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  1. KenpoDavid

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    So Prof. Geary is not the first to feel as he does about the KGS, that is re-assuring.
  2. KGS BBS

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    David stated: {these kind of self-control and anger issues are far too common in the martial arts community don't you think}.

    I say: David, the 'paramedic' thing was mean't as a joke, it's joke, David, nothing more, lol.

    David stated: {Prof. Geary never called it junk, it was Doc's seminar, and he was criticizing Prof. Geary's material. how rude of him OMG!! LOL}.

    I say: No kidd'n, David, I said that in my first post and let's not spin it. You know what you posted and what you quoted Doc as saying about Nick Cerio. That was the brunt of my post. Go back and read it. It was about RESPECT AND SENIORS.

    David stated: {I've heard lots of hilarious stories of guys coming in to Ed Parker's school and telling him just that.}

    I say: Yes, David, "STORIES", as you wrote. Anyone can tell a good 'story' just ask your 'Founder'. Imagine if the general public and the majority of martial artists believed him, lol. I'm not an authority on Ed Parker and I didn't study under him so I suggest you go to Kenponet and bash him there where many of his people are and when you do, don't forget to tell them where you study. They have a right to know where the b.s. is coming from.

    David stated: {difficult to arrange I bet... you know, Prof. Geary tried to get a few minutes of Sijo's time when they were in Hawaii, to treat him to lunch and pay respects, but Sijo Gascon was too busy to acknowldge that he had travelled all the way from Nebraska to his neighborhood}.

    I say: I was expecting you to say this. I was going to answer it in my last post but I decided to wait for you to bring it up. Okay, remember my comment on how pathetic it was to put Doc on the spot? You know, when 'the founder' actually typed out a letter attesting to his extraordinary martial arts ability and asking him to sign it? Remember I said it was awful to put Doc in that position, after all, your instructor was paying him and hosting his seminar? I said some people would sign it reluctently because they don't want to embarrass their host and others are more straight forward? Well, please remember, your instructor was bugging Sijo Gascon for a 7th dan, even asking him if he would promote him and send it in the mail. Bugging to the point of informing Sijo he was going to Hawaii and would get in touch with Sijo so he could promote him. At the time, Geary was being respectful to Sijo Gascon BECAUSE HE WANTED SOMETHING FROM HIM. In other words he was 'kiss'n his butt'. Sijo Gascon had his number by then and knew Geary was simply a 'paper tiger', in one forum someone referred to Geary as a 'paper chaser' but other than that had nothing personal against him. Sijo simply blew him off, it's done everyday. Did a girl ever blow you off? No, David, I didn't mean that way, LOL. Most people simply get the hint and go away as Geary did and resigned from the KGS BBS. Let Geary look him up now because NOW, IT'S PERSONAL! He won't have to fly 12 hours to Hawaii, Gm. Gascon will be in the U.S. this year and very easy to find since his schedule will be posted on the KGS BBS website. Do I wish it comes to that, of course not, but don't ever give the inclination to anyone Gm. Gascon is hiding!

    David stated to me: Then why are you are blowing this one comment about one technique so far out of context that it is almost funny??

    I say" Yes, David, it is funny because your 'founder is being laughed at by true martial arts professionals everywhere and no, don't say their jealous, lol. Some even smile in his face and pat him on the back but after the check clears they laugh all the way to the bank and you know exactly what I'm referring to. David, your the one who blew my comment out of proportion because I only brought it up in my initial post BUT you keep throwing it back at me keeping it alive. By the way, you asked if I knew what technique it was? I really don't give a rat's ass what technique it was. I said it once, I mean't what I said and that's it. You seem to be very sensitve over it. Yes, I was too but I've been trying to move on from it but you won't let me. Let it go.

    David stated: Some of us have taken part in some tournaments, and found them to be a pointless waste of time. I can play tag with my little nephews any time I like. We find tournament style sparring to be uselss in helping us develop in how we want to fight. I don't think this is a unique position...

    I say: Yes, David, I agree with you. Self defense is what the martial arts are all about-the 'war arts'. 'Some' tournaments can suck but let students find this out on their own. It's a good learning experience. However, David, no instructor should be against their students competing just as no instructor should force students to compete. Ask your 'founder' if he ever heard of 'free will'?

    Now David for your second post.

    David stated: So Prof. Geary is not the first to feel as he does about the KGS, that is re-assuring.

    I say: David, remember, I have no lump on the back of my head where I fell off the turnip truck coming over. I have many, many investigations under my belt in 30 years in law enforcement. The name displayed on that guestbook is very similiar to a name displayed on another forum of whom Prof. Rash has identified. He had two suspects at first but something happened which brought it to definitely one individual. I've probably said too much already but who gives a ....right now! The method of writing and the pyschology behind it is identical to someone Prof. Rash uncovered before, proved it, the individual admitted it and apologies were made. I know what's going on, David, I'm not saying you do or have any part of it but my mother didn't raise any fools, I KNOW AND I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT.

    David, in all seriousness. This is not my style, to get into public mudslinging and having to comeback at you at every corner. I don't enjoy it at all. Believe it or not, I don't like knocking Chris either but he is giving us no choice. I know Chris is your instructor and you feel obligated to defend him, I understand that, I'm the same way but this has gone far enough. Trust me David, sometimes to catch a rat, you have to jump in the gutter. I'm approaching that right now and I really don't want to sink to that level, it's not me. HOWEVER, if my back's to the wall and I have to, then I will defend those whom I'm loyal to no matter how muddy it gets. If you want to pm me again, that's fine and if you want a land line, that's fine too, I'll give you my number. Respectfully, Prof Joe
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    KGS BBS website

    The Executive Board of the Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Black Belt Society (KGS BBS) has officially responded in detail to specific allegations directed at them by one, Christopher Geary, on their website at:, and have taken the neccessary appropriate action. If you have any more questions please go through their website. Thank you.
  4. KenpoDavid

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    Actually, he is NOT my instructor. I am studying under Shawn Steiner, at his school. I've probaly had less than 10 lessons with Prof. Geary in the 3.5 years I've been with the schools.

    And who was bashing Ed Parker??? I only mentioend him because you said "nobody ever told these guys to their faces..." when in fact there are many well-known stories of exactly that happening. They pretty much all end with Parker laughing the poor sap out of his school...

    as for the post on KGS site... it's an interesting interpretation for sure, but maybe a bit shrill. You were careful to attribute all of Prof. Geary's stuff, but not so careful when speaking for Prof. Cerio. More than once he is quoted without attribution. So you might add "according to John James, Prof. Cerio said..." or whatever your source was for Cerio's words. Hopefully a more reliable source than James...
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  5. KGS BBS

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    Let it go.........

    David stated: {I've heard lots of hilarious stories of guys coming in to Ed Parker's school and telling him just that.}

    I say; David, that is a 'dig' in my book toward Mr. Parker because now you say this:'They pretty much all end with Parker laughing the poor sap out of his school...' If you posted that with your original statement in the first place that would be different instead of doing it now as an afterthought..... for damage control so the Parker people don't jump on it.

    David stated: as for the post on KGS site... it's an interesting interpretation for sure, but maybe a bit shrill. You were careful to attribute all of Prof. Geary's stuff, but not so careful when speaking for Prof. Cerio. More than once he is quoted without attribution. So you might add "according to John James, Prof. Cerio said..." or whatever your source was for Cerio's words. Hopefully a more reliable source than James..

    I say: David, I can speak in an official capacity for the KGS BBS as their Massachusetts state president. If Nick Cerio's Kenpo, Inc. wishes to make an official statement they are welcome but it's up to them, not me. As far as quoting sources, let me say this and please listen closely. My source for the record came from three people and you are correct about one. He has already publically stated his opninion on Chris in the past. As in police work and in the media some sources ask not to be named and for good reason. They may not want the repercussions. Hello? like paint thinner poured all over their car or worse! Like it didn't happen before, right? When that young girl spoke out, gave a statement and took out a restraining order, right? We all know what happened to her car, don't we? David, I don't give a rat's ass whether you or anyone else believes Nick Cerio said that or not, I believe it, I know other reputable people believe it. You don't want to believe it, fine, we don't care.

    David stated:
    Actually, he is NOT my instructor. I am studying under Shawn Steiner, at his school. I've probaly had less than 10 lessons with Prof. Geary in the 3.5 years I've been with the schools.

    I say: Six of one, half dozen of another. So you say Mr. Geary, your 'Founder' whom you took 10 lessons from is not your instructor, fine, a Mr. Stiener is. Name sounds familiar. Oh ya, that's the guy who was charged along with Chris in the Marco Island papers on the felony warrants. That's different then, lol.

    David, I asked you before, let is go here because it's not going anywhere. If you have any questions or you want to discuss it you can pm me or call me.

    Sincerely, Joe
  6. Joe V.

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    Sensei Joe

    I went on to Geary's site and read his entire auto biography. It was very difficult to NOT TO THROW MY MONITOR THROUGH THE WALL when I was done.
    I believe every school owner has the right to teach whatever they choose... Geary can name it whatever he wants!
    Call it "Geary's Supreme Ultimate Self Defense System of the god's" Passed down to him in a dream from the hands of Boddiharma himself!

    I could have a better chance of believing that than anything your "Founder" has posted on his website.
    You know what would happen in the "Good Ole Days"? Your Founder would be visited by some people who had actually EARNED the title of Professor and a short dance would ensue. Your founder would no longer call himself "professor" and probably spend several weeks healing.

    BUT, the True Martial Artist don't do that anymore. Your founder will be ignored and his students will continue to be led by an unworthy.

    If your group only went to more open tournaments...

    David, please, I implore you! Go to some seminars and tournaments "OUTSIDE OF YOUR GROUP", if you do not want to participate you don't have to. Just go and observe. I guarantee you will be impressed with what you see.
    Your founder is a fake, sorry to be so blunt but that is the truth.
    Anyone can go out and get paper certificates to justify any rank. You can't tell me nor can I believe he is sooooo good that in ten years, he has mastered 4 different Martial Arts.

    Also, we Martial Artists honor and revere the Great Grand Masters and Grand Masters we have learned from. Have you noticed that your founder only feels that way about whomever is giving him rank at the time???? As soon as they promote him AND find out he is a fake and refuse to deal with him anymore. Instantly, they were not worth his loyalty. That fact above all others, should send you running for the hills!

    Don't defend your founder, if you like him fine. The True Martial Artists know he is a fool and has no loyalty or respect for anyone but himself....

    I wish you nothing but the best in your study of the Martial Arts. If you stick with it long enough, you will see what I said is true.
  7. KenpoDavid

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    What is there to discuss? How you twisted my words? Or how much you all hate Prof. Geary? not interested in either really... And are the Cerio people _really_ afraid of repercussions from Prof. Geary LOL very powerful rhetoric you've got there but really nonsense.
  8. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member


    Okay, David, looks like you gone through a personality change, with me anyway. Maybe you're being coerced to answer like that but you sure don't sound like the David in the pm's or the David I corresponded with before on the forums. So here goes.

    Ya, David, it doesn't matter how tough someone is or what their martial arts ability may be BUT your heroes have shown cowardice in the way they handle situations. Anyone can do a 'ninja' attack, get it? Maybe these tough guys of Cerio's as you put it, have daughters, you ever stop to think about that? Maybe a wife or girlfriend, and according to what we know as FACT , your heroes love to harrass and intimidate and threaten women, don't they? Do they beat on them too, David? Just asking but how would you know, you're still drinking the Kool Aid. After all, it's public record, isn't it? A full confession, wasn't it? or did the police beat your heroes with a rubber hose? lol. Did you see the post by a Joe V., believe me, I had nothing to do with that, I saw it probably when you saw it but my point is, that's what the martial arts world thinks of your heroes! With the exceptions of those laughing all the way to the bank when Chris writes them those big fat checks! I don't hate people, I hate the things people do. Well, there's some people that have done things that shock the conscience that I would say I hate but Chris isn't one of them by any means. He just has to grow up a little (an understatement) if he wishes to truly succeed in the arts because as JoeV. says and I'll elaborate on it a little more; Time either makes you or breaks you or in JoeV's words exposes you. Here end of the lesson. David, if you're going to have that attitude toward me, fine, your perrogative but I appreciate it if you don't correspond with me again in any way, shape or form. I think you're going to have your hands full anyway with JoeV., lol. You told me you were an intelligent guy and you usually make sure you don't get involved with 'Professor' Geary's dirty laundry! Why the change? I do think you're being coerced, grow some balls and stand up to him, will you! You'll look back someday and see..............
  9. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    One of David's pm's: 'Doc told me lots of things about lots of guys in private that I can't repeat. Including his real opinion of Prof. Geary and Nick Cerio and Larry Tatum etc etc.'

    Does it look like I twisted things now! David, I wouldn't do this but you drew first blood by calling me a liar so go head and post what I wrote if you want. I'll make it easier, I stated I didn't agree with everything Nick Cerio did, I didn't, especially the promotion to Geary to shodan in which he later recinded. I stated I have my own feeling toward Larry Tatum, I do, nothing personal, but things like the Black Belt Video program and so forth. I don't agree with that no matter who does it! I've already expressed myself on that a while ago on Kenponet and MartialTalk but wait, David, I'll be back with another twist as you put it, direct from your keyboard!
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    Let it go, David, just let it go!!!

    Hey David, did I twist this one from my hotmail:

    From : David Carnley <>
    Sent : Thursday, January 19, 2006 3:58 PM
    To :
    Subject : hey there

    | | | Inbox

    Being a little bit smart I almost always stay out of Prof. Geary's dirty laundry fights, I'm not sure how you sucked me into this one LOL!!!!

    Take Care

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    Let it go, David, just let it go!!!

    Private Message: other stuff
    18-Jan-2006, 07:44 PM
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    other stuff


    Doc told me lots of things about lots of guys in private that I can't repeat. Including his real opinion of Prof. Geary and Nick Cerio and Larry Tatum etc etc.

    How long have you been training? Do you even know your THAC0?

    I'm a good guy David but when someone crosses the line with me...................
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  12. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    NCK Family Tree

    There you go David, don't see Geary's name under the G's , do we? Be right back have to check something else!

    Welcome to the Nick Cerio's Kenpo family tree of Black Belts. This list includes all known people who received their black belts directly from Professor Cerio. This means that Professor Cerio was there primary instructor. If you had Professor Cerio present at your test but you were a student of another NCK instructor then your name does not appear on this list. It should be included on your Instructor's Family Tree. All students who obtained their Black Belt from a person listed on this page should be listed on that Instructors Family Tree in their school or on their website.

    Family Tree Key

    (*) = Black Belts certified and authorized to teach Nick Cerio's Kenpo
    (as listed by Professor Cerio in the Master's Text - ©1997)
    (**) = Original Executive Board Members appointed by Professor Nick Cerio in 1996
    (@) = Black Belts ranked in American Kenpo
    (not to be confused with Ed Parker's American Kenpo (EPAK)
    Click on the letter below for the desired names.

    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


    Gaccione, Louis (@)
    Gaul, Ed
    Gelosmino, Joe
    Gerongio, Steve (@)
    Gianferante, Allan
    Gilman, Debra L. (@)
    Gilman, Michael (@)
    Gladstone, Jeffery S.
    Glendenning, John
    Gois, Paul
    Golden, Mark
    Gomes, Jack
    Gomes, Dennis (*)
    Gordill, Phil (@)
    Gordill, Robert (@)
    Greenless, Jay
    Gregory, Bill
    Gremour, Ed
    Grenier, Robald
    Griffin, John E.
  13. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    KGS BBS Official statement:

    Here we go David, right off the KGS BBS website. Unfortunately, Professor Nick Cerio is dead. God bless him, but Great Grandmaster Victor 'Sonny' Gascon is very much alive and kicking, God bless him, so if you have a problem with what is written below please take it to his face! I'll be sure to send you our 2006 schedule on the mainland as soon as its put together.

    Late 2005
    Geary resigns and now condemns the KGS BBS.
    Geary, however tried unsuccessfully to get us to return dozens of times over the course of the year. After I read Geary's website, I decided to read his autobiography closely.
    We, like some, did not find him to be an Adonis of a man. Some guy actually calls him an Adonis of a man. Apparently he survived Jonestown and is looking for another leader.
    We have all the original content on file. Many of you got copies before this posting or read his site already. After researching Geary and using his autobiography as a resource we find his original rank was obtained by fraudulent means.
    GM Victor "Sonny" Gascon officially strips Christopher N. Geary of his Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu rank and teaching certificate.
    With over 50 years in the martial arts, GM Victor "Sonny" Gascon has never taken rank back from anyone. There have been arguments in the past and GM Gascon said to these people if you condemn me, send back the rank from me. None of them did. To date, no one has had a disagreement with GM Gascon has ever talked to him face to face. No one. For the record, those few that called themselves direct students and broke away from him, NEVER took a single lesson from him. Todd Monis, who signed Geary's guestbook supporting him and condemning the KGS BBS, still calls himself a direct student of Sonny Gascon on his website and that he was inducted into the KGS BBS. Prof. Rash has an e-mail from Monis asking to be able to come back into the KGS BBS months after he resigned. Guess he forgot that he sent it.
    As far as the stripping of rank:
    Christopher N. Geary is the first and only person ever to be dishonored in this manner. Christopher N. Geary also has the dubious distinction of being the only person to be stripped of rank by Professor Cerio.
  14. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member


    Gee, guys, do we see a pattern here with Professor Geary? Nawwwww....just my imagination, lol.

    David, you're not going to play two ends against the middle with me, I've been around too long for that B.S. Try someone else. Maybe you can pull the wool over Geary and Steiner's eyes but not mine.
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  15. floridawarrant

    floridawarrant New Member

    Prof. Shuras,
    you are obviously a real up front guy.
    The KGS BBS guys always post where they will be. I noticed Geary does not.
    I suggest that perhaps Geary post his itinerary.
    Reading the 2 web sites I noticed that the KGS BBS has several Karate/ Kick boxing world champions in their stable.
    Paula Pucino, Dennis Passereti, John Levesque, Mike Luster, Larry Martin.And probably more that I do not recognize their names yet. All members of your group.
    Also that you guys have done seminars all around the United States.
    Perhaps Geary could get together with the KGS BBS members and show them the light?
    That would be real entertaining. I'd pay to see it.
    Prof. Shuras I will e mail you, I met you in Mass. about a year ago.
  16. Joe V.

    Joe V. Valued Member

    Please don't misunderstand me, I do not hate Geary. I PITY Geary. He obviously needs the approval of others to maintain his self worth. Look at the record. He is constantly searching for others approval in order to find gratification. If Geary is such a great Martial Artist let him do what every other LEGITIMATE Martial Artist did... Teach for 25 or 30 years. Produce students that eventually become better than their Master... Produce students that create their own systems... Produce students that become champions at the National or Regional level... Last but not least, pass on the tradition of humility towards your fellow man and respect for your elders in the Martial Arts... THEN he can call himself "Professor" and I don't think anyone on this or any future forum would have anything to say except "congratulations" There are no short cuts in the Martial Arts. Time makes you or exposes you in the Martial Arts. There are no cheat-codes, no fast forwarding, no get out of jail free cards. Geary hasn't learned any of this yet. I don't hate him I pity him. He has just blown any chance of becoming a respected Senior in the Martial Arts. He has cut off his nose to spite his face! Time will show him up.
    I am sorry I didn't understand the part about "reprecussion from Geary"
  17. Doc C.

    Doc C. Valued Member

    Man I wish I knew who you were. Is that you Joe? Anyway you're correct. I didn't say anything negative about GM Cerio. What I said was Geary was trying to do what Cerio would have done, but he (Geary) was doing it badly (junk), and I stand by the statement.

    As for the "letter," it was written by Mr. Angell and signed by me. Read it carefully. I'm an old cop as you know, and I'm very careful about what I sign and endorse. :)

    I would never get in front of a group and disparage another instructor even if I thought what he was doing is "junk." I was giving Geary a hint in a private session, but apparently, he didn't hear it which doesn't surprise me.

    Don't be too hard on David. He's good people and could have said things a tad better, but I know he meant know harm. I met some really great people up there, and he and Shawn are the best. Good martial artist with open minds to learn new things, and humble as they come.

    If there is anything else, email me. I haven't read anything else, and I don't get over here very often. I can only write as much as I do on one forum.

    Thanks for listening and I apologize for any misunderstanding.
  18. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    Hi Doc!

    Hi Doc, ya, that's me, Doc! lol. I am upset as you can tell and it takes a lot for me to blow up like this. As you can see from my posts, I found it hard to believe that you had said any disparaging remarks about a fellow senior and I have made that perfectly clear to everyone or at least I hope I did. I'm sure you read David's post and he did not explain it like you just clarified and your clarification is the Doc I know! He made it sound very negative in anyone's viewpoint and I feel he mean't it to come out that way due to his instructors' problem with Prof. Nick Cerio and another seperate issue regarding NCK. I don't know if you are aware but there is a Nick Cerio Kenpo school in Omaha. It is run by a helluva nice guy and skilled martial artist from what I have been told by someone I totally trust. Hanshi Craig Seavey, co-head of NCK and the instructor who groomed to Black Belt and beyond. Craig and I have been friends for over 30 years. This NCK instructor in Omaha was allegedly burned by Mr. Geary in a business deal to run one of Geary's schools and NCK took him in. Chris told me his side in a phone converstation and I also heard the other side. I am not passing judgement either way on a public forum because as far as I'm concerned it's really none of my business. I'm bringing this much of it up just to clarify to you why I believe that remark by David about Cerio was purposely worded that way. These two schools are obviously arch rivals.

    I have never said anything against the abilities of Geary or Steiner soley because I have never seen them do anything. Even if I did and it were negative, I would not comment on a public forum, I stay away from that b.s. The only thing I stated on this forum was that by looking at the techniques he posted and explained on his website, it was my opinion he was essentially teaching the 'surface arts'. Many in the past started out teaching the surface arts and then took MANY YEARS to evolve to higher levels of understanding and techniques. This is not a reach by me. He has not been studying the arts that long and when you take into account how long he has studied under a qualified instructor, it's even less, much less. The term 'self taught' rings a bell. This was deduced from his own autobiography. I am not even going to pass judgement on that BUT here's where everyone is up and arms about. For his time in grade he has propelled himself to martial arts superstar status if you read his websites. I have to agree with JoeV., humility is not in his vocabulary. You know though, that is just something we'd laugh about behind closed doors but here's the problem. Now, anyone can have a blowout with an instructor, you hear about it all the time and it's usually over personal politics but Geary has taken those blowouts to a whole new level by disparaging remarks about their character and making allegations that have no merit, not to mention he waited until one man, Cerio, passed away before he started in on him. Geary's blowouts do not occur over politics, they occur when he doesn't get what he wants from an instructor and that's rank. At least, that's what the timing of these events show beyond any reasonable doubt by a reasonable person. This is very obvious with both Nick Cerio and Sonny Gascon. If you think about it, it started originally with United Studios of Self Defense. Geary has to learn that rank is something you wear, RESPECT is something you EARN and that comes with time. Respect is also a two way street.

    Doc, you stated: As for the "letter," it was written by Mr. Angell and signed by me. Read it carefully. I'm an old cop as you know, and I'm very careful about what I sign and endorse.

    Okay, I'll reread it again but it still makes people suspicious of Geary because the letter was written by Angel. David wrote in a post that the letter was written by Geary but regardless, if I were to do that (which I wouldn't, let me make that clear,lol) I would have had asked you to write the whole thing out. Know what I mean? I wouldn't have another nstructor whom I know endorses me write it and give it to you to sign. It's 'misleading' to say the least on Geary's part.

    Lastly, my correspondence with David has always been cordial until of late and I have told him I thought he was good people. However, he seemed to make a turnaround and stated that I twisted what he said as if to call me a liar. His responses appeared cocky and arrogant and that's when he crossed the line with me. In my opinion, he drew first blood. David has to realize that if his 'founder' is going to go and publically slander the older respected seniors who have 'made their bones' then this is the fallout he should expect. Remember, slander is only when something has not been proved or can't be proved. Any negative things said about Geary and Steiner have come from public record and Geary's own signed confession.

    Doc, Take care & be Safe, with Respect, Joe
  19. KGS BBS

    KGS BBS Valued Member

    Thank You!

    Thank you very much, "FloridaWarrant" (love that one!,lol) Your comments are deeply appreciated. I will check my private e-mail. Thanks again, my Brother. Sincerely, Joe
  20. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    Wow, you had a busy day, Joe! Where do you find the time... But let me correct a few things you've said.

    I never called you a liar. I did say you were twisting my words and I still feel like you have.

    I explained that Chapel was describing Geary's performance of a technique that reminded Chapel of how Cerio did things. Which is exaclty what Chapel just said.

    Your feelings about how or why I word something are just that - your feelings. I have nothing against Tom Scott, never met him (I almost did but he stood me up one morning). I could not care any less what he or his school is doing. But logically answer this: Tom got his shodan from Prof. Geary. He's had mostly video instruction and seminars since then. How good could he really be, given your opinion of Geary's ability and the efficacy of distance learning???

    "Allegedly burned by" - is that synonmous with "broke his contract and got sued by"?? That must be cop-talk or something :)

    PLEASE read my posts carefully. I've never posted anything, anywhere, ever where Prof. Geary said ANYTHING about Nick Cerio!!! See how you twist it up??? I also have not "defended" Prof. Geary's history or writings on his web site, I've never claimed he was my "hero", I've never made any claim that he was any kind of martial artist, good or bad (much to his annoyance I assure you). All I've tried to do in this resurrection of this old thread is to correct the mis-statements you are making about ME and what I write.

    I NEVER said that Geary wrote that letter. I said he "asked Doc to sign it". YOU assumed that Geary wrote it becasue it served your agenda to do so.

    My personality has not changed, but my patience with and desire to be understood by and liked by Prof. Joe Shuras has. Nobody coerced me to write any of this. Except you, Joe, by intentionally trying to make me look bad, by twisting my words and playing loose with the truth.

    Is it really true that the KGS has never taken rank back? I think that is not true. Is Bruce Corrigan still ranked by KGS? I'm not calling you a liar, I'm just aksing if what was posted is accurate. It seems like the truth was embellsihed a bit. Oh yeah, Geary did not give himself the title of Professor. that came from the guys at HMAIS - Jamie Abregana (sp?) and John Pagdilao.

    If Geary's technique is as bad as they now say, then how did Gascon and Rash look at a video tape of him and decide to promote him to 6th??? Can they tell good from bad? There's really only 3 ways to explain it: (1) Geary is not as bad as they now say and in fact performed at 6th dan ability; (2) Gascon and Rash cannot discern between a proper 6th and a "fraud"; (3) they did not care if he was any good or not and they promoted him anyway for their own reasons that I will not guess at. Is there any other way to reconcile it??????????????? What am I missing???

    "tough guys of Cerio's as you put it" where did I write that??? Is this twisting my words or putting words in my mouth? And do you REALLY think that Prof. Geary would fly to new england to harass somebody's wife or daughter??? That is really low-class mud-slinging at its worst. I should be just as afraid that you would use your back-channel cop connections (the ones that make you privvy to secret facts not in the public records in Florida) to make trouble for me with my local PD.

    For the record, can you guys tell me exactly how a progression to 9th or higher SHOULD be done? Perhaps you could use Mike Rash as an example. Let's start with him being 2nd degree in the early 90s - how did it go from there - 7 stripes in 10 years, I thought that was too fast??? Or George Pesare... how did his rank progression go again, I'm a bit fuzzy on the details between his purple and 9th dan... In Hawaiin Kempo do kyu ranked guys often hand out advanced dans (Pesare->Cerio)??

    It boils down to this for me: Geary posted some things about the KGS that the KGS didn't like. He said it was run poorly and disorganized, mis-managed and unresponsive, and that the KGS didn't really provide any value to the students (I know, I am one... I got a cool patch and certificate for my $24 and that's all I ever heard from you guys. $24 is a godo price for a cert and patch I thought). That's about it. Here is the link for anyone who wants to see what started this feud

    In response the KGS has decided that they want to completely discredit Prof. Geary. And so across the internet you and other KGS cronies have pursued me and him, posting shrill, hateful, exaggerated and embellished personal attacks against us both. I'm just a student at one of his schools LOL! but, I am just about the only CNG's student that you can get at on the internet, so I guess I make a convenient target of opportunity.

    Finally, I think it is disgustingly hypocritical of YOU to criticize me for repeating one line from a session with Doc Chapel, and then to come here and post 2 or 3 private e-mails between you and me. Justify it how you like, it was hypocritical and low-class and I expected better from you.
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