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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by komuso, Oct 8, 2013.

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    Hi folks,

    I am currently going through what would be best described as a very flat patch, and am open to almost any suggestion as to how to re-start my motors.

    Some context. My wife and I have a set of two and a bit year old triplets, both work, all of the usual things. Now as you can probably imagine having the girls in and of itself is pretty demmanding. To compound it for me I have always been someone who has suffered from insomnia. Normally that wasn't a massive issue, I would catch up with naps, use a variety of means to make myself sleep - some of which would be politely described as a touch unhealthy - and just generally cope.

    This has stopped working. My body is letting me know that I am starting to hit the wall - it has probably been at least two years since I had two nights of sleep that lasted for more than six hours in a row.

    I would love to have a break - as would my lady - but both of our families live to far away to make that happen any time soon. So I am limited to suggestions that revolve around diet, exercise, and the like. Sleeping pills would be a bad call because I have to be alert enough to take care of the small fry.

    (an increasingly sleepy) paul
  2. Count Duckula

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    I've been there, though not so extreme. Sleeping pills are a nono, for the simple reason that should something happen, you won't wake up. What my wife and I sometimes did is alternate nights. One night I would get up, the other she would. And then the one who got to sleep would put in earplugs and sometimes sleep in another room. That way we got at least regular nights of sleep. Especially if you can get value from napping, that could work for you.

    We also had the kids sleep with our parents for a couple of days. That way we got to have a few nights of absolute silence every now and again. If that is difficult for you, perhaps you could get a babysit for the night and sleep in a hotel or with friends.

    Go to sleep early. Sometimes, we would go to sleep together with the kids, just to get enough hours of sleep in total. Or we would stagger sleeping hours. My wife would go to sleep at 8 pm and take care of the early morning / middle of the night interruptions. I would go to sleep at midnight and take care of the last feed of the day, and then get to sleep until 6 or 7 am. During weekends, we'd all nap at the same time. Us along with the kids. And on saturday morning, I'd get to sleep in late, while my wife got to sleep in late on sunday morning.

    Basically, we prioritized sleep and built our planning around getting the sleep we needed. Good luck. This will get better.
  3. Dead_pool

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    try melatonin, It helps reset your body clock, its not a sleeping pill.

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