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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Thomas, Sep 1, 2012.

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    After 10 years of service, my old Moosoolsa black belt is starting to fray a bit. I decided to replace it through

    I ordered a black belt with 4 lines of custom embroidery (in Korean) from them and I sent them the Hangeul of how I wanted it written to their customer service department (not that I don't trust them). I paid through PayPal.

    They had lots of belt sizes available (from kids to XXXL and in 3 widths). Quality of the finished product is excellent (no hanging strings, etc.). The Moosoolsa belt is a soft cotton that feels already broken in and it hangs "just right" on me. My last one lasted a solid 10 years (with lots of sweat and washings) and could be worn much longer (except I don't like fraying belts).

    I sent the order in on a Sunday and the belt (from Korea) landed in my mailbox (in New York State, USA) on the next Thursday (unbelievably fast). Total cost for belt/embroidery/shipping was $43 USD. Highly recommended from a price, quality, and speed, and service perspective.

    On a past note, I have purchased uniforms from Moosoolsa before as well - they have a huge selection of various HKD (and others) uniforms. Price is comparative to US companies and the quality is exceptional. Their custom work is very good too - your new uniform will come with all the patches sewn on and everything.
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    Hi Thomas,

    Have you tried Sang Moo Sa out of Paramount California? I have been doing business with them for years, and when it comes to custom uniforms and belts I have found their work to be tip notch!

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