Martial arts school in Middlesbrough, UK?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by xlime4, Aug 16, 2019.

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    Hi everyone. I’m interested in learning Chinese martial arts (particularly Shaolin Kung Fu), but I don’t know where to go. My university has Shaolin Kung Fu, but it doesn’t look reputable. Are there any reputable martial arts places in this area, or just outside of it? I’m not looking for self defense as much as the authentic Chinese art. Thanks for any advice.
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    As I understand it its hard to find authentic Shaolin as the style doesn't really exist. There are martial arts that make up what people might assume is Shaolin though. One of the guys on here should be able to help somewhat.
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    There are a number of different arts that in my opinion can legitimately claim to be shoalin for different reasons.

    Firstly the arts that popular oral history states survived the destruction of the shoalin monastery such as Hung gar, choi le fut, Mo gar.

    Then there are a load of arts that use five animal hand techniques such as moi fa, or black flag win chung it could be argued that these arts might have had a monastic history at some point (although not necessarily at the shoalin temple) - fighting monks were not restricted to shoalin.

    Then there are the arts associated with the modern re-envisioning of the shoalin monastery in china. Althogh there could well be proper kung fu taught at the modern shoalin monisatry much of what you see on the tv coverage is a mix of modern wushu and Chinese opera, fantastic skill and acrobatics but not traditional kung fu.

    Then there are also styles claiming to be Northern Shoalin which are arguably legitimate but different often with a strong emphasis on kicking.

    So in my opinion there are a number of different legitimate shoalin arts.

    What is it that you want from an art? I would point out that all authentic kung fu is about practical fighting application. If it doesn't teach practical self defence it is not authentic kung fu.

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    Looking at what I have written I see it requiers an important clarification.

    "If it doesn't teach AN ASPECT of practical self defence it is not authentic kung fu."

    My personal definition of a martial art is a system for learning to use force or to avoid/counter the use of force in a particular set of situations.

    Hung gar for example is what I would call a battlefield art - it has a lot of techniques for fighting standing up and relatively few for fighting on the ground.
    Dog boxing for example is more for civilian self defence - it has fewer techniques for standing up in comparison to hung gar and and a lot of techniques for fighting on the ground.

    Now if you are an unskilled villager conscripted into the army. you learn hung gar because it focuses on the things you need to know to stay alive in a battle. If you are a villager and what to protect yourself against a scuffle in the pub you learn dog boxing because it focuses on the things you need to know to have a quiet night at the pub.

    If you what to be an all round fighter - you learn both. Once you have learnt both, you might start another art that focuses on another aspect of fighting that you want to learn
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    could you post a link to the uni club? So we could have a look at it. :)

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