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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by B.A. Baracus, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Hi guys,

    I was just packing some things to go to college. I usually keep a k-bar next to my bed and I never thought twice about it. I was going to put it in my glove box in my truck just to have it around while im away... until someone told me it is illegal to have a knife over 4 inches in your car.

    Texas state law says that you can carry a gun in your car without a license but I cant find anything about knives. It seems to me if you can have a gun you could have a knife...

    Anyone know anything bout this stuff???
  2. SWC Sifu Ben

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    From what I gather from blade forums it looks like the state laws say a blade, any blade, has to be under 5.5" and then you have laws by county and city tacked on as well. Check the state legislation then check the local legislation.
  3. B.A. Baracus

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    Davy Crockett would be proud. no guns or knives is this "free" land of ours.
  4. Dead_pool

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    You've got plenty of guns, hence all the mass shootings, Jesus would be proud.
  5. B.A. Baracus

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    Guns are force multipliers. Tools.

    If you hit your thumb with a hammer you don't ban the hammer do you?

    As long as there is evil in the hearts of men, there will be murder and violence.

    You are a martial artist so you have some concept of self defense don't you. If some druggie jerk busts down your door one night with an illegal gun like an UZI or an H&K MP5 would you like the ability to defend your family? Or would you rather hide in the closet and pray to your atheist god that the police get there before you die? If you managed to call them.

    About a week ago I heard a news story bout a drive by shooting in AZ. This woman's teenage son was shot... she called the police and begged for help and the operator hung up her. Said he "couldn't handle it." The kid bled to death on the kitchen floor. Cops helped a whole heap: they moped up the floor.

    The people that did the shooting were not law abiding citizens so they would not have obeyed a gun ban.

    Take the recent theater and military base shootings. Those are "gun free zones" which basically means that everyone there is unarmed and helpless. I think they should start painting the gun free zone signs red and white in a bulls eye pattern.
    Also did you see the machete massacre in china a while back. 3-4 guys killed like 30 people in a bus station or something and no one could stop them. And they are supper safe. China doesn't even allow steak knives im sure.
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  7. B.A. Baracus

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    Ya I saw where that unarmed British soldier got hacked to death with a butcher knife in the streets... to bad there was no shopkeeper with his trusty double barrel nearby.
  8. B.A. Baracus

    B.A. Baracus Valued Member

  9. Aegis

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    That is a very poor example to use given that Rigby was knocked down by a car before being attacked with knives. If there were armed people around, he'd almost certainly still have died but the death count might well have been higher due to turning the whole area into an amateur firefight. It's also just one example of many deaths that happen in the UK, but we don't have mass shootings because our citizenry doesn't have access to legal firearms, therefore the market simply isn't flooded with high powered rifles, automatic weapons and ammunition.
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  12. Dead_pool

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    Just to take a step back, you said there are no guns in Texas, what did you mean by that?

    Also isn't it weird the gun SD people all own multiple guns, but they don't have any bullet proof vests, or steel doors on their houses.
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  13. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Probaby not, if someone is armed like that busting into my house, then I must've been a direct target.

    Burglars are usually unarmed in the UK. As you can also be arrested for "Being equipped" to burgle or steal.
    Maybe a little bladed item to get through windows or something.

    Doubtful any burglar would be going about with an UZi, they'll be aiming for something else...however this has occured in Brazil where armed gunmen have forcefully entered a building.
    (note: Shogun Rua)
    But even then, unless you're already sitting there watching won't be having your shotgun or minigun or whatever next to you.
    (note : Shogun Rua did this with his family. The people took what they wanted and left. As he didn't put up a fight and hid his family away, they lived)

    "Athiest God"... a God that doesn't believe in other God's or don't believe in themselves?
    Bit philosophical that.

    Once again, if you do end up with someone bashing down your door with a firearm. Depending on how weak your door is, people can reach their phones quite quickly actually.
    Once again, basing this

    All your examples are minimal incidents. yes they did happen. But does it happen everyday? No.

    Does shootings happen everyday in America? Pretty much, considering how BIG America is compared to the UK.

    Not many shootings happen in the UK at all. Hence why it makes big news when it does occur.
    There is a conflicting view of firearms in the UK. Certain Police are armed with guns to protect Political persons within the UK (ie not just ours but other Dignitaries) also to respond to any such similar calls and including Knife calls if needed.
    Some are asking for more armed officers, instead there has been an increase in Tasers, which is a lot less lethal option.
    Other side of the spectrum, people are asking for less armed officers due to the fact that our gun crime is so low...
    However a lot of misconception if also factored in when most of the people asking for less Armed Officers in the UK is saying "Look what is occuring in America".

    Yes we do live in a horrible World, more people live through horrors daily compared to those who can't even imagine what that one day would be like in their entire lives.
    The concluding result that you seem to be suggesting heavily is to arm everyone to the teeth, doesn't mean it would solve all situations.

    Debates can go on forever about the pros and cons of having guns. But this is ultimately down to culture and people tend to focus on extremes rather than what happens in the gray areas.
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    Okay, if you are going to make an argument about gun control and crime, then feel free to do so, but I'm going to need you to dial it back on the inflammatory rhetoric that borders on being bigoted (considering the nature of the immigration debate in the US). Furthermore, you should really support such a claim with links to studies or other forms of evidence, not an image of some jingoistic t-shirt on a firing range. Let's elevate the nature of the discussion a bit above that. Fair enough?
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    First off, welcome

    By the looks of it, are you going to Texas? What area?

    K-Bar? Is that a breakfast bar? Or do you mean Ka-Bar? :p Just messin' with you :evil:

    I would pack in it my suitcase and leave it in the trunk until I find out the actual laws. Especially the "attitudes" of the police in the area. I say this, because even though you may have something that is

    Then get a gun and forget about the knife

    Ok- To go forward. Most colleges (that I know of) prohibit weapons of any kind on campus.

    Weapon laws, ergo even the types of, vary from state to state. I would not dab on a county, as if it came down to using a weapon, pending the weapon and circumstance, the state (or federal) can intervene.

    And, by what manner of thinking, especially in the "gun toting US", that a knife will protect one from someone coming in with a gun?
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  19. B.A. Baracus

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    Oh Jeez what is it with these Brits. let me explain the US's problem to you.

    There are two parts:

    1. The democratic party is loosing its foothold in the US. In an attempt to stay in power they had Pres Obama ORDER Texas border guards to back down and allow people to come across the border. Not only that but they hav gov funded radio programs that try to promt Mexicans to come across the border. Trust me ive heard them, it will make blood shoot out your eyes.

    2. The gov is now trying to make it legal for illegals to vote. Yes VOTE. who will they vote for ? whoever allows them to make a mockery of our borders. I.E. : the democrats

    So what is so bad about illegal immigration and what does it have to do with gun control? Well let me explain it to you.

    You can ban guns in the US, it would cause a civil war but you could do it. The problem arises with the Mexican gangs. You can ban guns here but that's not where the Mexican gangs and drug cartel get their weapons. The get their AK's from Russia and UZI' from Hong Kong. Being is how we cant even stop Russia from giving ballistic missiles to Iran how could we stop them from giving guns to south American cartel?

    Guess what guns are illegal to own in mexico! but I wouldn't advise you to take a vacation down there.

    I know a guy that used to live in mexico (he moved out when someone almost killed his family) he used to tell me stories of his gun free utopia. the one that always stuck out at me was the one were this family didn't pay the cartel their annual fee (for letting them live). Next day a truck pulls up in front of their house and unloads an M60 into it. He just stood there and watched, there was nothing he could do.

    So what? that's in mexico right? wrong. thanks to our open borders its like that here as well. in new York the are Mexican rape gangs. they go around killing and raping teenage girls. remember new York is a gun free utopia.

    My point being if you want to take away my guns... then I tell you what. you move to mexico for a year. its gun free! you'll love it! then move to the mexico - texas border and we'll see how long you live.
  20. Ben Gash CLF

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    Wow, you really need to watch news other than Fox.

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