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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Shou Tu, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member


    I thought the other thread was great but you know it was getting to many questions about a school that has nothing to do with us.
    I hope we can all have a thread that as TS (THANKS FOR THE PROPS ON THE MEN AND WOMEN IN UNIFORM Im taking that one to heart) said to discuss training and assist other students when they have a problem with something. Thats the only reason why I did this one with our Schools name on it so people wouldnt get confused.

    Salute to you 8 for your insight to start the first one. which brought us all together.

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  2. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    well said eightfold and once i have written this as my final word on the subject this is all i will have in mind, and don't worry about "rumors" they only take away from clear thinking and training goals.
    brown flow no i didn't call him but i guess he thinks i did.

    listen folks i have to apologize for giving crapper the attention he isn't due (but the flush he was due) but i just couldn't let him get away with the "i'm the victim" stuff and let some people begin to believe in it without some attention drawn to his current level of instability. and without sounding like to much of the kid i used to be "he started it". seriously i just wanted to put right what wasn't so everyone could clear the air on him and he got carried away. i've done that it's over. onward, inward, upward, outward, and downward (block humor: i kill me....but i don't hate me)

    i won't even read from his thread now that i have seen exactly how his mind works. reading this dude! go ahead and blast away.
    just don't post here cause there's a whooosh waiting.

    alright nuff said. if only i had a silver bullet to leave behind.
  3. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    seriously though

    just a few questions to get my mind onto bigger and better things.

    what's your favorite technique?


    what happens if your opponent steps in with the opposite foot?

    see told you i was done.

    oh yeah and brownflow

    i have been a bad dummy, pardon the oxymoron (sp), and what usually helped me in realizing my lack of understanding was a little physical encouragement to fulfill my obligation to be a good bad guy (that sounds better than dummy). in other words my partner would give me a little uumph to help me react. not a lot but enough. don't do this on lower ranks (and never on white belts) of course.
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  4. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member


    Well said as we have all understood the frustrations coming from that area. And as well it was good to see someone finally take our thoughts and voice them.

    Block humor was funny, although my body aches since i didnt go as hard today as i wanted to. Its telling me i screwed myself by not. Feel free to post with us on current training or just all around BS ing. its a nice break to talk to others outside of our own studio on training ideas and techniques.


  5. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Re: seriously though

    Right now my favorite Tech would be, hmmmmmmm

    i have three, Attacking the Hun, Mantis and the Mongoose, The Cat.

    Attacking the Hun can be used offensively and defensively,
    M and M can be devistating as well as deceptive.
    The Cat is quick and to the point doesnt matter what foot they step in with.

    Really since you learn the techs on both sides at blue of course having to relearn priors on the other side in my opinion it wouldnt matter as long as your training with perfecting every move all the time your reaction would compesate for the opposite foot.


  6. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    three sky i just re-read your post and now you're my hero or my side kick or maybe i'm yours or...or...or... something.
  7. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member


    heres a compass follow the Grids on the paper it should lead you back to us(military Humor, Dont kick my ****) Salute. Dont know who animal guy is either but made our top ten list of posters on our side.

    top ten list hmmm no particular order.

    brown flow, 8 fold, TS, SSB, SSG, Shifu T, Shifu V, Maverick, Animal Guy, I KNOW I FORGOT SOMEONE.

    Man thats pretty funny there is only about 10 of us posting in here. and about 500 fellow students and Shifus that read it. LOL

  8. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    I was seriously joking (now you will pardon my oxymoron) 'bout the bitter thing, the first thread I started back in september has turned into a flame trap and thread for whiny cry baby p***ies. At first I thought it was kind of elitest to have a thread just for Shou Shu students but then I realized if people had questions about it they could just PM one of the Shifus or post on the original, salute to you for the initiative.
    When did we vote on the top ten? Glad I made it. How do you know a lot of Shifus and Students read it? Just curious.
    BTW I like the addition to your signature, profound and inspiring.

    Don't make me choose!
    But right now I just got promoted to low purple and my new fave is Trapping Wing!
    I love this one because I get nostalgic of my Judo days whenever I toss someone.
    If he steps in with the left just keep driving with the heel palm and trapped wing until he steps back with the right then cross step and finish.
    You always have to adapt to the techniques, not have the techniques adapt to you, if that makes sense.

    Digging the New Thread,
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    THREE SKY Valued Member

    Thanx, A.G. but you are still the #1 eliminator of much of the garbage that has plagued not only this forum, but others as well. Since I sense that you are a Shifu (no doubt in my mind), I am but your humble disciple and eager student, learning an art that we all love. It is character(as well as humor) such as yours that sets the MOORE'S family of Shfus apart. I always notice a "hint" of similarities in all the Shifus I have met The way they teach, the way they joke and the way they fight. This is part of the legacy that the late Da Shifu has left behind and as a student, I am honored to be able to be a part of this tradition.

    Now on to some techinal stuff. I have been studying Shou Shu now for about 8 mos. Almost ready to test for high purple. Because of my body type and age, I really had some training "ruts" and what I thought were physical limitations that not only prevented me from utilizing and turning my hips, but also
    I was executing some really crappy rear kicks, horse and bow stances (I still am, but its all getting better)

    I stretched my legs and focused on my hip flexors and still had the problem. One night last week at group, a Shifu who does not regularly teach group had commented on some of my inadequecies and I gave him my usual "excuses".

    One of the othe Shifus had told me that this Shifu was a c.hiropractor. After class, I introduced myself and explained what my training "hang ups" were regarding my hips and stance(s)posture. Shifu asked me if I stretched and was flexible. "Well yeah, I think I am" said I. He aske me to lay on my back and draw my knees up to my chest and proceeded to push sideways, one side and then the next. I felt muscles being stretched in my very lower back (lumbar) and I thought I was gonna cry (or die, or something wussy like that) Shifu looked at me and said "All you need to do is have someone help you do this stretch and you'll be fine". I stood up and it was almost as if I were standing on air. There was no pressure on my hips or lower back anymore.

    The next night I had my son help me with this stretch, and then it happened ....POP....POP...POP...POP! My spine aligned and it felt awesome!

    Now, my hips are getting more "fluid" in motion, my rear kicks are starting to look like rear kicks, and I can really crane my knee up much higher. The best part of all of this is that my back does not ache the next morning like it always has. My stances still look like crap, I think it's my feet. Gotta find out if any of our Shifus are podiatrists and get that fixed (just kidding, horse stance training needs improvement).

    My point is this, if you are in atraining rut, and you know you are pushing yourself above and beyond your physical limits, you need to go easy on yourself (mentally) cause in my case, I blamed my age (46) and body type and let it frustrate me.

    Thank you Shifu P. You have enabled me to put some "spring &"coil" into my Shou Shu!

    Peace. May the Beasts be with you!
  10. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Sweet very good advice TS, Thanks 8Fold, The top ten was just a joking statement to the fact that there are actually only about 10 maybe 15 persons posting from Moores.

    Off the work.

  11. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    My favorite move.... has to be trapping cobras... I have a new outlook on close contact fighting now.. the cobra material is so mind boggling, you are so close to the person... you can tell them what they ate for dinner when they are picking up their teeth on the floor....
    ol time favorites, thorn of darkness... attacking the bear, and dropping the cobra...
  12. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Be Jealous

    Hey guys last night DaShifu came into our studio! That guy is amazing. At the time I was teaching two white belts in a private lesson when he came in and I heard someone say "Give Dashifu Salute" and in my mind I was like "no freaking way." Quickly after he joined us behind the partition and helped me teach Rising Knee as well as help correct all the details from low to high orange in less than ten minutes! He possesses extremely charismatic and concise teaching style that I could only dream to achieve. I saw him do a demo move on Brown Flow later that night and the ferocity behind his powerful and quick strikes is..well striking to say the least. He taught us a lot about Shou Shu and the difference betweent that and other MA's. I have heard rumors about Sr. and Jr. having black belts in all kinds of martial arts but yesterday DaShifu Jr. actually confirmed that he attained a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do some time ago. Oh man, I can't get over how exciting it was to finally meet him and learn from him. He gave us all great details on the chops and strikes from Advancing Daggers and Rising Knee. I'm definately going to continue going everyday just on the off chance that DaShifu will surprise us all again. When he starts talking everyone stops what they're doing and listens, really listens. I almost didn't go yesterday if it weren't for my private lesson, I was beat. I'm really glad I did though!
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  13. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    oh, let me let you guys in on some funny shiznit!!!! last night da shifu came into the sacto studio to visit and go over some stuff with our shunshifu.
    he was walking around helping each of us out with whatever we might've been working on... my daughter was working on attacking the hun... I think (drop down, shift in with right punch, knee, chop neck in circular motion making him flip) get it?
    he was telling her that she was close to getting her arm caught up in the move when she was dropping (evading) the incoming punch.. so he used me as everyone watched.. he was explaining that if your arm gets caught up, the move changes to Shuyun (sp).. if it don't.. then keep going..
    well........................ he kept going.................... he dropped, shifted -through- me and out of no where.. his knee got me and I didn't realize we were doing the rest of the move.. (ha,ha,ha)
    even if I did know he was gonna finish with the knee,.. there was no way to ki it off.. he moved so fluid.. I never knew it was coming.. the wind was knocked out of me and I almost crapped on myself.. the entire class just sat in ahhhhh...
    everything was explained in my expression.. hee hee hee.. but it was an honor being the bad guy for such a talented and gifted practioner that we have all learned to love and carry the highest respect. He helped out with other moves .. oh my god, he also showed my daughter the correct way to fall and turn into a certain move in the low brown when your hair gets pulled back (fighting set #16). She had no clue it was a higher rank move but learned it last year when hair pulling came up one day about fights against girls... she was flowing on her (play) bad guy.. mind you she is only 14yrs old. and then gave us like a 30min seminar on how easy white-purple belts are to teach if you know how.. and thats the new deal.. he is going to teach how to teach more efficiently..
    it was such a great evening.


    THREE SKY Valued Member

    Hi 8,

    Yes, it is always great when you have a "surprise" visit from Da ShIfu. His knowledge and strong power of observation allows him to "fix" your stuff within minutes. I'm sure you have a whole new perspective on Rising Knee, Advancing Daggers and 5 Swords after seeing the "Up Close & Personal" way that these techs are truly meant to be applied. can you believe Da Shifu's speed & power? AWESOME!!!!!!
    He really knows how to work with a large group, even if it's all mixed ranks. There is something for everybody to glean from his
    knowledge. I am anxious to have him vist the Clovis school soon.

    Peace. May the Beasts be with you.
  15. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    I am saddened by this news, NO FAIR i havent gotten to meet Da' Shifu yet. Im taking my ball and going home.

    Kidding, i hope to have the same experience one day.

  16. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    Did you guys know that Moore's in Sacto is the biggest school?
    We have like over 170 students...
    We are an Army!

    Can you imagine if someone desired conflict with me or someone in my immediate family on the streets??? I'm a solid brown testing for my prep in 60days, my wife is a solid blue working on low green as well as my 14yr old and 11 yr old are low greens working on their high green...
    that is crazy when I think about it.. ha,ha,ha,ah,a,ah,a,ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahha (sinister voice)
  17. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    I know exactly what you mean Brown Flow. Moore's Shou Shu is a family, I never really believed that until my commrades came running out to help me out when I was getting jumped last saturday and the first ones on the scene were the three members I invited over from our studio. They were ages 20, 19, and 15 and one of them female- all displaying honor, courage, and loyalty. I've never felt part of something so strong and unified before in my life. I had friends whom I've known since kindegarten meander out after the hooplah died down. What's more is that I was able to fend them off using Shou Shu blocks, snap kicks, back knuckles, and even a wrist lock for several minutes (which seems like hours when you are surrounded by 15 or more guys) and WALK AWAY with a few cuts, bruises, and no damage to the face or vitals. This is the power Shou Shu gives us and I am ever grateful. I don't think I'll ever get over how well it worked out for me.
  18. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

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  19. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    alright guys, I'm heading out for the weekend. See you all at the Demos and group if you're coming tonight.
    Take Care,
  20. magichands

    magichands New Member

    Just wanted to say "hi" to all of my fellow moores practitionors. I have enjoyed all of you post and will be adding some of mine later.
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