Alumno -Head Coach,Philippine MuayThai Team (Left)

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  12. kickgirl

    kickgirl New Member

    Hi :eek:)

    I'm new to this forum so I thought I'd make my introduction. I started Muay Thai Back in 1998. I trained under Sakasem <----nuff said right there i think haha! I was a student of his for about 4 years then spent some time under his friend Maytee who he brought from Bankok. Since Sakasem has moved to Utah my best friend and I just practice independantly together cause he has an awesome set up at his home. We also try to go around to gyms and share what we know. -Oh and you can just call me kick!
  13. sportmuaythai

    sportmuaythai Valued Member

    KG your curriculum vitae is very impressive.
  14. kickgirl

    kickgirl New Member

    I absolutely love Sakasem and his family to death! Dear (his daughter) & I were always partners because we are the same size. I'm still depressed that they aren't in Indiana anymore! I'm attaching my Fav pic of him too :)
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  15. sportmuaythai

    sportmuaythai Valued Member

    KG, Nuengsiam Fairtex, my ex-trainer is a close friend of Sakasem, and he has moved to San Francisco. Fortunately, I live in Bangkok, so there are plenty of good trainers to train with. BTW I graduated from a college in the tri-state area north of FortWayne (Angola).
  16. kickgirl

    kickgirl New Member

    Hey that's cool that you have some midwest ties, I'm really feeling the void here without a quality teacher like Sem or Maytee around anymore. It seems like the biggest concentration of quality Thai boxing gyms are out west which sucks for me! But my friends and I do well with what we have. I try to catch fights on cable when i can but I have really cheap cable so i don't get to see them often on tv either. There is one gym in town boasting thai boxing lessons, I have half a mind to check it out to see if they are a joke or not. Their website fails to mention the names of ANY instructors which makes me suspicious
  17. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    kickgirl you know you can download TONNES of Muay Thai and K1 fights from If your internet connection is reasonable it would save you having to await for the slim pickings on TV.
  18. kickgirl

    kickgirl New Member

    You know that's such an excellent idea and now that I have my pc back up and running I will have to do that, thanks!
  19. wanlu99

    wanlu99 Yaw-Yan and MuayThai Fan


    Just want to post picture of Kru Billy Alumno...with Buakaw and Paul Slowinski and Runchai

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  20. Mattychops

    Mattychops New Member

    Hey. I've been training in Muay Thai for almost a year and hopefully have some fights coming in the coming months I would love to tell you all about when they happen. :)

    - Matt -

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