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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by the artist, May 18, 2014.

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    hey guys I am new to kickboxing and I am finding difficulty with my stance, balance and footwork when giving a jap, right hand, hook or an uppercut. I know how they should be done but I still do them wrong.

    so are there are any exercises or methods that can improve my footwork and stance. for example when I was in wing chun to teach me the footwork my teacher gave me a soccer ball and told me to put it between my knees and hold it while moving as an exercise for footwork. also there were lines on the floor to show me where to place my feet and indicate to me if my feet are too wide, too far, too close and other mistakes in foot work,

    is there is any websites or exercises you know similar to that for kickboxing footwork.
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    Skipping is a great exercise to help with footwork as it will help build the strength in your legs to stay on your toes and be lighter on your feet. It also had the additional benefit of improving cardio. You should absolutely do 15-30 minutes of skipping daily if you're planning to be competitive or 15 minutes before a session if you're just a hobbyist.

    Stance correction can only really be done by your instructor. It will come in time.
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    I would say just keep practicing. Once you know your stance well enough to correct it yourself, if you do any shadowboxing or bagwork just pause occasionally and check your stance. Do things slowly so you can pay attention to what your body is doing as you go.
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    they are really good videos

    do you have a you tube channel for more tips like that?
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