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Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by mhyst, Feb 12, 2005.

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    Welcome Markus
  2. KogenRyuGuy

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    Thought I'd check out the Ju-Jitsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Delete as per preference thread and see what people are taking about..
    New to this forum so kind of saying hello at the same time.
    Not had a massive jj background as spent many moons with other fun styles, but the past few years I have been seriously enjoying my current club. My sensei is currently holding the mantle of Kogen Ryu master after inheriting it from the late great Sensei David Brown so I know there is some good heritage in there.
    But the most important thing is I love it!!
    Mainly traditional style but with a lot of current application chucked in I find it very practical combined with my existing knowledge of Wng Chun and Greco-Roman. Good club, great people and amazingly within walking distance of my front door. Even got both my sons training with me. Hoping to discover next weekend wether I am now a brown belt so fingers crossed on that one.
    Hope I ain't bored anyone...
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    Welcome on board buddy ...and the best part about your intro ...you are enjoying training....thats what its all about ..

  4. vaysh

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    Hello I’ve restarted Kempo ju jitsu after a break of a few years, having being giving shotokan karate a go.
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  5. Jason Brinn

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    Hello everyone,

    I am Jason Brinn online and Jason Brinn in real life too! Most of my life has been dedicated to the Japanese martial arts of Jujutsu and Karate. I train Daito ryu Aikijujutsu and the Karate style is called Goju-Shorin. I have also studied Shorinji ryu, Iaijutsu, Ninjutsu and Judo. I am excited to be here and learn from all of you!
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    Welcome on board buddy
    Where do you hail from

  7. shotokanAikiJujistu

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    hey guys thought id say hello and give a break down of what i study i study currently and practice judo bjj and nogi freestyle wrestling i also study some older arts of aikido/buginkan and katori shinto ryu as well as jojitsu and used to do kick boxing but seriously thinking i might add capoeira
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  8. Dead_pool

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    Do you practise KSR at a school?

    It's a very rare art outside of Japan.
  9. Donald McIntyre

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    Hi I was a black belt 2nd dan kempo jujitsu and black sash Ti Che yin now in my mind 60 I suffer now with bad lower spine problems and diabetes but can still hold my self as the jujitsu I learned taught as to do all technical locks standing up sitting down and lying down with no rules
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  10. Kevin Gaynor

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    Just joined wasn't sure how active this community is guess I'll find out! I've been studying Ju Jitsu on and off since 1993 but been at it solidly since 2010 training three times per week. Hope this finds you all well. I also train Kobudo and Hojojutsu.
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    Welcome! This section isn't always the most active, but the General Discussion area tends to have several active threads every day.
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    Thank you will be sure to check it out!
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    Welcome buddy

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