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  1. cbraves85

    cbraves85 Valued Member

    Does anyone know the steps that have to be taken to become a amateur or professional kickboxer?
  2. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    Bit of a vague question, but a good start would be to sign up for a good Kickboxing class, such as a decent Muay Thai school, train your butt off and see what comes you way in the form of tournaments etc... after you've put in a good deal of time training of course.
  3. morphus

    morphus Doobrey

    Too right, get in the gym - train & train ..........& train again, enter the tournaments, you'll find your way.
  4. cbraves85

    cbraves85 Valued Member

    What if there are no gyms in the area
  5. johndoch

    johndoch upurs

    If there are no gyms in your area you will obviously need to travel to get to one. You cannot become an amateur kickboxer on your own. I am pretty sure there will be a club near you.
  6. AsSaSiN

    AsSaSiN New Member

    Yup train hard is the best way, but dont rush it. give it time, you might feel like you can hold your own after a few months but thats far from the case
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  7. Bulldog

    Bulldog New Member

    Find the right teacher

    DO NOT, I repeat...DO NOT try to self train yourself in kickboxing.

    If you are serious, try some of the kickboxing organization websites and do a search for regional/state or country reps.
    Or, if you email them, they would probably be able to point you in the right direction...

    Best wishes...

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