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Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by BGile, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Hi, Could you point me to the earlier post, maybe I can clear up some muddied water, or not :D

    Tahoe was great. Thanks for asking. I went to the "Horizon" for a magic Show that was outstanding. Those guys with their slight of hand have some great skills, that are very martial art related, I'd think.
    Reminds me of some of the earlier (MA) stuff that some grew up on thinking it was real. :D Still out there in some circles...Kempofist understands ;)

  2. DAnjo

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    Wow, Gary's back from the great beyond. Is this the real Gary, or are you chanelling yourself through a medium?
  3. BGile

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    I am honored ;)

  4. Rabu

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    I asked John Bishop and Danjo about Mr Bishop's book and whether it had information on Mr Bishop's childhood. I had done so on one of your threads where the usage of the term 'kempoka' was being discussed.

    (I asked some friends from Japan, who were once 8 year old children in Japan, training martial arts..they hadnt heard the term 'kenshi' used for unarmed practice at all...in fact, they barely had heard of Kem/npo...before coming to the US...Doesnt mean a thing, just trying to say I want to follow up and check my facts rather than simply accept or deny. And actually, it supports the points which John Bishop was posting and I have been reading on the Seinenkai website regarding the 'migration' of art from Hawaii to Japan and back again)

    It sounded like from his post that he was fairly blessed with a martial family who was supportive of his studies.

    I suppose I could just look through the forum to see if there was a review of the book somewhere or a flier, but I thought asking the source would be an opening to learning more.

    I am not really interested in books with lots of pictures of people performing techniques. But would be interested in a book with historical pictures and thick text.

    Certainly I have found the exchanges on Kem/npo and the other related arts insightful and enjoyable. (This is why I keep saying I enjoy the conversations)

    I dont find too much dissimiliar with Chinese arts actually. Plenty of people out there doing the same silly and interesting things as in the ken/mpo community.

    I think Danjo was suggesting I was Bgile...Sadly..I am only 36, and live in Madison, not wherever Bgile lives. My profile actually contains my real life information, I sign my real name at the bottom of my posts. If you would like, I can PM you my phone number so you can chat me on the phone.

    Best regards,

  5. John Bishop

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    My book focuses on the Kajukenbo system. A comprehensive description of the history, techniques, and people of Kajukenbo. Their are only biographies of the five founders and first 3 Kajukenbo instructors.
    The only information in the book about me is a page or so "about the author". It's the same information that's on my website.
  6. Rabu

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    Mr Bishop,

    Thank you!

    From what you say, it still sounds like it contains more meat than pretty pictures. I will set aside cash as I can and purchase when the little pile hits critical mass.

    Please continue to offer what you have learned. Whether I have said it well enough to be heard, your posts are appreciated for your insight by me.

    Best regards,

  7. BGile

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    Thanks for the information.
    I would be glad to hear from you on PM.

    John Bishop has actually given out quite a bit of information on his website.
    Good location, I have enjoyed reading it.

    As far as others knowing much about their own culture I have found it similar as to your statement, really does not mean much.

    So many find it much more interesting to read and talk about other cultures. Seems many are ignorant of what occured outside of the propaganda shovled their way.

    Interesting conversation going on at another forum about the information concerning the two man set (Chinese) that was taught to EPSr. and where it came from (Hung Gar).

    Danjo likes to keep up the personal attacks I have noticed. Since he is able to with quite amount of abandon, is interesting. I have noticed "Slipthejab" does the same type of debating (must be a school teaching that tech).

    Back to the original topic:

    It is with a purpose that I post the fact that Kosho Ryu Kem/npo was mentioned many times in various locations before the prison term of Mitose.
    For that is one of the topics to accuse Bruce Juchnick and others that it is the first location to have heard about it.

    When reading about the date and time of most of this news regarding the various Martial Arts secret activity it come's up quite a bit when information is devulged to some and not others.

    Makes for irritated people who are not shown the so called secret info. I have read the same thing about many of the other arts, Bruce Lee comes to mind and the problems with his teacher and his lack of knowledge when leaving with only some and not as much as others. Many have mentioned that Bruce Lee did not recieve all the workout on the "Wooden Dummy" ( Wing Chun) that was available. Many were not as organized as schools are today, regarding the same information at each stage.

    Later Larry Hartsell, wrote a book and gave the information that was not given to Bruce Lee.

    Most who have studied (as you mention) other MA find the same situation...Very common. Why?

    We are dealing with humans and they are similar, rather than "not". Movement in the human body, is very similar rather than different also.


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