Lancing Seminar - Sticks - 30/11/02

Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by Melanie, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. Melanie

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    Just to let you know about a seminar I attended a couple of weeks ago that was ran by stump. We had fairly good attendance and had age ranges of about 8 years old upwards.

    The seminar was based on single stick and a thorough introduction and warm up was put accross at the beginning. We then went on to striking and blocking in pairs. I naturally get the only left handed person at the seminar...made things interesting...

    We then did disarms, firstly stick vs stick then on to unarmed vs stick. I have to say I found the unarmed vs stick a lot more taxing expecially as we later went onto falls as well. The positioning of the hands was critical in order to get a good and safe throw.

    Time flew by in this 2 hour seminar and we were encouraged to swap partners regularly to ensure all levels of experience were given the opportunity to practice. I'm not sure how often Colin (stump) is planning to hold seminars but I would recommend you come along the next time if you have even a remote interest in 'sticks'. I found him to be generous with the information offered and patient!!

    Nice one stump!
  2. stump

    stump Supersub

    Awwww schucks.....:D

    thanks Mel for the write up. just before anyone thinks I'm getting ahead of myself giving seminars and the like, the idea of the day was to introduce people who'd never trained in the FMA to escrima. Though it was open to all it was organised and designed for the students of the Lau Gar club in Worthing. It focused mainly on basics and was designed as a "taster" class rather than a master class!!!!

    Sorry to labour the clarification, I just don't want to give people any false impressions about my credentials.
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  3. YODA

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    Stuff "Credentials"

    You taught - they learned.

    That's ALL that matters :D
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  4. stump

    stump Supersub

    Thanks Yoda,

    just a bit wary of overstating myself, There's quite a few people falsely advertising expertise in martial arts, I wouldn't like to be labled as on of them.

    Was a fun day though and people seemed to really like it, I've been asked to do another in the new be honest I'm looking forward to it already
  5. Melanie

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    I leaned so much I almost fell over :)
  6. stump

    stump Supersub

    lol you sure the falling over wasn't alcohol related????? :)
  7. YODA

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    Ok smarty pants :D

    Long live the edit button :p

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