Magomed Abdusalamov career over

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    NEW YORK -- The neurosurgeon attending to heavyweight Magomed Abdusalamov, who sustained life-threatening injuries in a Nov. 2 bout at Madison Square Garden Theater, has told that the Russian-born boxer will not fight again despite his condition improving.

    "He's going to get better, I'm confident," Dr. Rupendra Swarup said Wednesday, "but he will not be the same. He's going to have neurological deficits."

    Abdusalamov, who was put in a medically induced coma following brain surgery to remove a blood clot suffered the night of the bout, is no longer comatose, can open his eyes and can breathe on his own.

    The 32-year-old, known as "Mago," was hurt in a 10-round faceoff with Mike Perez in a clash of heavyweight prospects vying to rise to contender status. Abdusalamov will be taken from Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan to a rehabilitation facility in New Jersey as early as Thursday.

    "When the patient came in, he was almost dead," said Swarup, the director of the neurosurgical intensive care unit at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center. "From that point of view, he's come a very long way."

    Married and the father of three daughters, Abdusalamov reacts with his eyes when someone shows him video of his girls on a phone, his brother, Abdusalam, said Wednesday.

    Russian boxing promoter Andrey Ryabinsky will foot the bill for at least two months of rehab, said Nathan Lewkowicz, the son of Abdusalamov's promoter, Sampson Lewkowicz, in addition to covering the hospital bills.

    "Rehab is $3,000 a day," Nathan Lewkowicz said. "Ryabinsky is stepping up and helping out the family."

    Abdusalam Abdusalamov said the tragedy has been hard on the entire family and that their parents have been heavily affected by the events. Of Mago, the brother said, via an app on his phone that translated Russian to English, "He very much loves his daughters; he never imagined himself in such a situation. He always said boxing is his life."
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    UPDATE: The NYSAC will be lucky to still be around after this lawsuit ends in a few years. What a bunch of morons.

    The heavyweight boxer known as the Russian Mike Tyson can now move one of his fingers and his legs, but only ever so slightly.
    Magomed Abdusalamov, 32, doesn’t recognize anyone, can’t speak and his three young daughters haven’t seen him in nearly three months. They have no idea he is practically motionless at a Rockland County rehab hospital.
    A portion of the boxer’s skull is missing, and he is a shadow of his former 230-pound girth. He is surrounded by photos of his family and images from his boxing career.
    While the state inspector general is probing the brutal Nov. 2 boxing match that left Abdusalamov gravely injured, the boxer is getting therapy every two hours at the Helen Hayes Hospital in the hope that he regains something of his former self.
    “Boxing? Forget about it,” said Amin Suleymanov, a cousin of Abdusalamov who visits him daily.
    Not only is the boxer’s life at stake, so is the future of the New York State Athletic Commission, the official body that regulates boxing and would oversee the equally dangerous sport of mixed martial arts if approved in New York.

    Magomed Abdusalamov
    The IG’s office is interviewing those who were on the scene for the Madison Square Garden bout between Abdusalamov, a native of Dagestan who’d recorded 18 knockouts, and Mark Perez of Cuba. The probe is focused on whether the contest should have been stopped and on the Athletic Commission’s oversight of Abdusalamov’s medical condition.
    Abdusalamov broke his left hand in the first round, and by the sixth round his face was swollen and he had difficulty closing his mouth.
    No one with the authority to stop the contest, including Melvina Lathan, the chairwoman of the athletic commission who was in the audience, did so.
    The slugfest went the full 10 rounds and left Abdusalamov a bloody loser, with a broken hand, nose and facial bone.
    When blood appeared in his post-fight urine test, a sign of possible internal bleeding, the state inspector assigned to Abdusalamov advised the fighter to go to the hospital, a source said.
    But the inspector made no arrangements — despite two ambulances standing by at the Garden — and, instead, suggested the boxer and his entourage hail a cab and ask the cabby where to go.
    At 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night, there were no cabs available outside the Garden.
    “It was horrible. I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off,” said Boris Grinberg Jr., the son of Abdusalamov’s manager.
    The boxer’s condition was getting worse, and he vomited on the sidewalk.
    Grinberg managed to commandeer a cab from a couple that had just hailed one.
    They arrived at a crowded Roosevelt Hospital emergency room 25 blocks away, where Abdusalamov had to wait. Someone advised the entourage to step outside, call 911 and ask for an ambulance to take them into the very same ER in order to get faster service.
    Abdusalamov vomited again and passed out. Grinberg’s father arrived, made a fuss and the fighter was finally seen by doctors who found he had a blood clot in his brain. The boxer had surgery, later suffered a stroke and was put in a medically induced coma.
    He was transferred to Helen Hayes in late December. His family has retained a lawyer but can’t file a notice of claim until Abdusalamov’s wife is formally appointed as his guardian.
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    All the money in the world isn't going to mean two turds for that man. How did they not throw him into an ambulance? I hope a few important people lose their damn jobs over this, what a way to drop the ball.

    I had a hard time laying in bed for a couple weeks. Imagine what's going through his head, not knowing where he is and not able to move. All he knows is he's in a lot of damn pain and life sucks. I hope he's able to salvage his life to a point that's tolerable, and that it happens quickly.
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    [ame=""]2013.11.02. Майк Перез-- Магомед ÐбдуÑаламов Mike Perez--Magomed Abdusalamov - YouTube[/ame]

    I just took a look at some of the rounds of the fight, mostly the later rounds.

    While Magomed was getting hit, he was also still fighting back properly and hitting the other guy as well. I could understand why they let the guy keep fighting, dude just had too much heart for his own good. If anyone should have stopped the guy from going back in there, it should have been his corner. I feel like they're most responsible for this tragedy with these current boxing rules.

    Hence, I feel like boxing should implement another rule.

    Fighters should not be allowed to continue the fight when they've broken their jaw, orbital bone or anything similar.

    There's just too much risk involved with this issue and leaving the health of a fighter up to his corner in these situations is not sufficient.

    I realize the crowds like it when fighters show heart like this, but their entertainment is not more important than the health of these fighters. So I hope they (i say 'they' because i dont know whos in charge of these things) focus less on firing people and focus more on rethinking certain rules or lack thereof.
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    Definitely hope too that the legacy of this incident is measures to prevent (or at least reduce) it happening again rather than just penalising individuals who may or may not have been responsible.
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    "They arrived at a crowded Roosevelt Hospital emergency room 25 blocks away, where Abdusalamov had to wait. Someone advised the entourage to step outside, call 911 and ask for an ambulance to take them into the very same ER in order to get faster service."

    Are. You. Fracking. Kidding me?

    A guy shows up at the ER showing clear symptoms of a major brain injury and they tell them to step outside of the hospital and call for an ambulance? Say what you will about the downsides of socialised medicine - that would NEVER happen over here.

    I don't think the fight should have been stopped. If you stopped every fight where a fighter was at risk of injury, you'd have to stop every fight at the end of the first round.

    But the inspector who told them to get a cab to a hospital should be fired and sued. Every minute counts with head injuries and that moron cost Abdusalamov a pile of them.
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    I take issue with this, not because they cannot stop a fight in these circumstances, but because this is the corners job more than theirs - his team bears more responsobility than the NYSAC for not stopping it, and their reason is simply because they didn't want their money train to end

    Latterly the Inspector was clearly making a bd call, taking this at face value anyway
  9. belltoller

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    Latterly is the NY State Inspector I referenced?

    I stand corrected.
  10. Hannibal

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    Latterly as in "later on" - although it does look confusing now i re read it!
  11. belltoller

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    The comma is your friend, Hannibal :)
  12. belltoller

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    I did find more...I need to go back and re-edit or nullify my post altogether as there is somewhat conflicting info. One source has the inspector - Matt Farrago, to be a former fighter himself and it seems this same State inspector was the only one to advise Magomed to go to the hospital - he just didn't know where it was and had attempted to find that information with no luck.

    Anroads, there is enough conflicting info to question the blaming tone I took in my post regarding the inspector's role in this, so it needs an edit.
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    It still sounds like the inspector should have had one of the ambulances summoned. You suspect that the fighter has suffered a serious injury, he should be put in an ambulance and rushed to hospital.

    That account does seem to put the blame firmly in his corner's and in the ringside doctor. If your fighter can't answer simple questions between rounds, he shouldn't be fighting anymore.
  14. Hannibal

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    Does he speak English? If not I would not be quick to put the blame on the Doctor per se...well unless he spoke Russian
  15. holyheadjch

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    It sounds like you didn't need to speak Russian to tell he wasn't ok. If the depiction of his behaviour in between rounds is accurate, then the doctor just wasn't doing his job.

    Of course the corner knows their fighter best, and I seriously doubt they can honestly say that he was himself.
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    Well, what about Arthur Abraham's win over Edison Miranda while fighting with a broken jaw from the 4th round?

    He still won that fight and didn't suffer any lasting damage. He looked absolutely awful though after the fight.

    Is a doctor's judgement based off shallow inspection enough?

    Wouldn't it just be better to just get rid of broken jaw fighting?
  17. holyheadjch

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    A doctor should be able to perform a neurological examination between rounds and if the fighter fails it, the fight should be stopped. It certainly sounds like Abdusalamov would have failed such an examination by the mid point of the fight.
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    Problem being is that they all are going to play the blame game, but the poor guy who was fighting to support his family is now in more debt then he and his family will ever be able to afford, save for winning a huge lawsuit and being able to pay for it or go after the NYSAC for the medical bills. The damage however has already been done.
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    This brings up a question to me. I don't watch boxing. So this question is to those of you who watch both boxing and MMA.

    Do you think that the UFC and other pro MMA organizations are better at calling a stop to fights before serious potential injury - particularly brian injury- occurs? I know Dana White talks about preserving his fighters safety as a priority. And that he compares his organization favorably over boxing in this regard.

    I think overall, they are pretty good at stopping fights, but I have seen a few go on way past when I thought they should have. For example: I thought it was clear that Koschek's orbital bone was broken in his fight against GSP. When he winced badly at ice being put on it and it was swollen so badly, I could not believe the ref's did not stop that fight.
  20. Hannibal

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    MMA fighters also can give up without stigma - it's a part of the game. Duran is still known as the "no mas" guy

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