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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Swimming Dragon, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    :bang: Anyone like 2 divulge their martial arts ' pet hates'? don't wish 2 sound too negative , but reckon this thread will get some replies/agrees.. Other Students constantly chatting during class is one of mine.. disrespectful! :bang:
  2. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Stinky gi's. I hate training with people whose gear stinks, or they're just generally stinky. Take a shower, people! :woo:
    People who jerk back when they're holding the pads suck too - if I'm going to kick the pad, you stand there and you take it like a man/ woman! I hate to throw and hit nothing because my partners moved away like a wuss :woo:
  3. About people (not necessarily martial artists)

    •What style is the best for "x" skill?
    •Will martial arts protect me from t3h str33t?
    •Students learning from a book
    •Bad black belts technique wise
    •We're the best comments

    That about does it for me.
  4. And for actual training, Sever summed it up...

    I was told to meet the guy's hands as he punched (not slam the pads into him but enough resistance).
  5. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    That's the best way. Maybe the partner in question misunderstood and thought he was told to move the kickshield AWAY from my leg. Either way, I hate it
  6. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    some more...

    * people who complain about minor knocks/ bruises etc,, these are inevitable.

    * 2 week masters
    ( over confident under skilled students)

    *over exposed styles :cry:
  7. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    use his leg as the pad.this will correct his pad holding... or help him nicely by advice/instruction.
  8. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    That's my usual technique - he just jerks away because he doesn't like getting hit, even with a huge pad on his arm. He'll get used to it, eventually
    I also hate it when people come from another style and go on and on and on and ON about how in X martial art, they do things this way and that they may have not done too well in sparring, but if it was no gloves, the other guy would be on the floor
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  9. clockman75

    clockman75 Banned Banned

    Ah, this is a rant....

    Advertisement in the media
    I hate the telemarketors and advertisers who think your personal life is a fag petting zoo under seige of nuclear holocaust. Actually, I don't hate them, I hate their job. It gets on my nerves when someone is always telling you what you need, because they don't like what you have. Most of the time, they are cool, normal, and then....there's the "kill the clown if you love NY" t-shirt ad.
    Common you telemarketers, get real, really. :eek:

    Stereotypical fung do
    People who stereotype you because you kung fu, doesn't sound like karate, and there isn't umpteen tropies and belts to prove it. I can't wait to spar them though, and I always let them get back up. Thats what makes the first lesson so fun! All martial arts rock, in there own way. :cool:

    Camera mythologies
    The illusional myth that camera work proves competetive fighting is nothing but violence and we should sensor our children from reality by forcing them
    to watch more horror movies, curse like sailors, and pretend to kill everything.
    By the way, the director of "Natural Born Killers" was seriously insane. And it has nothing to do with anyone I know.... :D

    Sissy spar
    "OW!, you hit me!" sound familiar? :Alien:

    Spectators who think they are psychiatrists
    Ah yes, then there's the cliche of spectators who think they are
    totally legitimate to pass on diagnosis of pre-liminary psychosis and
    violent behavior based on pre-emptive and non-negligable behavior
    of a stressed individual. I don't hate them, they just need a liscense :bang:

    sparring with weapons
    Anybody who wants to spar, before they train.
    If you wanna fight, just fight me! :D

    Note: This disclaimer is under notification, that under the circumastnces present, and under due time, or even now, if in fact, such a non-negotiable-agreement where to occur, my client, would not, by any means possible, for no purpose, or motive, by law, or by peer pressure, for an reason, or even of a shadow of a doubt, within anyone's mind, not even if, and then, what happened, would be, not so, if it were, then wouldn't be, almost have to, find it necessarry, to agree to, anything, he did not find it necessary to agree to, within the terms of this non-agreement.
  10. rainbows

    rainbows New Member

    People who are allowed to pass their gradings with sloppy techniques
    8 year old black belts
    Lazy students
    People who dismiss TKD as a martial art.
  11. clockman75

    clockman75 Banned Banned

    Those TKD'ers are something aren't they? :Angel:
  12. Swimming Dragon

    Swimming Dragon Valued Member

    * another pet hate..... not being able to say no, for fear of being a hypocrite.
  13. Always been taught that, always do it.
  14. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    hmmmm......sounds alot like dodging to me :eek: but maybe i missed something :D
  15. clockman75

    clockman75 Banned Banned


    Hey, I like TKD, and she's female, it doesn't mean we're gonna get married!
    Who knows, I might get to learn something here, honestly man..
  16. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    All well and good in sparring. In drilling and pad work, it's bad - unless it's "hit the target" style, but then I wouldn't find it so annoying
  17. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    just people
    people who say that videogames are bad for you.
    people who promote censorship.
    ignorant people
    overly religious fanatics who want to confuse "saving" you for "giving" the church money.

    Martial Arts pet hates
    point sparring.
    people who bitch about minor injuries.
    lazy people who complain and don't have any drive to improve themselves.
    people who talk about training realistically and then do the exact opposite.
    TMAists who down MMA and yet don't have the balls to step in the cage for 5 minutes.
    people who refuse to adapt or evolve.
    Instructors who would rather "preserve the syllabus of the art" than utilize better training meathods and impisize conditioning.
    anyone who markets olympic TKD as a "self-defense" class.
  18. tekkengod

    tekkengod the MAP MP

    ok, i see what you mean sever. that bugs the hell out of me too.
  19. KAF

    KAF Banned Banned

    lol, In Hapkido, they don't last long.

    I don't like beginner black belts who overrate their authority to the point of swelled-headedness.
    That's the only one I can think of now.
  20. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    child black belts.. unless you were raised in a monastery in Tibet or China, no way do I believe some 6 year old in Wales deserves a black belt!

    incompetent instructors... I shouldn't have to spend years undoing the bad techniques I was taught. If you can't teach preoperly, GET OFF THE MAT!

    people who whine about every little bit of contact... we ARE doing martial arts, not pillowfighting! While it's bad form for me to break your arm in class, if we're doing a drill and I'm supposed to push you, then you're getting pushed. Don't whine about it, especially of you're wearing chest protection.

    Opponents who don't work hard enough...If we're doing self-defense and I ask for a punch, don't just stick your arm out. PUNCH ME. If I can't do the technique against a full punch, I'd like to know before I get assaulted in that dark alley, thanks.

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