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    Tuesday, January 25, 2022 -

    In the morning at home before work -

    Did my TCC test format forms. Were broken up between getting ready for work.
    25 Min

    8:25 p.m. - Taking a break from "Wooden Dummy/ Wall bag" night on Tuesdays until Omicron calms down a bit. Back to not being inside school at all or touching things in it.
    Honestly, I can't remember what I did, since I have worked out two nights since then.

    Left at 9:10

    1 Hour and 10 Minutes

    Wednesday, January 26, 2022 -

    6:30 - CLF format with Ms. M. Ms. R couldn't make it. Chau Sot Staff, Throat Locking Spear, Moi Fa Broadsword, Bot Gwa Butterfly Knives. Hung Sing Stick/ Flute, Small 5 Animal, 9 Star two person (solo style), Ping Kuen, Sup Ji Kau Dam Siu Moi Fa, Sup Ji Jit Fu, Formal Exercise, Hand Breaking Fan, Golden Leopard Vs Tiger two person (solo style), Ng Lun Ma and Ng Lun Choi Shaolin 5 Animal Wooden Dummy and Wall bag in the air.

    Somehow, I realized after I got home that somehow we missed doing 3 section staff. I turn cards to do the forms in random order. I need to see if that card is missing.

    Finished at 7:54. Timing is on track. I didn't have the major brain lapses, just a couple of minor ones.

    Mrs. M and I then went through what she knows of the TCC double fan a couple of times.

    Solo practice- TCC format. Kwan-Yin Seated, Kwan Dao, 5 Element broadsword, 5 Element Yin Yang palm, and double cudgels.

    I did a couple of other things too, but can't remember what.

    Left at 9:25

    2 Hours and 55 MInutes
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    Thursday, January 27, 2022 -

    6:30 - TCC test format. Kwan Yin Seated, Kwan Dao, Broadsword, Double Cudgels, and Yin Yang palm.

    7:00 - Tai Sifu CLF class. He detailed out Siu Sup Ji, Chau Sot and Gung Ji in great detail. Then to a lesser extent, Forms 1 and 2. (Tsop Choi and Poon Kiu)

    8:00 - Talked to Tai Sifu a bit about a form in TCC that will be in my next level curriculum. Chatted a bit with a fellow student about her test preparation. TCC Fajing form, Lohan Taming Tiger.

    8:30 - TCC test format again. Went really well! Something kicked in and the Seated form, I just felt some confidence while doing it. Tai Sifu came over to talk to my instructor for a minute and gave some input on the seated form. But he was happy with what he saw overall. First night everything felt test ready when doing it.
    That is two good formats in a row. Two more to be test ready!

    School closed at 9:00

    2 hours and 30 minutes
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    Friday, January 28, 2022 -

    5:25 - warmed up with 18 Lohan. Ms. M and Ms. B showed up and joined in as I was warming up.

    5:30- Two person practice with Ms. B and Ms. M. We ran through solo versions of all the two person sets in our curriculum. Both sides. 9 Star, Golden Leopard vs Tiger, Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern, two person staff, Broadsword vs Spear. It went pretty well for me. Then we practiced with contact some of the weapon forms. We can't do hand forms right now due to Covid. Ms. B is learning the Broadsword side with contact, so Ms. M and I took turns being her partner. Then we did some two person staff.

    6:30 - Advanced TCC class with Tai Sifu. Solo work on Two person saber. 48 Combination form. I had to leave the class halfway through because...........

    7:00 CLF private lesson. We can't always move my lesson so that I can go to all of the advanced TCC class. Between my schedule and my instructors. He is very accommodating and we are moving it when possible. Tonight was not possible.

    Ping Kuen, Hand Breaking Fan. Working on fixing my footwork still. Some other small things, but that is the main one right now.

    Had a discussion about some details that need input from Tai Sifu and Tai Sigung. After my lesson ended.

    7:40ish - Solo practice. Ran through my TCC format. Double Cudgels, Yin Yang hand form, Kwan-Yin seated, Broadsword and Kwan- Dao. It went well. It is all coming together at the right time. Then Lohan Taming Tiger, TCC Cane, Plum Blossom Gim and the beginning of the TCC double ended staff form. I am trying to pick up what I can from a couple of videos. Get a jump start on it. It will be in my curriculum after the next test in TCC. This form is really going to help with getting more energy from using my waist. Will help improve that for sure!

    Also worked on Butterfly knives. Some things coming together on this from corrections recently given in my private lesson. Sup Ji Jit Fu. Hung Sing stick/ flute. Chau Sot Staff.

    It was a good night of practice! Pretty happy with it!:) My foot injury is healing up. Not 100%, but definitely improving.

    Left at 9:10ish

    3 hours and 45 Minutes.
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    Saturday, January 29, 2022 - Rest Day

    2022 -Week 5 = 12 Hours & 40 Minutes
    2022 Total Hours = 45 Hours & 56 Minutes

    Sunday, January 30, 2022 -

    At home. Chill TCC Sunday.

    Did all the forms for my test, but not format style. I was doing chores in between. Kwan-Yin Seated, Kwan-Dao, 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels & Yin-Yang Palm. Plum Blossom Gim, beginning of double ended staff, 48 Combination and 108 Long Form.

    48 and 108 were sort of lightly done. More for sequence remembrance. It was getting cold out and hard to focus.

    1 Hour (estimate)
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    Monday, January 31, 2022 -

    8:20 P.M. - Solo practice. Did the leg exercise my CLF instructor gave me -front style. Had somehow forgotten these the last couple of weeks. Yikes. Back at it. CLF - Shaolin 5 Animal, Small 5 Animal, 3 Section staff, Bot Gwa butterfly knives, Ping Kuen. Really hunkered down with small 5 animal and the recent corrections I am working on, especially with my spinning footwork. TCC - Kwan-Yin Seated form

    Finished at 9:30

    1 hour and 10 Minutes
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    Tuesday, February 1, 2022 -

    8:23 P.M. - Solo practice. CLF Wall Bag and Wooden Dummy in the Air. TCC - Most of my test format. Everything (Kwan-Yin Seated, 5 Element Yin-Yang palm, Kwan-Dao and Broadsword) except double cudgels, because I had left them at home. Fajing and Lohan Taming Tiger. Side version of leg exercise my CLF instructor gave me.

    Ended at 9:12

    49 Minutes
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    Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022 -

    6:30 - CLF practice format with Ms. M. Everything but a couple of two person sets. Ng Lun Ma & Ng Lun Choi, Sup Ji Jit Fu, Siu Moi Fa, Small 5 Animal, Formal Exercise, Sup Ji Kau Da, Ping Kuen, Shaolin 5 Animal, Hand Breaking Fan, 3 Section Staff, Wall Bag and Wooden Dummy (in the air), Moi Fa Dahn Do, Throat Locking Spear, Chau Sot Staff, Hung Sing Stick/ Flute, Bot Gwa Butterfly Knives, 9 Star two person (solo style), Golden Leopard vs Tiger (Solo style).

    I did pretty good with memory - none of those major stress based black outs/ choking during the form. Just a couple little hiccups. So, I am pretty happy about that. Shaolin 5 Animal has this one legged sequence at the beginning that I struggle with balance-wise. It was really bad tonight. I think due to it being the last form and so I was really tired. Time was good/ good pace.

    Afterwards, we ran through what Ms. M knows of the TCC double fan a couple of times.

    8:10 ish? - Solo practice. TCC test format (5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, Broadsword, Kwan-Dao, double cudgels, Kwan-Yin Seated). Eh, not my best format. Not horrible, but a bit sloppy. Again, just after a CLF format, I will cut myself some slack. Then, Plum Blossom Gim, Fajing, Lohan Taming Tiger, and the beginning part of the double ended staff.

    My foot seems mostly recovered, but I am still doing a couple of moves with adaptions as it finishes healing.

    Left around 9:00

    2 hours and 30 Minutes
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    Thursday, February 4, 2022 -

    6:37 - TCC format. Kwan Yin Seated, Broadsword, double cudgels, Kwan-Dao and 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm.

    7:00 - Tai Sifu CLF class. Detailing out the Broadsword form. Then Wall Bag and Siu Moi Fa. The focus was on pauses and full definition of moves throughout the forms. Pauses and how they work with combinations in forms. Pauses for definition and pauses for dramatic effect. What pauses could simulate from fighting. Stuff like that. Then Formal exercise.

    8:00 - One of my fellow students had a test tonight at this time. She was doing the one level where we do board breaking. It is an advanced test. Several of us were waiting for her test to be done, so we could be there to watch the sash presentation and congratulate her. It ended up being a while. So we all chatted while we waited. Then we went in to do the congratulations. This was the first time since the pandemic that I did our school "secret" handshake - actually touching this student since the pandemic started. It was ok, I know she is all vaxxed up and cautious. I am really happy for her! It was a nice hang out time with others too.

    8:30 - Private TCC lesson. Format... again. Same forms as listed above. It went well. 3 out of four good formats accomplished. One more and I will be cleared to test. My instructor was talking to me about available dates, so I guess he feels pretty confident I will hit the fourth good format in a row at next weeks lesson.

    Left at 9:05

    1 hour and 53 Minutes
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    Friday, February 4, 2022 -

    6:30 - Two person practice with Ms. B and Ms. M. We went through every two person on both sides solo style first. 9 Star, Golden Leopard vs Tiger, Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern, two person staff, Broadsword vs Spear. Ms. B is still just learning to do the Broadsword vs spear with contact, so Ms. M and I took turns partnering with her for that. She is a little more than halfway through it on the Broadsword side. Then we all three rotated turns working on the two person staff. It's a bit rough from when we were all totally up on it for our black sash tests. What with the Covid layoff and all. Timing and distance need to be cleaned up. Can't do contact hand forms yet, due to Covid. Ms. B left at 8.

    Ms. M and I continued two person practice a bit longer. Did full broadsword vs spear on one side. I think I did the spear side? I know it is only yesterday, but I can't remember. I think so though. Then we did some TCC two person sabre. We were both really please with that one. Went very well.

    8:30ish???? Solo practice. TCC format. I think I am just going to write that for now. I have listed the forms ad nauseum. Plum Blossom Gim, Lohan Taming Tiger, Cane.

    Didn't do more CLF to keep my knee fresh. Formatted on Wed, and have a format style lesson tomorrow.

    Left at 9:00

    2 Hours and 30 Minutes
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    Saturday, February 5, 2022 -

    10:10 - TCC practice with Ms. S. Kwan-Dao, Lohan taming tiger. Also added the beginning of the double ended staff. She tested with it last level, so she is helping me with it as I learn it. And she WAS very helpful! I can be of particular assistance for the Lohan Taming Tiger to her. She is not a CLF student, and it is an internal CLF form, so some parts are really alien and weird to her. I could help explain things to her about applications and just comparing it to TCC moves in a way that helped it be less alien.

    She was having some difficulties health-wise, and needed a lot of rest between forms. So there was a lot of just chatting in between. She has to go at a slower pace. She is in very good shape for her age, but she is over 80, so that is a factor. I consider it an honor to be able to work out with her. She was an advanced student when I was a newbie and she helped me so much over the years. I consider it an honor and privilege to have her want to practice with me. Plus, we didn't see each other for the last two years until recently, due to Covid. So, it is just nice to be around her again. :)

    12:30 - Solo CLF practice. Ping Kuen and Bot Gwa Butterfly knives.

    1:00 - Private CLF lesson. Plus a make up lesson, so an hour long lesson. Ran through as much as possible in a test format style. Ng Lun Ma and Ng Lun Choi, Ping Kuen, 3 Section staff, small 5 animal, Formal Exercise, Hand Breaking Fan, Shaolin 5 Animal, part of Sup Ji Kau Da............................

    It was all going pretty good, My stamina was good, it was really warm, so my knee felt good. but the warmth was not good because.....................

    It was hot. I was admittedly dehydrated. I felt a bit weird from that, but was handling it, until it got worse and worse. I got increasingly light headed/ dizzy, there was a weird thing where I felt like I was having a vibration in my upper body, a bit shaky too, but the vibration sensation is hard to describe. My skin felt really really hot. It wasn't normal workout heat. It was weird, bad, different.

    About of a third of the way into Sup Ji Kau Da, I just knew I had to stop. I wanted to push past it, but a warning just went off in my head and I just KNEW it would be really bad if I ignored what I was feeling. I had to get out of the heat! From my CPR certifications before, I was fairly sure I could be experiencing signs of heat illness - heading towards or in the early stages of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. My instructor took me to the tented area and got a stool for me to sit. Got an ice bag for me to put on my neck and other areas to cool down. After I stopped, the sensations continued to get worse. I knew I had stopped just in time. I drank a lot of water. My instructor was awesome and stayed with me a long time to make sure I was ok. We talked about health, hydration, test stuff. After awhile, I still felt bad, better but not enough. He said it would be better if I went inside to the air conditioning, if I felt comfortable enough. (He has always respected my extra cautious nature with regards to Covid.) The school was pretty empty and had been for a long time by that time, so I felt safe going inside. Going inside helped. I told my instructor I was over the worst of it and ok. And it was ok if he left, He asked me to text him when I got home to let him know I got home ok. He also offered to drive me home. but I really had no way to pick up my car later, so I declined that. It was sure nice that he offered though!

    So, lesson learned, DON'T blow off good hydration! This was totally self inflicted! Instructors always stress proper hydration. One should always listen to your instructors! I won't make that mistake before a format again.

    My workout time for multiple reasons listed above is a very rough estimate.

    2 hours and 15 minutes

    2022 -Week 6 = 12 Hours & 07 Minutes
    2022 Total Hours = 58 Hours & 3 Minutes
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    That heat thing sounds rather unpleasant. I hope you are completely fine by now. If so, it is a good thing it went away. Be careful to prevent such things next time :(
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    Sunday, February 7 , 2022 - Rest day. Well, to be honest it would be better classified as lazy day.o_O

    Monday, February 8, 2022 - 8:20 p.m.

    Solo practice - CLF - Emphasis on Weapons, because in my format style lesson, the emphasis was on hand forms. Also, Monday nights are good to practice the three section staff, because it is pretty empty behind the school that late. 3 Section staff. I am working on fixing an issue with the over and under flowers that has popped up recently. I have no idea why! Otherwise, it went pretty well. Hung Sing Stick, Chau Sot Staff, Moi Fa Dahn Do (Broadsword), Throat Locking Spear, Bot Gwa Butterfly Knives. Small 5 Animal.

    TCC - Kwan-Yin Seated, 5 Element Yin-Yang Palm, 5 Element Broadsword. Lohan Taming Tiger, & beginning of double ended staff.

    Left at 10:00

    1 Hour and 40 Minutes
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    Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - Leave time used so off work today. :)

    6:15ish - have some plumbing and electrical issues going on where I live. It made me late for class. :( TCC group class- Instructor covered detailing out certain moves and transitions between moves. Then reviewed those concepts going over the 40 and 24 step forms.

    7:00 - Advanced CLF Black Sash class. (Class specifically for Black sashes.) Went over double flowers. I don't need to know this until my next level curriculum stuff. It was good to get a start on this ahead of time. I think it was downward double flowers? Then Sup Ji Kau Da, Hand Breaking Fan and Broadsword.

    Ended practice at 8:00. Got caught up talking. Ah well, I was feeling particularly sore and stressed out from the issues at my house. So it was ok that I goofed off. :D

    1 Hour and 45 Minutes

    Wednesday, February 9, 2022 -

    6:30 - Practice CLF format with Ms. M and Ms. R. Ms. R is recovering from the flu, so we went at a bit slower pace today. More breaks. That said, we went through more than I anticipated we would with this going on. Hung Sing Stick, Chau Sot Staff, Throat Locking Spear, Moi Fa Dahn Do (Broadsword), Bot Gwa Butterfly knives, three section staff, & hand breaking fan. Formal exercise, Sup Ji Jit Fu, Small 5 Animal, Shaolin 5 Animal, Sup Ji Kau Da, Golden Leopard vs Tiger two person (solo style) Ng Lun Ma & Ng Lun Choi.

    8:10ish - Solo TCC practice. TCC test format- 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels, Kwan Dao, 5 Element Yin Yang Palm and Kwan Yin Seated. Then more TCC practice - Plum Blossom Gim, beginning of double ended staff, Lohan Taming Tiger.

    Did the leg exercise my CLF instructor gave me - front style.

    Just in the grind of getting ready to test. Not a lot to say about it. Oh, except my CLF instructor came up and said he scheduled my first observation with Tai Sifu for this test level in a couple of weeks.

    Ended at 9:10ish

    2 Hours and 40 Minutes
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    Thursday, February 10, 2022 -

    6:40 - Solo practice. TCC format. (Kwan-Yin Seated, 5 element Yin-Yang Palm, 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels, and Plum Blossom Kwan-Dao.)

    7:00 - Tai Sifu CLF class. It is really nice that Tai Sifu is back to teaching this class all the time. No disrespect to the other instructor that had sort of taken over it a lot of the time before the pandemic. But the class was originally about directly learning from Tai Sifu. Tai Sifu continued with the theme from last week. Definition and pauses. Since this has been one of the focal points in my private lessons, it is nice to get Tai Sifu's input on something I have been focusing on anyways. Went through forms with details and focus mostly on this. Siu Moi Fa, Siu Sup Ji, Ging Ji, Moi Fa Dahn Do (broadsword), Staff and Wall bag in the air.

    8:00 - Ms. M and I went through the two forms Ms. M is learning in her new TCC curriculum. Double fan and 18 Lohan. It helps her to have someone practice who has known them a long time. I helps me to keep up on them with someone.

    8:10ish - Solo practice. Kwan Yin Seated. Fajin form. Beginning of double ended staff, Part of Lohan Taming tiger.

    8:30 - Private TCC lesson. *Sigh* Format again. Same forms as mentioned above. Discussed potential dates for my TCC test. My instructor said his favorite performance of my curriculum is the Kwan-Dao. Go figure! My newest weapon. I guess my love for my newest weapon learned shows. :) Also, I discussed a request I had made a few days ago. I am requesting to do an extra form during my TCC test. I tested in the Fajing form last test. But Tai Sigung was not at my last test because he had a bit of a cold and well, he followed his own Covid protocols. I would really like his input on improving my Fajing, so I would really like his input on this. My instructor said most people don't ask for extra input from Tai Sigung and it is good that I want it. I think it is silly to have one of the top experts IMO in the world available and NOT take advantage of learning from him. I get the fear! LOL! He is a daunting intense man! But he also is passionate about his martial arts and I feel his input can only help improve my Fajing.

    Let at 9:00

    2 Hours and 20 Minutes
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    Friday, February 11, 2022 -

    5:30 - Two person practice with Ms. B and Ms. M. Started with running through all forms and sides solo style. 9 Star, Golden Leopard VS Tiger, Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern, Two person staff and Broadsword vs Spear. Then onto contact. Well, the weapons can make contact. No hand form contact allowed yet. We continued to work on Ms. B learning contact with the broadsword side of broadsword vs spear. Another week or two and I think she will have the whole side! Afterwards, Ms. M and I ran through the whole thing, both sides. We also worked on two person staff. Definitely NOT where it was before the pandemic. Spacing, timing, needs work.

    7:00 - CLF private lesson. Went through some corrections from my format style lesson last week. Didn't run through whole forms, just snippets of areas where he had corrections. One area where he had new suggestions for me was the one legged beginning part of Shaolin 5 Animal. I just have not been making progress in improving my balance. So he had some new suggestions. Hopefully it helps.

    7:30 - Solo practice. TCC - Format. (Kwan-Yin Seated, 5 element Yin-Yang Palm, 5 Element Broadsword, Dragon and Tiger Double Cudgels, and Plum Blossom Kwan-Dao.) Plum Blossom Gim, Lohan Taming tiger, beginning of double ended staff. Fajing form. CLF - practiced the beginning part with input from my lesson of the Shaolin 5 Animal. Ping Kuen, Small 5 Animal. 3 Section Staff. I may have done a couple others, but I forget which.

    9:00 - left school.

    2 hours and 30 Minutes

    Saturday, February 12, 2022 - Rest day.

    But I was at my school watching the first Chinese New Year Celebration since before the Pandemic. Just got to watch, mostly instructor performances this time around. It was out in front of the school. Outdoors. I brought my step stool so I could be well behind the crowd and see. I also wore a KN95 mask. So I think I was pretty safe. Still, most people I have been around in two years. And I felt really squeamish when people walked past me without a mask.

    It was organized by my friend who is an instructor at the school. She did an awesome job! The instructors put in a good performance. It was nice to see the newest batch of recently graduated instructors do their first performance as instructors. But of course, the senior instructors (including my two instructors) were absolutely amazing! It ended with Tai Sifu doing the Tiger form! And he is the Tiger sign, so what else would he do this year? :cool:

    2022 -Week 7 = 11 Hours & 5 Minutes
    2022 Total Hours = 69 Hours & 8 Minutes

    Sunday, February 13, 2022 - Day off.

    Not really a rest day. Last week I had several things break down in my house all within a couple of days. Right now, I am without a fridge. Won't get my new one until Wednesday. I needed a day just to take care of things around the house.
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    Monday, February 14, 2022 - Rest day.

    Well, it was REALLY cold! And I remembered that the school would probably not be open as late. Because they don't stay later for Instructor trainings after doing things like the Chinese New Year Exhibition.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - Had leave time to leave work early to go to classes. :cool: But nothing is really going as planned the last week or two. It was slightly rainy during TCC class and pretty cold. They held the class indoors. Now I will sometimes, go to a class in the big room with the big gate door and all open. But they were in the bigger of the two more indoor rooms. I don't trust that yet with Covid and all. So, I practiced outside. Did my usual TCC format and some other TCC forms. Can't remember what though.

    7:00 - They had CLF Senior Black Sash class indoors. But in the big room. I put on my KN95 and went. Went over upward and downward double flowers. I will need this at the next sash level. Whew! Good thing I am starting now! It is going to take awhile to get those down. Then I think it was broadsword and Small 5 Animal and Ping Kuen?

    8:00 - Mr. K - My CLF instructor - who also teaches the Tuesday Senior black Sash class - worked on some new pauses for two person staff with Ms. R and I. Ms. R didn't do much in the way of pausing at all. Mr. K had had a conversation with Tai Sifu about pauses in this form and there is a more advanced way of doing them than what I did. So, we learned them tonight. I think I will remember most of them, but will probably have to go over it a couple of times to get it down.

    Left at 8:30ish. It was starting to rain harder.

    2 Hours and 30 Minutes

    Wednesday, February 16, 2022 -

    6:30 - CLF format style practice with Ms. R and Ms. M. Well it ended up being slower than usual. Ms. R started off strong, but was still recovering from her flu bout. Didn't have the stamina. So, we slowed down. She skipped a few forms. Ms. M and I still did the entire usual format. (Basically every form except some of the two person forms.

    8:00ish? - Ms. R and I worked on her new curriculum of the TCC double fan. Then solo practice for me. I don't remember what.

    Sorry, I waited too long to write this. I forgot to write before. After a few days, the electrician and plumber fixed the issues. But my Fridge/freezer went out that same day! Lost a lot of food. Took a week or so to get the new fridge. Ate out the last week, because I could not have refrigerated ingredients. So, that is why I didn't write things down and now am having to remember later.

    9:00 - Left school and came home to my new fridge!!!!! It is beautiful! It got installed while I was at work. I can't really fill it up until this weekend though. I only do curbside pickup for groceries due to Covid. And I can't go during the hours that is open until the weekend.

    2 hours and 30 Minutes
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    Thursday, February 17, 2022 -

    6:35ish - Solo Practice. TCC format. The usual 5.

    7:00 - Tai Sifu CLF class. Sorry, my brain is mush. Can't remember what specifically we worked on.

    8:00 - Ran through TCC double fan with Ms. M. Then, solo practice.

    8:30 - TCC private lesson. Ran through my format. Again. Yep. Went pretty well. I feel ready for my test. And oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I have a test date! Friday, March 11th. Tried to get it earlier, But Tai Sigung was booked with other tests.

    9:00 - School closes

    2 hours and 25 Minutes

    Friday, February 18, 2022 -
    6:30 - Two person practice with Ms. M and Ms. B. We went through everything solo style first. (9 Start, Golden Leopard vs Tiger, Two Person Staff, Broadsword vs Spear & Plum Blossom vs Cross Pattern.) Then Ms. M and I took turns with the spear side of Broadsword vs spear to work with Ms. B. She is close to finishing this side! Another week or two. Of course, the refinement takes much longer, but at least she will be able to do the whole thing. Yay! Ms. M and I ran through both sides of it.

    8:00 - Ms. M and I continued two person practice after Ms. B left. Two person staff and TCC two person saber.

    8:30ish - Solo practice. I cannot recall what.

    9:00 - left school

    2 Hours and 30 Minutes
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    Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 -

    10:10 - TCC practice with Ms. S. Lots of time on the Lohan Taming Tiger. Then the double ended staff. We started the Kwan Dao, but it was really hot and Ms. S started to feel some ill effects from the sun. Not as bad as I had formatting two weeks before, but still not good. I hung out with her until she was ok. Again, there were lots of breaks during practice with her. I would estimate we got in a good hour of practice though.

    12:00ish - solo practice. Again, my recall is poor for this week. :(

    1:00 - One hour CLF private lesson. Went through all the weapons for my next test. Hung Sing Stick/ Flute, Chau Sot Staff, Throat Locking Spear, Moi Fa Dahn Do (Broadword), Hand Breaking Fan and 3 Section Staff. Talked about some mental things going into tests, especially in the day and age of Covid.

    I think it went well overall. However, my instructor changed his list of things he wants Tai Sifu to look at in an upcoming observation. He moved something else down the list and put broadword on it! Ah well, I thought it was improving. It has always been a problematic form for me. :confused:

    I didn't stay after class. Left at 2:00. Because I had GROCERIES waiting to pick up! Yay! Man, nothing will cure eating out too much like being forced to only eat out for a week or so! I am so happy to fix stuff at home!

    I would say total workout time would be about.........

    2 Hours and 30 Minutes

    2022 -Week 8 = 12 Hours & 25 Minutes
    2022 Total Hours = 81 Hours & 33 Minutes
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  19. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Sunday, February 20, 2022 -

    I was lazy. All I did was work on figuring out the double ended staff form. Trying to teach myself the basic moves from videos and other sources. Made a lot of progress too. I should have been formatting, but I didn't.

    30 minutes (Plus a lot of studying video, which I don't count on here)

    Monday, February 21, 2022 - Day off work due to President's Day Holiday.

    6:00 - Solo practice. TCC - Test format (Kwan Yin Seated, Broadsword, Double Cudgels, Kwan-Dao and 5 Element Yin Yang Palm) Plum Blossom Gim, Double Ended Staff, Lohan Taming Tiger, 18 Lohan, cane. I think I have most of the double ended staff figured out, except a couple of moves where I will ask Ms. S next time we work out together.

    CLF - focused on the forms that may be in my Observation with Tai Sifu later this week. Ping Kuen, 3 Section Staff, Broadsword and Sup Ji Kau Da. Really focused on the corrections my instructor gave me last lesson to improve my Peks in the broadsword. (Pek is a downward slice.)

    Working on Peks made me think of this scene.:D And now I need to go re-watch the entire film. I own it, and have seen it dozens of times, but not recently.

    Also worked on spear.

    I think I cursed San Diego when I talked about it not being really cold answering a question by Nachi! It has truly been cold off and on the last few weeks. Really cold, then warm, then cold again! It was hard to focus on working out. And my knee issues did not like the cold either!

    Despite that, pretty useful and good workout.

    Left at 9:00ish

    3 Hours
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wow, nice, I'll be cheering for you! :)
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