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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Shou Tu, Jan 31, 2004.

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  1. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Now dont think i have lost my mind. This thread is intended for Moores Shou' Shu' practioners to discuss current events and training. As well as practitioners of other arts that want to ask questions or just talk with us. Topic is what the content should include.


  2. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    Is the other Shou Shu thread being abandoned then?
  3. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    I am hoping so it has become a thread of information for schools that arent related to Ours.
  4. Brad Ellin

    Brad Ellin Baba

    If you don't mind my asking, what is Shou Shu? Anything that you care to tell me would be appreciated, I had never heard of it before reading about it here.

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Shou' Shu' is manderin for Ways of the Beast or Ways of the Fighting Beast. It is an art based on the fighting principles of the following animals. Bear, Tiger, Mongoose, Mantis, Crane, Cobra, Dragon. It was taught to our Late Da' Shifu Al Moore Sr in China when he was sponsored by a family to go over and learn it.

    I will post more unless someone follows up with the rest of it before i get back from work.

  6. shoushuer

    shoushuer Banned Banned

    its a 7 style animal martial art taught thru tech.. like Kenpo. each animal fights its own way. from white belt to black belt you learn all of bear and a little bit about all the other animals. then for each degree of black, you learn a new animal, tiger for example, untill youve learned all seven. once you learn all seven, you learn how to use them to complement one another, thus having now weaknesses. Thats what a Da Shifu is.

    Shou Shu can only be studied in Ca, USA.
  7. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    too funny!!

    this guy is too funny for words, but i'll say them anyway.
    this is from sheng chi forum. i had said all i needed but have to reply to these hilarious statements since i know the thief reads this forum.

    "forgot there was a studio in burson" uuuhhhm, which studio were you in to begin with?

    i do not hate you and hatred doesn't live in me respect for my teacher does. When things that are said are not exactly accurate i feel i have to set them right. i do not hate you, there i said it again, and i realize you think you are doing the best thing although i do not. you keep scratchin the sore and exposing it like you did when you wrote this crap. oh yeah did i mention i don't hate you?

    "a call was made from this person calling himself animal guy..."
    called you? why in the world would i want to do that? to listen to the reasons as to why you did what i consider a real diservice to the art you teach.
    i never called you because i don't have anything to say to you. from my post you see how i feel about you. i don't hate you (again) i just have no time to beat a dead horse.
    but when people write things (as you did) that need to be addressed well... the toilet needed flushing.
    how did you know it was me? did i say hi i'm animal guy? geez someone put a restraining order out on me, please i am calling people and telling them that my name is animal guy. (sorry, i thought i would do a bit of monty python humor.)

    dude you need to chill out!!! this paranoia needs to be checked by a qualified physician.
    "used against you" if you think da shifu was going to give two degrees to any shifu that took you out what was da shifu gonna do for a web site, offer it high speed access if it took you out? relax.

    oooohm, ooooohm, c'mon say it with me. put a little fiber in your diet that should free up some tension.

    your events? were these sheng chi events or were they some kind of parade or festival? were they trying to ruin your business or build the studio in burson? dillusions are one of the things i said you had but i had no idea. truely i am sorry.

    da shifu is continuing what his father started now i can see that the business and the art was wasted on you because you had the intention to defraud sr. from the get go.
    what about people that steal? what happens to them?

    i am again sorry that your mind has wasted its valuable time figuring out something that isn't there (not that it is the first time). my strength is just fine without you and that's why i wouldn't waste my time calling you. always been that way? since when? "always" represents a very long time dude.

    the hatred thing is getting old, you are obsessed with hatred, do you have a lot of hatred is that the basis for your statements? you know like a spouse that has cheated on boyfriends before might belive that her spouse might be cheating on her.
    wilson wanted to take moore's students away from moore's. some of these students had been around a very long time. they had jumped ship by the tens and twenties because they didn't want to be away from the real deal. "crushed him"? you think it's the mafia or something? there was nothing to crush the students left him. "hopeful that he recovers well"? what happened to him? what does he have to recover from? he was fine the last time someone saw him which was right after he left.
    again it is not the mafia. the visalia thing is just too funny. you have no idea what is going on and that bugs you i am sure so you decide to put things on your site to make you look like you know your head from.. well you know. you just want someone to give you tidbits of info that you can twist, turn and or disregard if it doesn't further you goal of portraying the victim. rumors are all you hear so that is all you post, i get it. hey it's your site and your rules and yada yada. no hatred dude just honest, realism.

    you mean you don't know? oh that's right you jumped ship before getting to know the man you refer to as "evil" without getting to know him. again not knowing the truth but deciding to type anyway. speculation, rumor, stories, truth stretching, and whatever else you can do to make yourself look like a victim. whatever works for you, i guess.

    i appreciate the fact that you felt compelled to read my stuff but it was to set right that which was not. you're right that you do not know me because if you did i would probably have been arrested for writing things that made you think i was coming to kill you or your dog or your students, boil them all up and eat them in salute to the "evil" one. just guessing of course but with much literature to refer to as a basis. "grateful" so you can post my name on the sheng chi watch out for the animal guy list though i would be in great company.

    oh i am sure, as i said in the post you refer to, that he told you to break away and not be a part of the rest of the schools that you were a part of before he passed away. why didn't he tell you to break away before he passed in front of everyone? truth is harder to say when you don't have truth on your side.

    you dropped your testing fees? who said anything about that? again clip and tuck my post to make yourself out to be the victim.whoooosh!! (that was the toilet being flushed again)
    you know exactly what you are not paying for and say what you want i know that was and is a benefit you looked at when you brain stormed the idea of screwing over your teacher. double your prices? why should you do that when you got a raise from not paying what you should be paying for. you did not put in the time and energy that it took to mature the art, you have just taken in a greedy fashion. and you talk about history in your benefit, what about all those that take without paying back?what happens to them? isn't that stealing in most languages?

    again you only take what you think is relavent from my post and post on your forum, but what i wrote was that you didn't have the rank to test for black belt, which you don't. and when did you get your third? weren't you a second before dashifu sr. passed away? did someone else test you for your third?
    so are you teaching shou shu or sheng hun? you say that they are the same then start teaching his stuff because seriously you will be screwing with the students you say you are there to give da shifu sr.'s art to.
    a black belt test scenario:
    you--"mr. so and so are now a black belt, tested by da shifu shaeffer, in the art of shou shu."
    student--"but isn't shaeffer is a master of sheng hun?"
    you--"well yes he is."
    student--"so aren't i a black belt in sheng hun?"
    you--"well no because you see what i teach is shou shu as my instructor taught me but sheng hun is the same."
    student--"so i am a black belt in shou shu but i was awarded that by a master of sheng hun."
    you--"that's right."
    student--"can i just give it back because this is giving me a headache?"
    you--"no you must pass the art along to the next student."
    student--"which art?"
    exactly what my question would be. no hatred dude just asking.

    good for you in the training department but how can you say that your shou shu has gotten better? how do you know? are you being looked at by a shou shu practitioner above your rank? no you are being looked at by someone that teaches sheng hun. shouldn't you at least acknowledge that your sheng hun has progressed beyond what you had hoped for? but to say that your shou shu has progressed when you haven't been looked at by someone who is in shou shu cannot be accurate. no hatred dude just being honest.

    you sleep with a gun under your pillow? i'm glad you don't know me you might try to kill me or something.
    "anyone who reads this will know who got me"?????
    yeah and it's about time that those guys with the white coats give you another injection of prozac!!!
    who do you mean? da shifu? you have to be touched up stairs seriously. aren't you afraid that some of the parents of the children you teach are going to read this and sense the gears slipping just a little bit?

    you hosted camps???? so you ran everything and no one had to lift a finger to do anything right? someone pack my bags we are going on a f****n guilt trip. can you hear the whining in this or is it just me? you did all the demos after cooking the meals and serving them, manning the tables, and teaching every group along with being the host too? i mean if we are going to stretch lets go wild. you ran the school that was in front of the land the camps were on. you probably did more but host them? like people were there to see what you had to offer them. c'mon.
    what exactly was morally wrong? was it the child sacrifices? i'm kidding for anyone that might not have been to a camp. oh i know it was the fact that we teach people to effectively defend themselves that has morallity issues for you, but wait what do you do now that you are on your own? oh yeah you teach people to defend themselves. i didn't say effectively though since that might be immoral.

    this goes to show you that people are not stupid and can sense deceit. someone saying " told you so" in response to something should tell you that they were aware of something developing not the response to a plan succeeding.

    again i must suggest that maybe you were the one working under a guise and everyone really trying to be your friend. no hatred, honest.

    i have read your forum you don't hope this goes away because you keep letting things be said about what "moore's does"!
    you initiated this spanking with your lunacy and you'll do it again. the bible says that a dog always go back to his vomit. i didn't initiate this you did. all i did was set the record straight and any clever clip and paste of only things to help your cause won't change that. i don't think anyone in the orginazation thinks of you anymore because you are a lost cause. you have lost any respect you may have had with schools and students you would have known had you stayed with your teachers business.

    you can go ahead and blast me on your site with your artwork for whatever reason but any that read this will see the truth in it as they have in my earlier post. i do not hate you,(i had to say that again just in case you didn't get it the first ten or fifteen times in this post) i feel sorry for your current condition and hope you get well soon. oh yeah and i hope you find out what art you are currently teaching. i know da shifu sr. would not be happy that you have abandoned his art after 16 years for sheng hun. oh yeah did he tell you to start taking lessons from another da shifu before he passed away too?
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2004
  8. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    oh i forgot... i don't hate you, nor do i hate anyone at your school, i don't hate your wife, i don't hate shaeffer, and i don't hate anyone that you may say i hate on your forum. hatred doesn't fuel me, i am not fueled by hatred can i say that any other way? nah i think i have killed a horse and don't need to beat it anymore.
  9. animalguy

    animalguy Valued Member

    i don't hate horses either. well that's not true i hate sea horses cause i can't ride them.
  10. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    whats up with that guy, I went to his cheap website yesturday because I heard he was talking about us (shou shu) again... I couldn't believe the stuff he wrote... I was really bothered about the things he said about kids... that wasn't cool at all...
    How could he have the ballz to say those things.. I was livid!!!

    He is opening up a can of whoop azz with free re-fills.. maaan, I feel sorry for this guy!
  11. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Well put AG.

    I would have to say that posting names like he did is just dragging them into something they didnt want to have to be involved. now they are involved.

    Im all about my training and my training is going well.

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2004
  12. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    yeah, and the net is sooo wide spread.. you know those people he mentioned are well aware of it.
  13. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    speaking of shou shu, last night we were conversing about the importance of dummying (sp) correctly... if you have someone that doesn't react correctly, it can destroy your technique which can possibly translate to an azz whipping on the street.
    respect the strike! The strike is your friend!
  14. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Brown Flow,
    Would you please post a link to what he said about our school/kids?
  15. Black Armor

    Black Armor I want your centerline!

    he's speaking about the kids in burson I think.. but its just stupid what he says that moore's parents had their kids threatening these other kids about changing schools or some crap...

    So animalguy, you never called this guy like he said?
  16. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    Hmmm, I just read what Mr. Weaver wrote and I wanted to know what he meant by this because I could not figure it out...
    "I would have thought that hatred would be directed somewhere else by now. Shun shifu Wilson gave a nice shot at it when he took his studio, the Modesto studio, out of the Moore's system. But he hasn't made it yet, they crushed him with the tactics the used on me. I am hopeful that he recovers well. Where is Visalia? Did they give it a go. Who else is next? Townsend,you hanging in there, I've heard rumors."
    Shun Shifu Townsend is the Shun Shifu at our studio (brownflow, blackprep03, maverick, shifu tiger, shifu v) and I want to know what he meant by "I've heard rumors." Does he mean that our Shun Shifu would be the next to be allegedly scrutinized and villainized? This doesn't make sense to me, would someone please explain the "rumors?"
  17. shifu tiger

    shifu tiger enter my circle of death

    hey i'm lost! who is animal guy?????? what is is all this stuff about??
  18. Guerilla Fists

    Guerilla Fists New Member

    I've pmed him but he hasn't responded, at least I think I did, I know I pmed a lot of the newbie Shou Shu members to this board just to say hi and welcome them to our community but I am still waiting to hear back from animal guy...hint hint.
    Either way he seems like a cool guy, boistrous and outspoken, very knowledgable.
    I think he may be a shifu from what I infered from his post on the original, but apparently inferior shou shu thread...I'm not bitter ;) jk. Anyway, hopefully he will make his identity known to us by pm.
    The "stuff" is regarding a post he made on Mr. Weaver's message board and the response Mr. Weaver has posted. He alleges all sorts of crazy things like there being a two degree price on his head for anyone who "takes him out" and all sorts of paranoid allegations against the Moore's organization.
    Brown Flow posted a link to it near the bottom of the first page. I would say check it out but now that I've given thought to your intention of non-involvement I also think that's best. Really we should all only concern ourselves with those things that affect us insofar as our training and personal development is concerned.
  19. Shou Tu

    Shou Tu New Member

    Well guys im well on my way to relearning my material. got orange down and getting purple completed. my body is starting to react alot differently now. it actually feels like its auto responding to the changes in stances and alignment. Its almost like it remembers from the training before.

    My goal now is to test for Green by April.



    P.S. i guess i will have to change my name if that happens. Maybe Big Green Monster. LOL

    THREE SKY Valued Member

    Hey SSB, I'm with you. This all started because we just wanted some historical, fact based chronology to support some of the criticsim that was being directed at Shou Shu (in general).

    Whew, all this "tabloid" drama is not where we all were headed with these forums. I really do not care about anything that goes on outside of what I am involved with at MOORE'S KARATE. I just know that there has been banter and flack that we have responded to and this was mostly from other martial artists that don't even study Shou Shu.

    It was mostly these agitators that were slamming and bashing that "OTHER" school and it's presentation on what was being taught and the history and credibility of the curiculum.
    MOORE'S SHOU SHU students (not in the know) only wanted truthful historical representation and wanted to clarify that there was a DIFFERENCE between what "viewers" were seeing on the before mentioned school's site and how it was being mis-interpreted in flux with what is the TRUE MOORE'S FAMILY art.

    Now as far as slandering and defaming (by name) Da Shifu Al Moore II, Moore's Shun Shifus and Shifus, seems quite melodramatic, desperate and unprofessional to me. I do not know any of these people (except for Da Shifu, whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for!)
    whatever legal battles that are being engaged in, that's what lawyers are for. But to use a school's "PUBLIC" internet forum to propragate vendetta is not what we as students want to be involved in. Particularly a forum that is biased and CENSORS & EDITS submitted threads.Black listing people that aren't even engaged in these forums, where is that coming from? Sounds kind of commie to me. It's a free country isn't it? Well, that includes trolls also. FREEDOM OF SPEECH & EXPRESSION. That's what it's all about. Our uniformed men & women put their lives on the line everyday for these freedoms. Anonomy is also a right.

    Can we all get back to talking about Shou Shu history,anecdotes, techniques and training tips. If not, A.G. is gonna need Root-O-Rooter to help unclog all the sludge that is now over flowing into
    what is supposed to be a martial arts forum on this site (or "Shou Shu" forum on that OTHER school's site), not The National Enquirer.

    And hey, all you trolls out there (yeah you know who you are!) GET A LIFE, WILL YA? Or better yet, come sign up for some lessons (at a MOORE'S School of course) ,whether your first time or perhaps even a "welcome" back refresher will enlighten your perception and bring you back to the fun and excitement of the true art of Shou Shu, taught the way it was meant to be taught.

    Peace (TO ALL) May the Beasts be with you.
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