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    Hi everyone,

    Just trying to do a bit of research into this issue, I heard that Admiral Takeshita had written a book of notes, about 250 pages in length which include some counter techniques to judo. Has anyone ever heard of this document and has any author ever attempted to write a book about it?
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    Don't think that's quite it.
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    Takeshita Isamu wrote his notes much earlier than 1933. (The book that Mr Ando is discussing consists of notes compiled by students at the Kobukan in 1933. The book was reprinted a few years ago with an English translation.)

    If you look up Fumiaki Shishida, you will find an English summary of Takeshita's notes (I do not have time to find it myself.)

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    That was what started me looking further into the matter, but it wasn't quite as clear as I wanted it to be.

    I'll give it another read and give it another good think.
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