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Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Herbo, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Herbo

    Herbo Valued Member

    Thought I'd start a thread for people to share their experiences about this years UK tournament.

    I thought overall it was a very efficient and well run event, and particularly liked the fact that the testing was run on the friday morning which allowed basically the whole afternoon and evening to rest for the competition.

    I felt my grading was challenging and the PSBN who ran the majority of it pushed everyone but also gave ample oppertunity for students to shine in the various elements of testing. I wish I knew his name, he was running one of the groups of dbns while psbn matt took the others.

    The actual tournament itself was also an enjoyable experience. There were many good competitors within the dbn 4+ group, although some interesting variations on guhm moo hyung lol. I believe there was one knockout among the blue belts, although I only saw the guy lying on the floor afterwards.

    The demo was also high quality. My personal highlights were master sun jin's crane on a cloud form, which is saying something as I'm not usually one for forms lol and SBN (Air)Nick's spear routine with KJN Steve Whiting.

    One final thing is a congratulations to all who promoted that night including twelve new JKNs from Livingston, including MAPer Quozl. :cool:
  2. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    Well then, congratulations, JKN quozl. :cool:
  3. Yuhp Cha Ki

    Yuhp Cha Ki Valued Member

    I think the PSBN you are talking about is PSBN James Barker.

    ANG LANCASTER Valued Member

    Well done everyone who competed and promoted :)
  5. Big Al J

    Big Al J New Member

    Surely your highlight should have been watching the newly promoted JKN's led by me, Herbo?
  6. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    highlight for me was having master alex do ki bon soo 3 on me, i swear i've never been in so much pain in my life! :D
  7. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    Just out of curiosity, dave, was the pain due to the pressure point or the joint-lock (or both)?
  8. drewsif

    drewsif Valued Member

    Any good video from the demo?
  9. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    davefly76 "highlight for me was having master alex do ki bon soo 3 on me, i swear i've never been in so much pain in my life!"

    And that's a good thing?

    UnknownKJN "Just out of curiosity, dave, was the pain due to the pressure point or the joint-lock (or both)?"

    One would hope that it was mainly the pressure point!
  10. Gi Ma Ja Se

    Gi Ma Ja Se 90 degrees is 4 real MA's

    I think SBN Richard was Air Nicks partner in the Demo for spear...
  11. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    when is there a better opportunity to learn something about a technique than having it done on yourself?

    actually a combination of both, but at the point of being pinned.
  12. KIWEST

    KIWEST Revalued Mapper

    Congrats to Livingston on yet ANOTHER win! LOL And to everyone else who participated. Any chance any of you are brave enough to come to the NAS tournament this weekend in Burgess Hill? PM me if you are interested.
  13. Herbo

    Herbo Valued Member

    I have exams this week, but intend to try out some open competitions in the future.
  14. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    That wasn't quite my point Dave. You stated that your "highlight... was having master alex do ki bon soo 3 on me, i swear i've never been in so much pain in my life!"

    And I asked if it is a good thing just because there was obviously so much pain attached to the experience. By which, I meant, is that your way, or the only way, to measure the efficiency of the technique? And do you think that is beneficial to the long-term health and well-being of the one on the receiving end anyway? With KBS 3 there are three main joints and at least one pressure point being targeted, so there is a risk of the technique causing unnecessary suffering to the recipient.

    A lot of Kuk Sool techniques require the one having the lock applied to breakfall (with or with 'flipping'), in order to save the joint. But if after having done that the other person simply carries on cranking the lock on harder anyway, that sounds a little gratuitous and unnecessary to me. [God, I hope my students aren't reading this!]

    But if you are indeed one of those people who really enjoys pain, drop in to one of our classes sometime and I'll help you reappraise the word! :evil:
  15. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    he he, i'm certainly not one of those that like pain per say (i believe there are specialist websites for that sort of thing :eek:) but i gain a better understading of a technique when i have it performed on me. i think that makes me a kinisthetic learner iirc.

    and thanks for the offer of training with you but being hit repeatedly with two sticks isn't my cup of tea :) :cool:
  16. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    But seriously: Continued and repeated over-rotation, over-flexing, and over-compression of joints is not actually that good for them in the long term. It's also worth considering that some locks don't actually provide much pain until after the joint has sustained a degree of damage. One example of that is the Heel Hook. There is hardly any pain at all until the instant that the knee pops. Just thinking of your well-being my friend.
  17. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    Hi, Dave.

    Warning: This post is off-topic (sorry, so very, very sorry).

    I wanted to congratulate you on taking the high road in your reply to Pugil.

    As evidenced in another thread here in the Kuk Sool section of MAP, people can often take things the wrong way, letting their emotions get the better of them (and sometimes, even becoming disrespectful as a result). Is it really that difficult to grasp the intent of what others have posted? I think not. So why is it that certain individuals don't seem to bother with trying? This is why I am praising you, Dave, as a simple click of the "Thanks" button doesn't do it enough justice (although I did do that too BTW).

    In closing, all I have to say is:
    Where is Leroy Jethro Gibbs when you need him? (as someone -I won't say who- needs a slap up side the back of their head :evil:)
  18. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    sorry pugil, i can't watch the vid at work.

    thanks for your concern but i'm sure kjn alex was merely demonstrating the tech and not trying to cause me any permanent injury. :cool:

    getting back to the actual technique, he (kjn alex) had taken me down fairly comfortably albeit using yhul ghul (sp) and either soo sahm or gohk chee (sp) i can't remember which. the point that was most painful was the pin. i've always pinned the back of the elbow, or put pressure on the tricep with my knee. he had me pinned with his knee in my armpit. it was that, combined with my hand/wrist being locked up under my shoulder that was most effective, no amount of lifting my hips off the floor was helping relieve the pressure. :)
  19. unknown-KJN

    unknown-KJN Banned Banned

    It looked to me to be an elbow (a press only, not a strike) to Hohn Soo (jugular vein/carotid artery). An interesting video to say the least.

    As for the detailed explanation of the technique performed on you by KJN Alex, thank you very much, Dave. FWIW, I have known about that variation for the technique since I was a 1st or 2nd degree BB, but it just goes to show how many in KSW aren't as privileged in their MA journey as I was. But don't take this as me *bashing* the Won, as that's not what I mean. But I do mean to raise the question as to why some of the "nifty secrets" aren't revealed to more people, especially if they hold sufficient rank (and therefore should have no problems grasping this "new" material).
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  20. davefly76

    davefly76 Valued Member

    if you consider that i'm a newly promoted 3rd dahn, and the logistics involved then i'm not that far off in relative terms :cool:

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