Lee Morrison Goes Full QAnon

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by David Harrison, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Bet he drives to Tesco wearing a Punisher skull t-shirt, 5.11 Tactical pants, and a "Don't Tread on Me" bumper sticker on his Toyota Prius.

    Can't carry a gun in the UK so he probably keeps a 3-inch pen knife painted in urban camo in a cute little hip holster.

    Probably thinks he would be justified biting the ear off maskers who walk too slowly in the milk aisle.

    Honestly think I'd rather crap in my hands and clap than take advice (of any kind) from that guy.
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  2. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

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  3. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    I'm pretty sure the standard metric to being "a man" is to dislike or see as "unmanly" anything the men 1 or 2 generations below yours like.
    I bet back in the day blokey blokes would say "ee look at these soft lads...they haven't even got rickets or scurvy like real men...."
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  4. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award


    Men invented fashion for themselves, they invented wearing wigs for themselve, they invented makeup for themselves, and whilst personally I'm not a fan of guy'liner, it's not like the president of their wierd cult religion and country doesn't also slap on an entire face of makeup each day.

    At what point to you allow your misguided sense of masculinity to take over and start believing this stuff.

    I do wonder how America will recover from this.

    Investment in public schooling, and banning social media would be a good start.

    I've recently deleted all my social media apps, and I feel a lot better mentally then I have done all year.
  5. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

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  6. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    I dont think Donald Trump is as dangerous as the climate he's helped create.
    Trump and his crew are drifters who have used the framework and mechanisms of fascism to enrich themselves, they arent the same as leaders with clear ideological goals.
    The Nazi's had a clear vision for their nation, Ttump doesnt but he has helped create:
    - I mistrust of legitimate verified media sources
    - made intellectual dishonesty commonplace
    - trust in the authority and increasing authority of the state in support of the aims of one party
    - polarisation of the population

    The last point I think is incredibly worrying as it puts people in a prisoner's dilemma in which they dont trust their fellow country men and will consider doing harm against them as they expect harm to be done against themselves.

    What I worry is not Trump or Biden but the conditions now in place that are perfect for a more insidious political candidate to seize power.
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  7. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    It isn't that Trump created it, he enabled them and empowered the fascists and racists. Sadly, they have always been here. And the degree to which they exist is a shock to the rest of us.

    Trump is dangerous BECAUSE he is enabling and empowering them.

    Trumpism is a cult. They don't listen to logic, don't believe anything except what they want. No matter the lack of evidence for it. They refuse to believe anything that contradicts them, no matter the strength of the evidence. It is truly terrifying to live in a country with this going on.

    I fear for the future of my country. I am not the only one of my friends and family starting to look into what we would have to do to leave if things continue towards fascism. Not just because we don't like it, but because we fear for our safety.

    I start to sympathize with the non-Nazi's in Germany back in the day. People say "why didn't they do more?" I used to be one of those people, but I get it now. You can protest, you can vote, you can make impassioned arguments, but the reality is that it is overwhelming and there is only so much you can do. When you see lifelong friends and family turn towards a wannabe dictator and it tears apart those relationships................. when your "leader" won't commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses. You can only hope the military will be on your side. But what if they aren't?
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  8. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    The white supremacist at the end of my street has added a Q Anon logo to his van.

    To anyone reading this thread:
    - Look up Robert Evan's, journalist with bellingcat, the behind the bastards podcast and the worst year ever podcast.
    Hes an incredibly well connected conflict and extremism journalist.

    Here's some of his interviews with QAnon researchers: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/1119...sad-dangerous-and-predictable-state-70407027/

    I'd also recommend another conflict journalist who runs a media platform called Popular Front; Jake Hanrahan.
    Hes running an investigative series on QAnon:
    PODCASTS - Jake Hanrahan

    I know I might be paranoid and be seeing white supremacists around every corner (because theres one literally around my corner) but I think more people need to acknowledge how pervasive the diffused ideas of white supremacists are and the rabbit holes they'll use to get people on board with their ideology, even partially. QAnon is one of those ways.
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  9. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    I only recently heard the good news of mechetecine, but I have accepted it into my heart now, as it matched my other thought process pretty darn well, plus I do love selected goods and services!
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  10. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Robert's podcast "the womens war" on the anarchist experiment in Rojava (probably the most important development in leftism since the Spanish civil war) is really great.
    I've been reading a lot of bottom up democracy.
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  11. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    I've only listened to the BTB ones so far, but once I've caught up, I intend on listening to them all, hopefully trump will be on his way to jail or a non extradition treaty country by then. Hilariously I only found it, as I was trying to find out more about a certain right wing grifter who also trains BJJ in America (not Hitler or Benny shaps).

    Robert is the person I want to be when I grow up!
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  12. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Name of grifter?

    Yeah Robert seems like a genuinely decent person.

    You're reasonably left? Were you aware of the rojava experiment?
  13. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    I'm very left wing, with a few caveats, you can't trust people, people need a reason to work, and the way capitalism is structured means the stock markets "creates" a huge pile of money, which fully Communist countries can't match.

    We need to make sure apes want to work hard for bananas, but we also have to make sure everyone has enough bananas, and that one crazy ape can't start killing all the other apes, caus they're afraid they steal all his bananas.
    (End of terrible analogy)

    I wasn't aware of the details, but I was aware that much of the land populated by the kurds was ran by almost direct democracy, I think that was from reading a Christopher Hitchens book about a visit to Iraq, and how great the Kurdish people are.
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  14. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    Rojava is more complex than that (Iraqi Kurdistan isn't great in comparison) but basically they've moved away from syrian Kurdistan as an ethnic state to a multiethnic Syrian society under federalism. The marxists party that ran it shifted from communism to anarcho-feminism following the ideas of Murray Bookchin. They want and are pursuing radical local democracy and it's working at solving ethnic tensions.

    Its seems like a really alternative to fascism - instead of centralised government, give people more empowered local democracy.
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  15. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    I'll definitely look into it, thanks for the heads up!
  16. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    I dont know if you're in Scotland but we've actually started the process to do the same as rojava - we created local neighbourhood councils. Unfortunately funding is still top down but that might change with independence.

    Fundamentally I think the USA itself has proven Reagan wrong: Democracy is a fragile flower in need of protection
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  17. Julien Masson

    Julien Masson New Member

    None of you have a single idea I am afraid...

    Lee is going through something that none of you will ever experience in this life time and that Is very unfortunate for you guys.

    I am privileged enough to have Lee as a close friend and to be in touch with him week in week out and I can promise you that he one of the most sane person I know of.

    He has eyes to see and so do I.
  18. Dead_pool

    Dead_pool Spes mea in nihil Deus MAP 2017 Moi Award

    What a wierd flex, your caught up in a fear based cult, and brag that you know the imperious leader online to strangers.

    No-one here cares, and neither should you, if your right We're all fools and your time is better spent elsewhere. Then again, we might not all be total fools, apart from me of course, you should never listen to what I say.
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  19. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    What is it that makes you need to tell us this?

    You've said that we will never know, so we know this isn't about us.

    Are you trying to convince yourself of something?
  20. combatarts

    combatarts Valued Member

    An interesting reaction to a video you admitted you had not watched. I also have not watched it, nor am I interested.

    But I guess being a red-blooded 'Murican I just have different values, such as the freedom of expression as is interpreted by our Supreme Court.

    Maybe I'm just old now, but the idea of reporting a video of some dude talking simply because the concept of it seems triggering is not something I could do.

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