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  1. ForTozs

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    Hi. I live in Mississippi, and I can't find any koryu jujutsu schools close to me. I specifically am most intersted in taijutsu. I am largely attracted to the koryu traditions out of their historical and cultural singificance so I am not as interested in getting "official" instruction where I might recieve belts or diplomas. It is important to me, however, that I learn a recognized koyru from an authentic source that does not have lineage disputes (e.g. bujinkan, etc.) What koryu of jujutsu has the most available instruction out there, particularly for someone that is not near a dojo? Does anyone know of any way I can find instruction on the techniques of any koyru jujutsu? I would love to find a good instructional website, but I also would be interested in books or DVD's. Sorry, moving to Japan is not an option for me right now. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dean Winchester

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    Might seem like an odd question but do you know of any Ryu that teach what you want?

    What I mean is have you done much research into this?

    How far are you prepared to travel?
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  3. ForTozs

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I honestly can't find enough information to really say with certainty, but I am interested in Takenouchi and Kukishin ryu (Kuki family lineage, once again staying away from bujikan). Like I said the older the better. I am open to suggestions, however. I wouldn't be able to travel far often, but I would maybe be willing to travel several hours less frequently.
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  4. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    For general info have you looked here:


    You can't really learn MA from DVD or books IMO never mind koryu.

    Someone here may be able to help you though we have a few very experienced guys.
  5. ForTozs

    ForTozs New Member

    Thanks. Yes, I have found that web-site and found it very useful. I agree there is no real substitute for personal instruction. But I don't see any other options. I can't see any harm in learning as much as I can in the meantime. I am not a fighter nor do I live in a bad neighborhood where I should really need self-defense. I am not interested in obtaining a "black belt." I am really most interested in the history and traditions of koryu jujustsu. I would be sastified if I could simply find the basic postures, fundamentals, forms, etc. of any authentic koryu with photos or videos demonstrating them.
  6. Dean Winchester

    Dean Winchester Valued Member

    If it turns out you can't find a koryu per se how about looking at something which has close koryu links i.e. a gendai art with heavy koryu influence?
  7. ForTozs

    ForTozs New Member

  8. drosera99

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    Bad habits. There is much more to martial arts than just techniques. You can watch a video of a jujutsu technique a thousand times, but unless someone who knows what they're doing is teaching you how to do it, I can't see how you'll learn anything of use. You are more likely to develop bad habits that will make it more difficult if you ever do find legitimate instruction.

    But this is precisely what you wouldn't get, even if learning off of videos and books was plausible. The history and traditions part of koryu, is (in my uninformed opinion) intrinsically linked to the personal transmission. If you want to watch kata, there are all kinds of koryu jujutsu videos on line. You can watch them, and if you pay close attention you may start to observe significant patterns. But you will never be able to really do the waza nor will you gain any real connection to the living history and traditions of the ryu.

    My opinions FWTW.
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  9. ludde

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    The thing about what you are looking for is that you wont find techniques that you can study on the web. It is small groups that holds there teachings for them self. Even demonstrations are often only a shallow surface, and copying it will teach you squad.
    The thing about MA is that is a human interaction thing. And even more so with koryu. So if you don't have what you want to learn in traveling distance, drop the thought until you move or something move in close to you. Find something els in the mean time.
  10. jameswhelan

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    Hi ForTozs,

    From shinjin.co.jp you can purchase a cd-rom disc that includes videos of all of the kihon and omote level taijutsu of kukishin ryu. Also keep an eye on that website as something like what you are asking about might appear soon ;). Also, look under 'events and activites/denshukai'. Try, if you can, to get to Antwerp in Belgium next month, as Takatsuka Sensei will be visiting there to hold an open public seminar.
  11. ForTozs

    ForTozs New Member

    Thanks James. I will keep my eye out.
  12. pgsmith

    pgsmith Valued dismemberer

    You are under a bit of a misconception regarding the koryu. You do not "learn" a koryu, you "join" a koryu. A koryu art is not simply an amalgamation of techniques. A koryu is an entity, with their own outlook, ideology, and political views. It is why many of the koryu still require references and letters of introduction. You join the koryu to help the ryu, not yourself. It is how they've survived through the centuries.

    There are quite a number of books and videos out on a lot of the koryu schools, let's assume it is Takenouchi ryu since you mentioned them. You can pick up several different videos, and try your best to copy what's on them. You may even learn something, and become quite good at it. However, you will most emphatically NOT be learning Takenouchi ryu. At best, you would be learning some movements and techniques bearing some resemblance to Takenouchi ryu.

    To actually learn the Takenouchi ryu, you would have to join the Takenouchi ryu, and be taught by a Takenouchi ryu instructor.
  13. jameswhelan

    jameswhelan Valued Member

    Very well said.
  14. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    Closest your going to get to koryu is muso shinen ryu iaido here:


    Koryu connected gendai here:
    High level Tomiki Aikido and Judo here:


    Also Mr Hatsumi's linage in the Kukishinden is undisputed, its just that how he teaches this lineage, isnt as a koryu art. Depending on the teacher, It may be your only local option to learn 'Kukishin ryu' derived waza.

    Then again Judo is always a good choice, until you can find a way of training in your prefered option.

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