Judo For Self-Defense On The Street

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Is Judo Good for Self-Defense or Nah?

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  1. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Yeah years of having them caressed by attractive women has created a layer of sturdy callousing.

    You can ignore a lot of pain when your mind is focussed elsewhere. It's not as if you can get a straight shot on a guys nuts in those positions anyway. I'm more concerned about protecting my head in guard when doing MMA which is why I'm aiming to control posture and cutt off striking options through head positioning and limb control.
  2. WarriorMonk7

    WarriorMonk7 Valued Member

    LOL - okay then.

    Yeah - maybe there's something to the BJJ thing. Maybe I'll give it another try.
  3. WarriorMonk7

    WarriorMonk7 Valued Member

    Protect your boys though, gentlemen.
  4. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Or CSW or Luta or catch.

    I wouldn't do it unless you enjoy it though. Life's too short.
  5. EdiSco

    EdiSco Likes his anonymity

    LOL! I too, intend to incorporate this conditioning methodology in my martial arts regime! I've been missing out :eek: :happy:
  6. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I think groin shots are overrated.

    A legitimate target, but not a primary one.

    I'd say groin shots are a legitimate target in an E.T.G.S programme, but it's not something I focus on, even in my SD sessions.
  7. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Definitely a legit target in certain circumstances/positions.

    What's an ETGS?
  8. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    I always find it interesting, that people say from themselves they're very good in their "fill in MA" and yet thinks it's always easy to even get to the groin.

    I mean - I know I am not that great and everything, but I would having a hard EDIT: Time! A hard time! :p to get to the groin.
    I actually have been told several times not to try too hard to get there, because it's rather easy to protect, if you know what you're doing.
    And seen it during training as well.

    I can only speak of the clubs I was and/ or still attend: But it none of these clubs my partner stood in front of me, with the legs wide open.

    Same on the ground: There wouldn't be many chances, to even reach the nuts.
    They don't "sit there" just waiting for you to get to the groin; there isn't even enough space most of the time.

    Nut shots might be nice in a SD-situation when they offer themselves but actively seeking them and therefore neglect other things seems really daft to me.
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  9. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    A hard what?
  10. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Escape To Gain Safety



    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an28srsdEz0"]Union New Jersey DefensiveFit Martial Arts and Self Defense - YouTube[/ame]

    Hannibal does an ETGS programme, so his opinion will be interesting.

    A brief clip of Hannibal and you'll see the board to his right with ETGS on it.

    It's worth checking out his You Tube channel and watching the entire seminar, as you'll definitely get some great tips from it.

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPgnewwLsQ0"]JKD Athletic Association - Old Folks Self Defence clip - YouTube[/ame]
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  11. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    I'm in a slightly different place on this

    I feel that groin shots are very valid and high percentage IF:
    - Used in the appropriate situation (not mount or closed guard)
    - The set ups are trained
    - The way of striking the groin is trained

    I see too many people saying "A groin shot is easy and will fell any (insert MA here) player", and in my view no technique falls into this category including all the dirty tricks out there

    Like any technique: for it to be effective and reliable it needs study and practice

    But I also see too many people saying "Well they're easy to defend" when they haven't tried defending against someone who knows how to set them up, when they're appropriate and how to perform the strike. Relatively few arts use them so these factors are not really trained much

    Please note: I'm not suggesting that that's the case for your post, just making a general point
  12. Knee Rider

    Knee Rider Valued Member Supporter

    Cheers mate. I meant to be packing for a camping holiday right now so will check those links later!
  13. Dunc

    Dunc Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    And if you're interested this is a topic I tried my best to convey at the MAP Meet - there's a short clip that Simon posted showing one way of doing it
  14. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMoE7YHTo9Q"]dunc fine tuning some footwork and balance issues - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Latikos

    Latikos Valued Member

    Oh my :eek: :D
    I mean: That was exactly my plan! :yeleyes:

    People may forgive me, if I edit my post and add "time" there :D

    Fair enough and makes sense!

    I admit, I mainly reacted to the: "Just go for the groin, it's always easy" and neglected the "if properly trained"-part myself here.
  16. philosoraptor

    philosoraptor carnivore in a top hat Supporter

    As long as it's not 'on'!
  17. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    A) most UFC fighters are American or Brazilian. If you look at European and Asian fighters Judo is more common.
    B) most high level Judoka are contracted to their national judo organisation as professional athletes and may well compete in 3 Olympic games. Ronda is somewhat unique as she was A) fairly young when she won her Olympic medal and B) had become someone bored of the Judo life once she'd won the medal.
  18. Ben Gash CLF

    Ben Gash CLF Valued Member

    Only if the other guy is really sucky at mount. If he's in a low to mid mount you shouldn't be able to reach without getting arm barred, and if he's in high mount you shouldn't be able to get your arms down to punch.
    You really shouldn't be able to do that to a black belt's guard, but anyway for self defence closed guard is not what you should be using unless the fight is going very badly. For self defence you should be using spider guard or shin on chest guard. The scenario you describe works both ways, the guy on the bottom is also not kicking you in the face.
  19. Alansmurf

    Alansmurf Aspire to Inspire before you Expire Supporter

    Easy answer attend a training day with JWT ...

    That is SD training with protection ....

    Very difficult to get throws off in an enclosed enviroment

    try ..

    Pressure test it

    Smurf (Retired)
  20. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter


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