Matthysse vs Peterson

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Sandninjer, May 23, 2013.

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    Your thoughts?
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    Lucas has massive power. Solid fundementals, his entire family comes from boxing. His Father, sister, brother (I think) etc ALL box, so he's grown up with it. He has great technique which helps a lot with his punches as well. He is supposed to fight Garcia on 9/7 ... i'm betting Danny will want little to do with him as Danny in the last 3 rounds was lucky not to get put away by Judah. It was funny if you saw how Danny tried to look cool and hard when he saw the camera on him... when he didn't know he looked like he was going to soil himself.

    By the way man... I had asked you in another thread, but do you box?
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    Sorry I don't visit the forums often. I used to box for a few years but it was mostly drills and sparring, never went into competition or anything. I took a totally different turn and began studying ninjutsu less than a year ago.

    As for the Matthysse & Garcia, I think Garcia is extremely overrated. I think he's at MOST B-level good and that's if I'm even being generous (somewhere in between C & B). Amir Khan was wrecking him like no tomorrow until he let his guard down and exposed his glass chin. Garcia didn't know what the hell to do before that, but he saw one opening and took it. Then went BACK to face Erik Morales again, lol... and then an aged Judah who came pretty close to messing him up. I'm just waiting for the moment he gets put in his place. I've had my eye on Matthysse for a while although I'll admit I never really did my homework on him. I saw a few of his fights and was impressed by him but none of his fights were really high profile or anything. So I'm glad he's finally made a name for himself because we need more fighters like him around. It'll be a great birthday present for me if Garcia gets knocked out on 9/7.
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    No kidding? My b-day is on the 7th as well! That's crazy. I'm looking for someone who has done a fair amount of boxing. Never had a trainer or even went to a gym. Do you by chance know any good trainers who do just 1 on 1 type of training by chance? Hard to find anyone around here. I know of one guy, but he moved and I haven't been able to find him to try to bug him into training me. I'm not doing it for comp either... just doing it for fun, fitness and if really needed then SD if I can't run first lol.
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    On the boxing side, yes Garcia is overrated. His father's mouth makes people want to see him lose honestly.

    Lucas has a close decision vs Judah and was robbed against Alexander (another overrated fighter IMO) The Judah decision was close, but I also felt like Lucas won that fight as well.
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    Well, mine's not on the 7th, but close enough, it's the 5th ;) I think a far better candidate would be Ero-Sennin and he trains/teaches in D.C. He actually has ring experience which unfortunately I don't. Like I said, I just did lots of drills and sparring, so I'd say at the most that I'm qualified to be able to show just basics (proper form, bobbing and weaving, movement, remaining relaxed, breathing, etc). I don't know of any actual boxing gyms around here either, think there's one in Wilmington but that's like LA Boxing which I wouldn't recommend to even my worst enemy... unless of course, they want a good cardio workout.

    When I boxed, I did it when I lived in Virginia at Ruthless Boxing (Manassas) under coach Dino and then switched over to a gym part of the Annandale Boys & Girls club, under coach Leo. I just moved to Delaware early last Summer and took up Ninjutsu as soon as I found out there was a nearby school. Hapkido is really similar when it comes to grabs, locks, and takedowns.

    Let me know if you're ever in the area bro, shoot me a PM. I'm actually in Newark, DE (right on the other side of the border from Elkton).

    Exactly the way I see it too. In my eyes, Lucas is no less than a boxer who is undefeated. He even went to Alexander and Judah's hometowns to fight them. As for Garcia, lol, I totally agree. It's really his dad that I hate more than Danny himself. Yes he's overrated and he's cocky as heck now, but his father just needs to get some goodness slapped into him.
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