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    Hi. I teach private Taekwon-Do (mostly one on one). I have a 6 year old and would like to expand my repertoire of fun activities to break up the general training exercises for her, or as a fun reward at the end of class. Most I have need multiple children though. I have a few but wondered if anyone could suggest some new things.
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    If you check our facebook group I posted some videos a while ago of TKD Jenga :) There are also foam boards with circular sections that are just a push fit, so kids can punch or kick them out. Kids often enjoy ladder drills, obstacle courses against the clock, that sort of thing.

    Loren Christensen has written several books on solo training, which whilst aimed at adults you could adapt for kids, plus there is a book just called Martial Arts Games I think, a quick browse on Amazon should find it.

    Personally, I'd think about the attribute you want to develop, (speed, agility, accuracy, whatever, then build something around that).
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