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  1. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    Yes they gotta quit LARPing, and right soon!
  2. Kenpo_Iz_Active

    Kenpo_Iz_Active Greek Warrior-not 300

    yes, i have 2. One empty hand, and one with escrima sticks (i think they're called arnis).

    yup. that's why most forms are easier to remember.
  3. K3MP0

    K3MP0 New Member

    I wonder wat they are like. I guess every form was made up by someone once.

    David, as kinda the senior Kempo guy here, what do you think of people making up their own kata or changing kata compared to the way their sifu taught them?
  4. Kenpo_Iz_Active

    Kenpo_Iz_Active Greek Warrior-not 300

    well, i think they're not bad. i don't plan on revising them at all, anyways. what's wrong w/ making katas? Larry Tatum, Ed Parker, Tracy Bros. all did.
    BTW, Kenpo instructors aren't called sifu. they shouldn't be called sensei's either.
  5. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    That is true of Parker's kenpo and Tracy's and their various children, but not true of the kaju/pesare/cerio offspring.
  6. KenpoDavid

    KenpoDavid Working Title

    if you mean me, I might be senior in number of posts but I am not senior in rank...

    I do have an opinoin of that, but it shouldn't carry any weight with anyone who is not in my class LOL.
  7. Nuck Chorris

    Nuck Chorris I prefer North South

    Which is why I don't think of them as Ke?po. They are Kajukenbo or some distorted form of Kajukenbo.
  8. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Sensei is the closest thing to what a Ken/mpo instructor should be called.
  9. Nuck Chorris

    Nuck Chorris I prefer North South

    Or "fraud" but I guess it depends on who you trained with.
  10. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Yeah, it does. That goes for any system though...not just Ken/mpo.
  11. blindside

    blindside Valued Member

    The only I can see for this statement is how Ed Parker lineages use an academic naming system for their advanced belt ranks. I'd then point out that that one of the most widely respected senior EPAK kenpoists out there goes by the title "Sigung."

    Obviously Ed Parker's desires on this only apply within his brand of kenpo, and means precisely diddly for other lineages, including offshoot lineages from Parker (like the Tracy's) all of which tend to have "kenpo" in their name.

  12. John Bishop

    John Bishop Valued Member

    People tend to get way to hung up about what "proper titles" are. Titles are only important within the system they are used. The title "grandmaster" in one system may be someone who is 5th or 6th degree. In another system it may be someone who is 9th or 10th degree. And in another system a 9th or 10th degree may just use the title "sifu" or "sensei".
    There are no "right" titles across the board for kenpo systems. American kenpo practitioners may just use "Mr" or "Mrs". Or some academic title. Some may claim Japanese heritage or lineage, and use Japanese titles. Others may claim a lineage all the way to the Shaolin Temple, and insist on using Chinese titles.
    I know one guy who likes to use the title "headmaster" because it sounds like the head of a private ivy league type school. And then there's another friend who refers to himself as a "urban monk". So like I said, titles are only important to people within the same system. And all "kenpo" is not the same system. Just as all "karate" is not the same system.
  13. RevIV

    RevIV Valued Member


    Good paragraph Mr. Bishop. One thing seems to be constant, people care way to much about what others are doing. I have been titled by two different "Heads" of organizations. One saw fit to title "Master" the other "Sifu". I go by another. And as long as the student talking to me is respectful i really dont mind what they call me.. Mr., sir, sensei - its in the tone of the conversation.
  14. Raven001

    Raven001 New Member

    Some systems of kenpo have way too many forms. I think for some people its a good thing as maybe thats what they are good at and enjoy but for others it can be a real struggle to remember.
    I did tracys kenpo for awhile and believe that the numbered forms are good as they are based off all the techniques you have already learned but others like pantherset, tiger&crane,darkroom staff,skylightstaff,little tiger, #1 sword set etc. are a waste of time. Especially the weapon forms as your really not learning how to use it properly.
    And about breaking down katas to learn the self defence aspects why? your learning kenpo where the main part of the system is to teach self defence technques. Do you really need to look at Panther Set or Tiger & Crane to find its applications, your time is better spent learning how to use the ones you know.

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